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Tips for a successful blog


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Tips for creating a successful blog.How to promote your blog complete guide.

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Tips for a successful blog

  1. 1. Written by: Mughees Ahmad Website: Tips for Creating a Successful Blog Post Summary       What Is A Blog Why Should I Blog Why People Not Visit My Blog Benefits of Blogging How I Create a Successful Blog How I Promote Blog What Is a Blog? A blog is an online collection of content relating to you or your company. A blog originally came from the word ‘weblog’. Earlier, blogs were primarily used for personal use. But it is now common practice to use a blog for business. Adding a blog to your website is highly recommended because it allows you to quickly create new content. Content search engines love, especially the content that makes sense for your business or industry. Why Should I Blog The basic reason of blog is, Blog help you establish your brand. A blog is one of several ways to communicate your message to a client. It helps to build relationship with other
  2. 2. bloggers. It helps you to remain creative and thoughtful. The blog provides a hub of social networking. You can share pictures, videos, thoughts with others. You can earn money by blogging through advertising by offering any service or by selling your products online. Blog build your online community and helps you to engage with others. This is the basic reason why anyone blog. Now it depends on you, why should you blog. ;) Why People Not Visit My Blog If you provide quality, helpful and unique content, then why people don't visit your blog. The reason is that 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Your blog is not user friendly You have many pop-ups Your blog is for spiders not to humans You have lots of ads Difficult to navigate And your blog takes too much time to load. This is the common reason why people don’t like to visit your blog again. Try to increase your blog loading speed, make it easy to navigate and user friendly and focus on quality not on quantity. Try to write unique and meaningful articles. Benefits of Blogging There are many benefits of blogging some of them are listed: You Will Learn Before you can write well, you must read a lot. And from this you will be learning a lot and become great in your profession in which your blog. Source of income
  3. 3. If you create a successful blog. Which is getting tons of traffic monthly then you can earn money by placing ads, by selling something etc. Develop your writing skill When you write a blog, you were unknowingly improved your writing skill. When you write daily you will definitely become a better writer. The more you write, the better you can over time. Gain Influence Another great benefit of blogging is, the amazing relationships which you can develop. You get to join other influencers in the blogosphere. There is nothing better than connecting with other bloggers who share your passion. Help Others Every good blogger helps its reader or others. You can help them by solving their problems, by answering their questions, by writing helpful articles for them. Build Trust Online Blog helps you to build trust online because trust is the thing which you can’t buy so by providing quality information and helping them you can build your trust which is good for your blog and help you to accomplish your goals. How I Create a Successful Blog When you decide to create a blog and earn money from it. Then creating a content is not enough, you need to create content that your audience loved if you write meaningless content, then you can never achieve your goal. Now I am telling some tips to create a successful and better blog. Produce High Quality Content You must have great content on your blog it doesn’t matter on what niche your blog is whether your blog is about blogging tips, marketing tips and fashion or something else. Your blog content must be unique, high quality and helpful. It is not enough to write only 5 to 10 great content. Your blog should be filled with great content.
  4. 4. This is also true that you aren’t getting the same reaction on each post. But always try your level best to provide high quality content. Try to post frequently if it is not possible for you then at least three times a week. So, your readers get something new every time. User Friendly Design For creating a successful blog it is not enough that you only have great content. Your site must be user friendly and having a professional design. Easy to navigate that everyone easily interact. Always think about how you want to appear your site to your targeted audience. Choose colors and theme wisely. Avoid colors which force visitors to leave your blog. Use images and videos Blog which contains only text is little bit boring and people take less interest in it. Try to add relevant images in your post. Additionally, add videos related to your post so, your blog post looks beautiful. Stylize and colorize your text, Make proper headings and sub headings. Engage With Your Readers While writing, keep in mind that you don’t write for yourself, always write for your readers keep their interest in mind while writing a blog post. Always give something useful and valuable things to your readers. Update your blog with fresh content. Encourage user through your articles to write comments. Try to reply to readers comment, engage with them through comments and make a relation with them. How I Promote Blog How I know that you create a new blog? When you create a new blog, then no one know’s about it. The reason behind promotion of any blog is that your blog gets noticed and people visit it. If you promote your blog in a proper way then you start receiving traffic which will increase over time. There are many methods you use to promote your blog.
  5. 5. Make Use of Social Media Social Media Sites are great sources for driving instant traffic towards your blog. The traffic comes from social media sites are referral traffic and short term. The best known social media sites are Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.      Try to follow people related to your profession, related to your niche. Join some groups and share your blog post in it. Ask friends for a favour and other peoples to share your post. Try to make your blog page on social media sites and share it with peoples. Add social buttons inside your blog. Join Forums Joins some best forums and remain active in 2 or 3 forums daily. Try to answer other member’s problem and share your link if it is related to that question. Don’t try to spam on it. Through Guest Posting This is still the best ways to get noticed by many people. Guest post only on high PR blogs so that blog readers, subscriber and followers know about your blog. You also get a backlink from that blog. More, high PR and good backlinks means you have more chance to get indexed in search engines. Blog Commenting Through blog commenting you can engage with other readers and tell about your blog. Blog commenting helps to drive traffic towards your blog. Organic Traffic SEO is all about Search Engine Optimization. The best and long term method which provides traffic through search engines. Making your blog more search engine friendly and giving them what people are looking for. Seo has divided into two parts on-page and off-page. Start with on-page, then off-page. Write keyword rich article and makes backlinks of it so they can index by search engines. Share your article or blog post on social media sites.
  6. 6. Link your post to another post within your blog (InterLinking). It will build your authority for your post and keeps readers longer on your blog. Through Link Building Link building is the part of SEO strategy. Link building is basically the process of getting external pages or blog to link to your blog.This means the more external links you have linking back to your blog the more traffic you get on your blog. You can build links through different methods like guest posting, blog commenting etc. Add Your Blog to Bookmarking Sites You can get a large amount of traffic through social bookmarking sites because these sites can get tons of traffic daily.If your blog post is great, then you can get good amount of traffic through social bookmarking sites. Final Words: There is no rocket science behind blogging, and how to make a blog and earn money from it. But it required hard work and time, then you achieve your goals. In this post I just explain simple step through which any one easily can make a blog and promote it. If you like our this post and found it helpful then must share it and subscribe us. You can give your feedback through comments. Written by : Mughees Ahmad Website: