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Next steps

  1. 1. Times have changed. We no longer have a marketing diet of just paper based ad- vertising, or even radio shots. Newspapers, magazines and the like are not read as much. Flyers are readily thrown away or ignored. Posters are just an occasional reminder. More and more time is spent on the internet. Services and goods are being sourced, or the very least researched on the net. Hours more are spent watching video on websites, let alone the time spent on social media sites, networking, photo and video sharing sites, music based platforms and so on. What follows are a series of ideas to move things along in these hard times. Is it time to change the way you market your busi- ness, your venue. There are options availbale to youIn-venuemarketing A large number of venues, pubs, nightclubs, bars and similar have screens in the venue. These can be small or large. They may be used for TV programming, be it the football, various other sporting events or something else entirely. They may be used as part of the ongoing entertainment provided. Why not use them in the downtime? Why not have something displayed, something running when they are not being deliberately used for an event?
  2. 2. The uses of in-venue screens are manifold:- advertising drinks promotions- events listings- wider advertisements of things in venue and elsewhere.Above and beyond the above using prepared DVD’s or another feed those screens could be usedas promotional tools benefiting the venue directly, the pub chain and other venues and eventsdirectly related.This could include footage of previous events, artists appearing in the future, those who havealready appeared, 3rd party paid advertising, vox pops, advertising venues or pubs locally withinthe chain or group.Website and online video Where the venue or the chain has a website, video can be directly embedded or links pro- vided to another host, for example, youtube. This could include a wide variety of content: - introductions - staff and management messages - retrospectives of events - listings of events - promotional content on services, offers and the like - walk rounds or tours of the venue or various of those within the chain - good cause messages.
  3. 3. Social media campaigns A lot of the time on the internet is now based around the use of social network- ing sites. These are increasingly used by businesses as part of their marketing mix. Venues are no different, or at least should be no different. Usefully they can be quite cost and time effective if the strategy and campaign are sensibly worked out and kept up. As always you have to have a plan … cunning or not. You will need to decide what you want to get out of such a campaign. The mix of sites or just one platform can then be decided upon. From that basis you can organise what the content needs to be and a timetable for making sure it is up to date, accurate, informative, entertaining and pleasant.A common mix of sites would include a facebook page, a youtube channel, possiblya photo sharing site, perhaps a micro-blog or a full blog. It might be an option toinclude a music sharing platform.Usefully, most of these can be inter-connected making the whole a little less effort.
  4. 4. From your facebook page you can inform your fans of events, news about the venue generally,promotions, offers, show photos of events and generally of the venue, share video of all thatgoes on, get feedback from your customers, acquire new potential customers and events.A youtube channel could be connected to your facebook page. Such a video sharing site (thereare others, including Vimeo), can host larger and better quality footage and so is useful in cer-tain circumstances.A micro-blog such a twitter or tumblr could give you the opportunity to update throughout theday and further create a new audience, making you more approachable, as well, to your regu-lars.Flickr is a good photo-sharing site. It has to remembered, though, that platforms such as face-book also have the capacity for photo uploads.In the entertainment world a useful alternative is myspace. It has recently re-launched re-em-phasising its old roots in music and entertainment. It also has the capacity to share video, pho-tos, graphics and music.
  5. 5. ContentAs we all know your promotional content says a lot about thewhole operation of a venue. Spelling mistakes, bad graphics,bad printing all detract from the overall appearance of thebrand. This is it – it is all part and parcel of the general brand-ing of the venue. A brand with a bad or below par face getsignored. A few simple rules to get over this: 1. when you are posting on social media, make it polite, bad mouthing people, even if they deserve it, it does not look good, if needs be just ig- nore them 2. make sure what you post is accurate and up to date, nobody like being mislead or messed about 3. uploads of photos and video, keep it clean … I don’t really need to say why do I? It is best to keep it within the bounds of decency, unless, of course, you are an ‘adult’ venue or similar. If it is funny and just about within the boundaries then make a choice, but be careful, yes, it might go viral but then again … 4. if you can do it yourself, do so, but have others look at your work, they may see something you don’t. As with text having a proof-reader has its advantages and its uses. Pho- tos and video may look good to you but unless you have experience or know what you are doing can look seriously amateur to others 5. if you are unsure about what you are doing, whether it is content creation or sorting out a strategy or campaign for your social media, ask someone else, someone who has a suitable background, ask a professional
  6. 6. 6. don’t overdo it or under do it, if you make a plan, if you establish a time- table, keep to it, people will tend to look for stuff, content, news, statements at particular times if they have been uploaded or renewed previously ac- cording to a timetable. Such promotional campaigns are there to help give your brand an identity on top of what you do in your general operations. These efforts are there to give you a market presence. There one minute and not the next is not going to help. When you make the plan, be careful, don’t get over excited 7. make it interesting, you don’t earn much off a customer who is fast asleep, you won’t earn much off a customer who thinks the place or the event is boring, 8. be friendly and approachable, the gruff and grouchy landlord is not very welcomingGet in touch if you would like help with any of the above.We can help not only with things such as the video, photoor graphic content. We can also help with creating strate-gies and campaigns for the above. We can do this directly,by teaching others, or via teaching aids, tips, hints. For anyof this sign up via the links other business services:f4mmedia@gmail.comcoming soon- Second steps … business video, from basics on-wardsAlready available- First steps, the basics of video and social media forbusinesses- Video and social media for the music world