A cloud rising


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a slightly new business idea in terms of collaboration

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A cloud rising

  1. 1. a cloud rising business clouds an idea for 2012
  2. 2. Introduction website Some time ago I ran across a notion put about by Behance, the portfolio site. The idea they put forward was the ‘creative collective’. The basics of the idea was to group together a whole http://f4mmedia.co.uk series of creatives and so gain work which previously would not be available, to draw upon other areas of expertise where a particular piece of work needed such but unavailable to the phone particular creative, to be able to tender for wider areas of work, to collaborate and to aid each other in gaining work overall. 08432895485 e-mail f4mmedia@gmail.com blog http://f4mmedia.wordpress.com other http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/des-bate/22/140/56 http://www.facebook.com/pages/F4mmedia/161707820580265 The idea seemed particularly good. It gradually developed within me until the idea of the busi- ness cloud came to me. We have all run across such things as cloud hosting, video clouds and so on. The business cloud is a little different but the name ‘cloud’ seemed appropriate. A cloud rising“… a cloud is rising and the sun is out” Business clouds These are hard times for many businesses, particularly small businesses and new busi- nesses. It may be useful for such businesses to find other means to get the message out and to gain new leads and new clients or custom- ers. So, why not do some things in common and support each other where it is appropri- ate. Indeed, the business world is changing somewhat again, particularly with the rise of the mobile web and a whole raft of apps being used for business purposes.
  3. 3. The cloud idea MarketingAll too often a piece of business comes across your The cloud could engage in mutually supportive marketing,desk, or just the chance of a new client, but what promotion and advertising. Once again, the possibilities areis required by the business, the possible new client numerous. The obvious options are:or customer is beyond the capabilities, the capacity - back links on each others sitesor the skill set available. Similarly, every business - mentions in each others paper advertisingcould benefit from increased promotion, marketing - having each others traditional advertising available inand advertising. And so, perhaps it would benefit business premises or carrying them with youa number of businesses to band together, particu-larly where their skill sets and areas of interest are Further options could include:complimentary. There could be a separate identity - collective e-books with suitable mentions and pro-for the newly formed ‘business cloud’ or it simply motion of the services and products of each member, suchbe an informal arrangement. e-books would be directed at particular areas of the market or could be quite generalThe cloud could have a number of different core - collective e-mail marketing campaignsprinciples. It could be a cloud centred around a par- - collective or supportive social media campaigns us-ticular segment of the market. It could be some- ing various channelswhat general but based around a geographical - a video channel dedicated to the cloud and its con-area. Perhaps the core principle could be a differ- stituents presenting videos particular to each business, com-ent area of social segmentation. But then it could bined promotional pieces and moresimply be centred around a core principle of friend- - podcasts are another possibilityship between the participating businesses. - as well as automated flash drive, cd or dvd promo- tional tools The organisation of the cloud There are a number of possibilities for organising the cloud itself. Costs and organization It could be arranged around an informal network using phone and email. It could use networking meetings purely for its mem- In the clouds I envisage creating there would be no cost implication except where there is a cost bers or close allies and prospective members. Further, it could of upkeep of any tools employed in running the development of the cloud. For some it could be- organise itself online through a form of forum, where information come something like Bartercard where there is a cost implication. In the terms of a simple busi- about possible contracts could be discussed, tenders made and ness cloud as I have imagined it cost would not be to the fore because it is rather more a support changes within each member could be announced or discussed, and marketing operation. It will very much depend upon the level of formality wanted. Some similarly mutual support could be offered via discussion. Another clouds could be quite rigid in organization in that there might be duties incumbent upon member possibility could be the use of a collaborative wiki embedded into businesses or traders: a particular website. The possibilities go beyond all of these no- - a cost implication for upkeep of any hub website or forum tions. - a cost implication for common advertising - rules governing necessary common advertising, promotion and marketing, attachments to The cloud could be internally organized in a number of ways. It communications such as e-mails, or uploaded e-books and presentations could be as a whole, by a small group dedicated to such, by the - necessary backlinks on websites key business, it could attract others via advertising, by invite only. - required attendance of meetings Again there are many ways to do such. - required support of events, launches and the like.
  4. 4. Advantages to the cloud approachThis sort of combined approach could be useful for manysmall businesses. It offers support, possible further mar-keting and promotion, potential new avenues for lead andclient acquisition. Support is something not to be sniffedat in business circles. An old adage runs ‘good ideas don’tcare who have them’.Personally, I am looking at creating two particular busi-ness clouds:- one would be a basic B2B service and supportcloud dealing with marketing, business support, design,branding, web design, online matters and the like, thismay be called ‘Cumul _Us’.- the other would deal with the entertainment world,supporting artists, labels, venues, events, promoters andsuch areas of the market, this is to be called ‘the enter-taining toolbox’.As a consequence I am currently looking around for otherbusinesses or sole traders who might have an interest insuch.Part of what I would bring to the above 2 business cloudswould be:- a regular video blog, a vlog, giving news and up-dates about the whole cloud and its constituent business-es and traders- blog articles on anything significant within eachand all- general social media updates via my channels