Launching a Successful SMS & Mobile Campaign


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Learn why SMS/mobile marketing is critical to the growth and success of retail businesses, and find a step-by-step guide for launching a successful campaign. Also highlighted are the different uses for SMS marketing, including coupon distribution and interactive campaigns.

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  • Launching a Successful SMS & Mobile Campaign

    1. 1. Text Message MarketingHarnessing the power of mobile foryour business
    2. 2. Welcome to the age of mobile• In coming years, daily mobile internet usage isexpected to overtake desktop browsing.Mobile web traffic increased 27% in 2012alone.• 91% of people in the United States keep theirmobile device within reach at all times, day ornight.
    3. 3. It’s all about communication• Companies should seek to drive business bycreating open lines of communication withconsumers.• SMS marketing is the simplest way to create adialogue, as solutions are scalable tobusinesses of any size and shape.• There are many ways to harness the power ofSMS marketing.
    4. 4. Finding the right partner• Ez Texting is a service designed to empoweryour business with user friendly mass textingsolutions serving clients such asPepsi, AllState, Public Storage, and manyothers.• Our text message marketing services are freeto try, easy to implement, and designed togrow with your business.
    5. 5. Using your contacts• Upload your pre-existing contacts instantlyand organize them into different messaginggroups if desired.• Send text messages to all contacts or onlyspecific groups to announce sales, drivepromotions, or simply say ‘thanks for yourbusiness.’
    6. 6. Your message will be heard• Text messages on personal mobile devices have a95% open rate, and are 10x more likely to receivea response than an email.• Responses can be viewed immediately in realtime, and can be used to create more specificmarketing profiles and communications in thefuture.• Build your contact list by applying EZ Texting toyour website, applications, and social media.
    7. 7. Apply Ez Texting to your website orapp• Developer APIs allow the functionality of EzTexting to be reproduced in your website orapp.• This allows your website/app to send andreceive text messages to consumers, andprovides perspective on which outreachplatforms are yielding results.
    8. 8. Empower your social media• Through the use of widgets, companies canentice consumers to opt-in to mobilecampaigns via their website or social mediapages.• Any person browsing your site or social mediapage now has potential for real timecommunication and data exchange.• A strong opt-in strategy is crucial.
    9. 9. Developing a strong opt-in• A good opt-in is beneficial to the consumer ina way that will catch their attention.• Discount codes, promotional offers, secretsales, and giveaways are common successfulopt-in strategies.• Always provide a clear opt-out option; thistransparency builds trust in the consumer.
    10. 10. Using keywords to build contacts• Setting up a keyword via short code allowsanyone to opt-in via text message, i.e. “TextJoes to 313131”• Use social media and print advertising topromote keyword opt-ins and reach newconsumers.• Thousands of keywords are available for use.
    11. 11. The sky’s the limit• Once you’ve built your contact list andoutreach strategy, your creativity is the onlylimit.• Build specific outreach profiles for differenttypes of consumers.• Employ specifically targeted marketing toapplicable groups.• Drive business as you grow with scalable SMSsolutions.