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Louder than bombs programme


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Stanley Picker Gallery

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Louder than bombs programme

  1. 1. “Honey Trap”Steve Levon Ounanian & Thomas Thwaites
  2. 2. “The Lost Runway” Áine Phillips
  3. 3. Á
  4. 4. “Napalm Perceptible:A Dictionary for the BNP” Sean Burn
  5. 5. “Present”Ansuman Biswas
  6. 6. “When I Fell For You I Fell Like The Bomb” “Sleeping With Your Enemy” Stacy Makishi & Yoshiko Shimada
  7. 7. “Murder at the Wool Hall” Prick Your Finger
  8. 8. “What Difference Does it Make?” The Vacuum Cleaner