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Bd ict research_desk_study_project_tracker_5


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Bd ict research_desk_study_project_tracker_5

  1. 1. Study Category Study Title Author(s) Study Sponsor BS_IT_BD Asia Foundation 1-Nov-00 Not available 11-Feb-01 P_B_ICT CPD CPD 22-Aug-01 CPD CPD 1-Jan-03 ICT_SSS_BD JOBS May-05 Software Industry Sep-97 Software Industry BD_SISR Not mentioned A & J Consultants Apr-04 Study / Research ID Study / Research Org Month / Year Overall ICT Industry Baseline Survey on IT Sector of Bangladesh Kamrul Ahsan, M. Rafiqul Islam Bangladesh Computer Samity (BCS) Overall ICT Industry BD_NM_R_ GOB Bangladesh in the New Millennium “An IT Power House”: Recommendation to the Government of Bangladesh Jahangir Dewan, Munir Ahmed, Zeeshan Khan AABEA Silicon Valley Chapter, SBIT2000 Conference Follow-up Committee Overall ICT Industry Policy Brief on “Information and Communication Technology” -- A CPD Task Force Report Prof. Jamilur Reza Chowdhury, Professor Muhammad Jafar Iqbal, Dr. Ananya Raihan, and other members of the task force Overall ICT Industry BD_ICT_P_R R BD ICT Policy Review Report 2003 Prof. Jamilur Reza Chowdhury, Prof. Muhammad Jafar Iqbal, Dr. Ananya Raihan, and other members of the task force Overall ICT Industry ICT Sub Sector Study in Bangladesh Imran Shauket (Country Director), Erika Hoffman-Kiess (Deputy Director) IRIS Center, University Research Corporation Inc. (URCI), University of Maryland E_CS_BD_P &P Export of Computer Software from Bangladesh: Problems and Prospects Prof. Jamilur Reza Choudhury and other members of the committee The Committee Formed by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh (JRC Study) Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh Bangladesh Software Industry Survey Report Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), Dhaka
  2. 2. Software Industry BD_SI_D BASIS BASIS Not mentioned CARANA Corporation 2005 E_M_A External Market Analysis CARANA Corporation USAID Apr-02 S_EC_BD May-05 HCD / HRD H_C_D Carl Miller CARANA Corporation USAID Apr-02 HCD / HRD Not mentioned JOBS-IRIS Bangladesh UNDP Jun-06 Bangladesh Software Industry & its Dynamics Fahim Mashroor Sometime in 2005 ITES – IT Enabled Services E_NS_D_ITE S_S_BD Elements of a National Strategy for Development of an Information Technology Enabled Services Sector in Bangladesh USAID Bangladesh IT Enabled Services Project ITES – IT Enabled Services Clarissa Dimacali ITES – IT Enabled Services Study of e-Commerce in Bangladesh Farooq Sobhan (TL), Mridul Chowdhury (ICT Consultant), M. Shafiullah (Prj Co-ord), Zahid Hossain (Research Faci), Marium Binte Husainy (RA), Shah Imraul Kaeesh(RA), Shahriar Islam(RA), Shahriar Shafiullah(RA), S.M. Mobasser Hussain(RA) Bangladesh Enterprise Institute The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) Human Capacity Development ICT_SGA_PS A ICT Skills Gap Assessment – Public Sector Assessment
  3. 3. HCD / HRD Not mentioned JOBS-IRIS Bangladesh UNDP Jun-06 HCD / HRD Nov-06 HCD / HRD 2006 ICT_SGA_PS &A ICT Skills Gap Assessment - Private Sector and Academia SP_HE_BD_0 6_26 Strategic Plan for Higher Education in Bangladesh: 2006--2026 Strategic Planning Committee (SPC), University Grants Commission (UGC) University Grants Commission of Bangladesh (UGC) BD Govt / World Bank BDD_RY_E_ CLP_BD Bridging Digital Divide for Rural Youth: An Experience from Computer Literacy Programme in Bangladesh Ashirul Amin D.Net (Development Research Network) D.Net (Development Research Network)
  4. 4. ICT Adoption S_EGOV_BD The Asia Foundation Apr-04 ICT Adoption SICT, Ministry of Planning 15-May-06 ICT Adoption 27-Jun-05 ICT Adoption Not mentioned Swiss Contact 7-Nov-05 ICT Adoption ICT4D Status Report 1.0 Not available 28/10/2006 ICT Adoption FR_L_IT The Law Commission BT_B Ken Zita Apr-04 CAP_TM_BD Nov-06 Study of e-Government in Bangladesh Farooq Sobhan, M. Shafiullah, Zahid Hossain, Mridul Chowdhury Bangladesh Enterprise Institute SICT_STGG_ ICT_BD_EG OV_S SICT’S Steps towards Good Governance through ICTs: Bangladesh’s E-Governance Strategy SASM Taifur (Project Director, SICT Project) Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh P_R_MDG_B D Peoples’ Report on MDG: Bangladesh Dr. Ananya Raihan, Mahmud Hasan D.Net (Development Research Network) D.Net (Development Research Network) ICT_ITES_N AS ICT / ITeS Need Assessment Study AC Nielsen ORG-MARG India ICT4D_SR_1. 0 Dr. Ananya Raihan & Suporna Roy of D-net; Hakikur Rahman of SDNP Bangladesh; Munir Hasan & Ragib Hasan of BDOSN & Bangla WikiPedia; AHM Bazlur Rahman & Golam Nabi Jewel of BNNRC; K.A.M Morshed of UNDP Bangladesh Dr. Ananya Raihan & Suporna Roy of D-net; Hakikur Rahman of SDNP Bangladesh; Munir Hasan & Ragib Hasan of BDOSN & Bangla WikiPedia; AHM Bazlur Rahman & Golam Nabi Jewel of BNNRC; K.A.M Morshed of UNDP Bangladesh Final Report on the Law of Information Technology Justice A.T.M. Afzal, Justice A.K.M. Sadeque, Justice Naimuddin Ahmed The Law Commission Telecom Infrastructure Bangladesh Telecom Brief Network Dynamics Associates LLC USTDA South Asia Communications Infrastructure Conference, New Delhi, India – April 21-23, 2004 Telecom Infrastructure Community Access Point or Telecentre Movement in Bangladesh Dr. Ananya Raihan, Suporna Roy D.Net (Development Research Network) D.Net (Development Research Network)
  5. 5. Sector / Focus Digital File Name Policy Brief on ICT2001.doc Attempted to baseline the Overall ICT Industry in Bangladesh. The research analyzed the Hardware, Software, and Training companies in Bangladesh from 1983 to 1999. No Softcopy available, Hardcopy with BCS Recommendations from AABEA Silicon Valley Chapter to help Bangladesh gain a foothold in the global IT market. AABEA-recommendation-to-G OB.pdf Overall ICT Industry Policy Gudielines for the new govt after the 2001 election. CPD made a Task Force comprising known experts and individuals from the ICT Industry, & Academia Reviewing the Overall ICT Industry Policy Gudielines made before the 2001 election. CPD Task Force compared the action plan with the realizations so far. Only 10% of action items implemented thus far. TF 10-ICT.doc This report strives to offer a literature review of ICT thinking in Bangladesh ict_study.pdf Review of the problems and prospects of software export from Bangladesh and formulation of recommendations on promotion of software export. JRC-ICT-Report-1997.htm The current Bangladesh ICT Software Industry, its growth, trends and characteristics. JETRO-BD Software Industry-April2004.doc
  6. 6. Overview of domestic software market; export and import of software; technical skill matrix and workforce dynamnics of the industry. Bangladesh_Software_Industry ___its_Dynamics.doc It reviews the market for ITES, and identifies the comparative advantage of Bangladesh firms. BANG ITES Report-Final.doc The study provides an overview of the outsourcing industry, including the offshore outsourcing market. It analyzes several ITES segments in which Bangladesh could compete based on the strength of its current assets that enable the industry, and the severity of constraints present that inhibit growth. external market analysis final 11-7-02.doc The global scenario of e-Commerce in certain key export-oriented industries and recommendations and action-items for relevant stakeholders for nation-wide e-Commerce implementation. Soft copy was not available. Studied the Hard copy. This project assesses human capacity development (HCD) capacity and existing constraints and proposes strategies to reduce or eliminate the constraints. human capacity report final 11-7-02.doc The intent of this survey was to examine the current state of the ICT industry with regards to its human resources needs and demands. Public_Sector.pdf
  7. 7. The report attempts to (i) identify the current inadequacies of Bangladesh’s ICT education system, (ii) provide an accurate landscape of the private sector ICT firms and their human resources needs, and (iii) offer actionable recommendations so that the country can take advantage of its potential to develop the domestic ICT market as well as expand Bangladesh’s ICT export market, becoming an outsourcing destination as well as a supplier of high-end, skilled manpower. Private_Sector___Academia.pdf Education Sector / Higher Education Focus. The study scope : (i) draft an overall vision for higher education and to develop indicative targets for the growth of public and private providers over the next twenty years; (ii) recommend ways in which the quality of higher education can be improved in all parts of the public and private sectors; (iii) review the current legislative framework governing public and private higher education; (iv) recommend options for developing the strategic direction and overall management of the sector; (v) review the forecasts for the provision of higher education and identify the options for funding from all sources; (vi) identify the options for a research strategy for the higher education sector and suggest ways of enhancing capacity to international standards; and (vii) devise a strategy for strengthening the capacity of higher education to contribute to the country's skills in ICT and to use ICT effectively in all its learning and teaching processes. Hardcopy Report avialable @ UGC This study throws light on the underprivileged young computer learners in the rural areas and how they have successfully managed not only to gain adequate knowledge but also to utilize the learnt skills to gain employment in selected areas. CLP Research.pdf
  8. 8. egov1.pdf Proposes enactment of a law on electronic commerce. Investigate the present state of affairs regarding the introduction of e-Government and the progress made in this area. A compilation of roadmaps for policymakers considering e-Government in Bangladesh as a mechanism for reform. e-Government-SICT.doc This report critically assess the UN MDG ( Millennium Development Goal) and achieving its indicators by the BD Govt. MDG_ICT_final.pdf The usage of ICT and ITeS services by some of the SME verticals and its implications. SME_Survey_Report_ACNielse n_14Dec2005.pdf Monitor ICT development in different sectors and to compile civil society views and understanding of policy intervention in those areas. ict4d-2007-bytesforall.pdf lawit.pdf Brief overview of the changes, features, and the players in the Bangladesh telecom sector. Bangladesh Telecom Brief April 2004.pdf A brief presentation of the current telecentre initiatives Community Access Points or Telecentre Movement in Bangladesh.htm
  9. 9. Study Category Study / Research ID Study Title Author(s) Following reports were not included in our analytical study ... we mostly skimmed those Overall ICT Industry DR_BD Overall ICT Industry F_R_N_ICT_P FBCCI ICT Committee PHL_P_PCC PH_CS_ITES HCD / HRD NRB_C_BD HCD / HRD CLC_T&T HCD / HRD CL_URY ICT Adoption IT_BD_SHP ICT Adoption Digital Review of Bangladesh: A Preliminary Exploration Dr. Ananya Raihan, Dr. Shah M. Ahsan Habib FBCCI Recommendations On National ICT Policy ITeS – IT Enabled Services Pallitathya Help Line: A Precursor to People's Call Center Dr. Ananya Raihan, Mahmud Hasan, Mridul Chowdhury, Forhad Uddin ITeS – IT Enabled Services Philippines: Competitive Study of It-Enabled Services Industry Clarissa Dimacali, Carl Miller Rethinking Non-Resident Bangladeshis’ Contribution to Bangladesh Economy Dr. Ananya Raihan Computer Learning Centers: Today and Tomorrow Anir Chowdhury Computer Learning for Underprivileged Rural Youth: A Critical Reflection of D.Net’s Intervention Anir Chowdhury IT can be Bangladesh's Super Highway to Prosperity Muhammad Yunus, Grameen Bank E_www.bangladeshgarments.c om Evaluation of www.bangladeshgarments .info Dr. Ananya Raihan
  10. 10. ICT Adoption GISW_BD ICT Adoption D_O_NTP ICT Adoption TOR_RFP_D_O_NTP ICT Adoption HI_EGOV_EC ICT Adoption ICT_AI_PHR ICT Adoption VC_LFO ICT Adoption EF_SME ICT Adoption BD_CR_LLCPI Global Information Society Watch: Bangladesh Dr. Ananya Raihan and Suporna Roy; Hakikur Rahman; Munir Hasan and Ragib Hasan; AHM Bazlur Rahman and Golam Nabi Jewel; Partha Pratim Sarker; Monjur Mahmud Development and Operationalization of National Trade Portal Dr. Ananya Raihan TOR and RFP for Development and Operationalization of National Trade Port Dr. Ananya Raihan Handbook on Implementing E-Government: With Basic Introduction To E-Commerce ICTs and Access to Information: How to make it Work for Promoting Human Rights Dr. Ananya Raihan Venture Capital: Are We Learning from Others? Dr. Ananya Raihan E-finance for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Dr. Ananya Raihan Bangladesh Country Report on Local Language Computing Policy Initiatives Mumit Khan, A. A. Munir Hasan and Ananya Raihan
  11. 11. Study Sponsor Month / Year 2006 FBCCI FBCCI Feb, 2002 Not applicable CARANA Corporation USAID Apr-02 2004 Not applicable 2005 Not applicable Apr-00 Jun-03 Study / Research Org D.Net (Development Research Network) D.Net (Development Research Network) Development Research Network (D.Net) Global Knowledge Partnership (GKP) D.Net (Development Research Network) D.Net (Development Research Network) Development Research Network (D.Net) Development Research Network (D.Net) D.Net (Development Research Network) D.Net (Development Research Network) Muhammad Yunus, Grameen Bank Centre for Policy Dialogue Ministry of Commerce; Business Development Services for Private Sector Promotion, German Technical Cooperation
  12. 12. Ministry of Commerce Jun-03 Ministry of Commerce Jun-03 Jul-04 2005 2006 25-Apr-06 3-Jan-07 Development Research Network (D-Net); Bytes for All; Sustainable Development Networking Programme (SDNP) Bangladesh; Bangladesh Open Source Network (BdOSN); Bangla Wikipedia; Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC) Global Information Society Watch Centre for Policy Dialogue Centre for Policy Dialogue D.Net (Development Research Network) Academy for Planning and Development D.Net (Development Research Network) D.Net (Development Research Network) D.Net (Development Research Network) D.Net (Development Research Network) Development Research Network (D.Net) Mumit Khan, A. A. Munir Hasan and Ananya Raihan
  13. 13. Sector / Focus Digital File Name Occasional Paper_10001 National_ICT_Policy_FBCCI_Feb_2002.pdf Occasional 60001.pdf Working Paper_40001.pdf Elaborates an overall scenario of ICT infrastructure, institutions and initiatives in Bangladesh Proposes the probable ICT Policies for Bangladesh Represents idea of incorporating available technology to deliver information for better livelihood of the villagers and thus attempt to reduce the digital divide and to accelerate the process of poverty alleviation. Pallitathya_pcc.pdf This report provides an additional external perspective to the IT-Enabled Services industry by illustrating the competitive position of the Philippines, a country gaining recognition as a “Supplier Country of Choice” in this market. philippines competitive study final 11-7-02.doc In-depth insight on how the non resident Bangladeshis contribute to the Bangladesh economy Impact of CLCs on students, teachers, and schools; Looking at the future of CLP. Article_on_CLP.pdf Provided a brief outlook on how these centers significantly contributed and changed the lives of many students, teachers, parents and members of various communities. The benefits of IT to a poor economies; its implementation in Bangladesh; the scope of NRBs in supporting this implementation SDNP Bangladesh.html Evaluation of
  14. 14. Working Paper_10012 Occasional Paper-60003.pdf Areas that are relevant and pertinent to the ICT for development community, and in which a large number of civil society organizations (CSOs) are involved. GISW_Bangladesh.pdf Development and Operationalisation of National Trade Portal.doc TOR and RFP for Development and Operationalisation of National Trade Port.doc The handbook is mainly targeted for government officials who want to get an idea about the steps involved in implementing e-Government and also about the potential role of the government in promoting e-Commerce in Bangladesh. Handbook - Ver 1.1 _Sized_-1.pdf Identifies ICTs as a driving force in building an Information Society and creating the values of human rights through exchange of information between developing countries where there is a problem with governance. The true meaning of ‘Venture Capital’ for the developing countries like Bangladesh is explained, a global picture is provided, the readers are enlightened on the lessons learnt and provided recommendations. e-finance_Ananya.doc Bangladesh Country Report_revised.doc
  15. 15. Study Category Study / Research ID Study Title Author(s) We came to know about these Reports; But could not find those yet !! We request BASIS to collect these later. Overall ICT Industry ??? JRC, and others ?? Software Industry ?? John S. Morrison Software Industry ?? John S. Morrison ICT Adoption BCC World Bank Export Diversification Project, em SEDF took some serious Research Studies Revised Report by JRC Committee in Jan, 2002 ITeS – IT Enabled Services Export of Computer Data Entry & Software Development Services from Bangladesh Nusrat S. Retina Development of Bangladesh Software Industry -- Recommendations for Action Software Export Potential in Bangladesh -- Supply Factors Effective Application of ICT in Bangladesh how to advance It T.S. Garnier, C.M. Pang
  16. 16. Study Sponsor Month / Year o collect these later. BD Govt … ?? Jan, 2002 ?? ?? Jan-92 ?? ?? Feb, 1995 ?? ?? March, 1994 ?? ?? Sep-90 BCC took several studies during 1991-92 port Diversification Project, emphasizing on Software; Country Needs to know the detail Project Reports !!! ome serious Research Studies on the BD Software Industry. BASIS / Country needs to know the studies. Study / Research Org BD Govt …. ??
  17. 17. Sector / Focus Digital File Name ?? ??? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??? ??? ?? ?? detail Project Reports !!! to know the studies.