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Vl Lab01


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Vl Lab01

  1. 1. Copying Images worksheet Directions: Locate an image to fulfill the description on the left side of the chart. Copy the image and the URL for the image, and paste them in the box.. Find a picture about Hurricane Find a picture about the Alphabet Find a picture of a Flag. Find a picture taken in another Find a picture of Fireworks. country. Find a picture from National Geographic about the Black Sea
  2. 2. The discretion of picture one: The hurricanes are natural disasters that threaten many of the countries. The discretion of picture tow: Image shows how to write alphabet of small and capital letter. The discretion of picture three: This picture shows the different flags of which demonstrates the different cultures. The discretion of picture four: Falcon stands in this picture to the force in the Arab States. The discretion of picture five: This picture shows how some countries celebrate national occasions. The discretion of picture six: This picture shows the historical castle on the banks of the Black Sea.