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Cqc quiz 2


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Another Short quiz done in a hurry

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Cqc quiz 2

  1. 1. Ashwin Balasubramaniam
  2. 2. • All Questions are written• Apologies for the semi preparedness and absence the quiz was rushed didn’t want to miss this one again.
  3. 3. • 3.86 km of +• 180.25 km of +• 42.2 km of = ?????
  4. 4. • To lay to rest various conspiracy theories regarding a reversal of a decision made in Chandigarh on 30th March 2011, this company later published an official response justifying the reversal. Company and Decision ( sorry very vague )
  5. 5. • Her more well known nickname is the “Swiss Miss” but she was also dubbed the _______ given the spate of the injuries and bad luck befalling those whom she dated, with only the golfer Sergio Garcia and ice hockey pro Pavel Kubina having emerged unscathed. Who, and fill in the blanks as well
  6. 6. • What word refers to a ship which is afloat but incapable of going to sea. Also used to refer to incomplete ships or old ones where internal
  7. 7. • What event is being depicted here
  8. 8. • 1. Ironman Triathlon• 2. Hawk-Eye Innovations ,Sachin’s LBW against Ajmal• 3. Matina Hingis ( Black Widow)• 4. Hulk• 5. St.Boniface felling Thor’s Oak• Avengers
  9. 9. • In April 1976, H. Narasimhaiah, a physicist, and then vice chancellor of Bangalore University, founded and chaired a committee "to rationally and scientifically investigate …. ..". Narasimhaiahs committee was dissolved in August 1977. According to Erlendur Haraldsson, the formal challenge from the committee came to a dead end because of the negative attitude of the committee, and perhaps because of all the fanfare surrounding it. Narasimhaiah held the fact that he was ignored to be one of several indications that his miracles were fraudulent. As a result of this episode, a public debate raged for several months …perhaps to this day. What was Narasimhaiah trying to get to the bottom of …..?
  10. 10. • Identify this Chinese leader who has recently fallen out of favour
  11. 11. • The owner of the sushi shop in Okinawa is named after a real life historical samurai ( incidentally played by the same actor Sony Chiba ). Give the name of this character and how does he help “The Bride” get even with Bill
  12. 12. • Xbox : PlayStation : Nintendo Wii :: Kinect : Move : _______?• ( Analogy Not entirely right but what is the bundle of the wiimote and portable joystick called ? )
  13. 13. • 6. Sai Baba’s “Miracles ”• 7.Bo Xilai former head of the Chongqing branch of the Party• 8. Hattori Honzo makes her a new Katana• 9. Wii Nunchuck• Connect Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  14. 14. • This Term for a particular group gained prominence in 2006, and is described in the urban dictionary as “A selection of overpublicised, vacuous anorexics …., easily distinguished by their orange skin tone and high body plastic index”• The former posh spice is genrally referred to as the “Queen of _____ ”?
  15. 15. • In South America _____ refers to the starch of the plant and in India usually to the root. This is processed to get what sabudana or javvarasi .
  16. 16. • Identify
  17. 17. • Which Billy Wilder movie starring Jack Lemmon and Shirley Mclaine is this a poster of.
  18. 18. • 10. Wags (taking liberties with the spelling with this one)• 11. Tapioca• 12. Pablo Picasso• 13. Irma La Douce• Characters from TinTin (Non – Exhaustive)
  19. 19. • What does that number signify?
  20. 20. • ELO Rating.
  21. 21. • Where ?
  22. 22. • Rosa Parks Bus in Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn