Simple steps for sms success!


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Simple steps for sms success!

  1. 1. Simple Steps for SMS SuccessAvoiding pitfalls and leveraging textmessaging for success
  2. 2. Find the right voice• Keep a consistent voice when communicatingwith subscribers via SMS• Copy should remain professional and urgentwhile maintaining a personable, specific tone• Don’t cut corners with abbreviations
  3. 3. Say no to “text speak”• Text Speak (g2g, c u l8r, lol) is fine for personto person communications, but will alienate asignificant portion of consumers.• Take the time to tailor 160 word SMScommunications without relying on text speakto save space and cram content.
  4. 4. Adspeak is pointless and invisible• Do not include adspeak (Act Now! Limitedtime offer!) in your SMS outreach.• Adspeak is so prevalent in marketing culturethat it has become invisible to consumers, andis therefore a waste of space.
  5. 5. Maintain a strong call to action• Incentivize every interaction possible, whetherwith discounts, giveaways, or insiderinformation.• Keep incentivized content fresh andinteresting, so that subscribers are excited tosee what comes next.• Tap your employees for ideas about incentivesand outreach ideas.
  6. 6. Keep it local and specific• Reference local goings-on such as highschool/college sports, local politics, and newsin your SMS outreach.• EZ Texting allows for easy grouping ofsubscriber lists, which makes specificity ofoutreach simple.
  7. 7. Don’t interrupt for no reason• Text outreach can be friendly, but should notbe casual or seem unimportant.• Each interaction should be properlyincentivized or contain some specified userbenefit, even if that benefit is a game or quiz.
  8. 8. Games, quizzes, and surveys• These are a great way to drive interactionsand get people looking forward to SMScommunications with your business• Use linking to drive traffic to content on yourmobile website.• Partner with other local businesses to cross-promote websites and products this way
  9. 9. Thou shalt not spam• It is crucial that the tone and frequency ofyour text messaging do not resemble spammarketing.• Modern consumers are trained toautomatically reject spam; spammingsubscribers with generic or overly frequentoutreach will ‘poison the well.’
  10. 10. Always provide an opt out• Opting out should be as easy as opting in.• Though counterintuitive, providing a clearpath to opting out of a campaign is a greatway to build trust and brand loyalty.• Subscribers and participants are put at ease bythe option to cease interaction.
  11. 11. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice• Nobody knows your customers better thanyour customers.• SMS outreach allows for real timeconversations to take place, so don’t be afraidto ask questions.• Consumers in the social media age are verylikely to provide input when prompted.