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Open Energy. Prototyping Third Industrial Revolution


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Published in: Technology
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Open Energy. Prototyping Third Industrial Revolution

  1. 1. Open Energy. Real-Time Energy Behaviour Visualization Prototyping Third Industrial Revolution
  2. 2. About UsFran Castillo Óscar MarínArchitect and Interaction Designer Data ScientistResponsive Environments
  3. 3. Open Energy. Real-Time Energy Behaviour VisualizationOpen Energy aims to develop a platform to explore new ways in which visualizes energy systems How´s the Energy Behaviour in housing environments ? These systems will allow us to amplify our knowledge about how energy systems work Open Energy is a prototype of energy infrastructure completely Open Source
  4. 4. Theoretical ContextThe Third Industrial Revolution is a concept and vision outlined by Jeremy Rifkin Internet of Energy Energy Grid | Smart Grid | Energy Prosumer | P2P Energy Production
  5. 5. Open Energy Visualization explores new ways in which visualize and interact Energy Data
  6. 6. Energy Monitoring Device Real-Time Energy Visualization OEV explores new interfaces or ways ofOH devices in which monitoring real-time visualization energy energy consumption consumption
  7. 7. Energy Monitoring Device. Sensor SystemReal-Time Visualization. Visualization System
  8. 8. Energy Monitoring Device. Sensor System
  9. 9. Smart MeterOpen Hardware Arduino Energy Shield Sense : Active Power Reactive Power RMS Voltage Current Temperature Real-Time Clock
  10. 10. Visualization System explores new Experimental Interfaces for Amplifying Energy Awareness
  11. 11. Open Visualization System KIBU Dynamic Visualization Interfaces Spatial Data Visualization Simulation SoftwareExperimental Interface, Cross Reality App.
  12. 12. Technical System Description Spatial Data Visualization explore new experimental interfaces of visualising and embodying energy data in terms of spatial dimensions. XBee Wireless Communication Transmitter Device Receptor Device KitchenCurrent Variable
  13. 13. Energy Consumption Diagram Kitchen Budapest @KIBU In this prototype weʼre exploring new ways in which visualize energy data, we investigate % Energy Consumption how we can visualize enery data in housing- environments, the prototype researches trough different color patterns the flow of electricity consumption.Current Variable
  14. 14. Energy Data VisualizationWe´re exploring interfaces for visualizing different electrical variables(Active Power, Reactive Power, RMSVoltage, Current, Temperature, Date, Time). These inferfaces pretend to amplify the awareness aboutenergy, the interfaces display in real-time how is the energy behaviour in housing-environment, and we arealso investigating new experimental interfaces that explore new ways in which we can interact with energydata.
  15. 15. Data Visualization Interface Data Visualization Software App. Augmented Reality App.
  16. 16. How is the Energy Behaviour in @KIBU ? Explore in Real-Time Unseen Energy Patterns
  17. 17. How´s the Energy Behaviour during Wednesday Meeting in KIBU? How´s the Consumption Flow in the rest of Spaces?
  18. 18. Real-Time Visualization on Energy Consumption in Kitchen Budapest @KIBU
  19. 19. WEB
  20. 20. Fran CastilloArchitect and Interaction DesignerResponsive