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December 15th quiz for BITSAA event


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Quiz by me for the Chennai BITSAA event, unfortunately could not attend

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December 15th quiz for BITSAA event

  1. 1.  All answers have a BITS connect. So even though the question may be vague think about places and things at BITS and you will know the answer I am sorry if it’s a little low on fundaes from Goa, Hyd and Dubai. Would have loved it if someone from there had collaborated.
  2. 2.  This was a classification of ships by Lloyds Register of London for insurance purposes. Ships were designated a code based on their age and quality of the materials it was made of. What was the code for a ship of the highest quality ?
  3. 3.  A quiz By 2000 A1 PS 560
  4. 4.  A fragment of what recovered from the Indian Ocean in 1979 ?
  5. 5.  Complete this rhyme from 1939 work “Finnegans Wake” by James JoyceThree ________ for Muster Mark!Sure he hasnt got much of a barkAnd sure any he has its all beside the markPhysicist Murray Gell-Man named a group of (thenthree) particles after this ditty.
  6. 6.  Quarks
  7. 7.  In the Disney Classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs only one of the dwarfs did not have a beard. Name him ?
  8. 8.  DOP(e)Y
  9. 9.  What feature derives its current name from ancient Demotic Egyptian “wahe” or “öuahe” which means dwelling place.
  10. 10.  Oasis
  11. 11.  Connect this province in western Ireland to Rajiv Chowk in Delhi
  12. 12.  Connaught Rajiv Chowk is the Official name for Connaught place in Delhi
  13. 13.  On 18 November 2010, Airtel rebranded itself in India in the first phase of a global rebranding strategy. The company unveiled a new logo with airtel written in lower case. The company had decided to crowd source the name for its new brand symbol. What was the winning entry ?
  14. 14.  Wave
  15. 15.  If Boreas is for the cold Northern Notus is for the Hot Southern Eurus is for the unlucky and rainy eastern Who is it for the fructifying western ?
  16. 16.  Zephyr(us) ( the Goan equivalent of Bhavan’s night)
  17. 17.  The last such event occurred on 2012: September 1, September 30 And the next is scheduled for 2015: July 2, July 31 (Note two dates should give you a hint)
  18. 18.  Blue moon ( second full moon in a month is termed as a blue moon )
  19. 19.  What is being depictedin this Ravi Verma Painting
  20. 20.  Descent of Ganga , more specifically Shiva steadying Ganga’s flow onto the earth (Shivganaga)
  21. 21.  Identify the Organisation
  22. 22.  SPIC - MACAY
  23. 23.  The key material in the manufacture of this product can be any one listed below. Flint Emery Garnet Aluminium Oxide Silicon Carbide Alminium - Zirconia Chromium (III) Oxide Incidentely I did my PS-1 in CUMI which is a manufacturer of this
  24. 24.  Sandpaper
  25. 25.  Identify the paintingBy Vermeer also the
  26. 26.  Girl with a PEARL earring
  27. 27.  Identify the bomber ?
  28. 28.  B-2 Stealth bomber
  29. 29.  Identify this helicopter manufactured by HAL under license from France. What is its Indian name ?
  30. 30.  Chetak (After Rana Pratap’s famous horse)
  31. 31. scientia potentia est ! ? + =
  32. 32.  Gyaan Param Balam Francis Bacon is cretided (wrongly) with the quote knowledge is power and that’s the param in BITS) ..i know sorry I was running out of questions
  33. 33.  Never one to “give up” too easily this diminutive Trinidadian was perhaps the first cricketer to be awarded the Man of the Match for his fielding performance. Name him ?
  34. 34.  “Gus” Logie