Energy Healing, Emotions, and Weight Loss


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Energy healing can be a huge factor in one's personal weight loss journey. Dr. Joe Kepo'o is an energy healing specialist who has helped people lose with through energy healing, evox treatment, and perception reframing. Learn more here:

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Energy Healing, Emotions, and Weight Loss

  1. 1. Energy Healing:Helping Yourselffrom Within
  2. 2. • With the continuous advancement of technology these days, there are more and more healing methods being introduced.• However there are still many viable and effective methods of healing without the use of technology.
  3. 3. Energy Healing - Changing Yourself from Within• One of the healing methods that has long been the subject of much debate and controversy is energy healing. But what is energy healing?• Will it really be able to heal a person? These queries are answered by a professional chiropractor, and energy healing specialist Dr. Joe Kepo’o.
  4. 4. What Is Energy Healing?• To simplify the somewhat broad description of energy healing, at the most basic level it is the use of various techniques that influence and alter the intricate system energy of in a human being.
  5. 5. The techniques of energy healing• The techniques of energy healing focus on balancing and realigning the energy systems in a body.• At first, Dr. Joe himself was a skeptic. But after his friends encouraged him to try it out, he came to realize how life changing and effective it is.
  6. 6. Does it work?• Energy Healing works with the natural systems in the body.• If you work with them properly, the rebalancing of a person’s energy can assist them in achieving physical health, and even weight loss.
  7. 7. The “emotional blocks”• People often have what Dr. Joe calls “emotional blocks” which subconsciously hinder us from achieving our goals.• Our bodies are extremely interconnected, our energy fields are a big piece of the puzzle when it comes to getting in shape, but we often overlook them.
  8. 8. Medicine or treatment ?• More often than not, we don’t need more medicine or treatment to heal or improve our bodies because the real healing component is just within our systems.
  9. 9. Cover up the real issues• Medicines or any other treatments that helps a person achieve physical health usually only manage to cover up the real issues, but never remove them altogether.• However, through energy healing it is easy to balance your bodies energy system, and the results can be felt immediately.
  10. 10. Energy healing• As mentioned earlier, energy healing is working with one’s energy systems or energy field within the body.• There are different energy systems inside the body and one of the examples that many people might be familiar with is the chakra or “shakra” system.
  11. 11. The scientific approach• Also, there is the meridian and acupuncture meridian system. Dr. Joe’s however, does none of these but rather takes a very scientific approach to it.• With his expertise and equipment, he is able to identify energy imbalances in just a simple phone call.
  12. 12. The main focus of energy healingThe main focus ofenergy healing is tofind the imbalancesthen to clear thoseimbalances usingthe varioustechniques.
  13. 13. Click here tolearn more!