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R1 - Slides


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Published in: Engineering
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R1 - Slides

  1. 1. ezSec R1 - - - -
  2. 2. R1
  3. 3. Security on the R1
  4. 4. Tiny Robust Attack Surface It was built from the ground up with as little software and potential vulnerabilities as possible. It even has its own Antivirus. So robust it passed the most difficult of penetration tests, by one of the most known pentesting labs and skilled hackers.
  5. 5. Enterprise Network Security No evil twin, since nobody has the private certificate on the R1
  6. 6. Enterprise Network Security - Cont’d The R1 will shoot down any evil twin it detects in the vicinity.
  7. 7. Intrusion Detection/Prevention System The modified engine is able to filter out almost all bad traffic on the network.
  8. 8. Intrusion Detection System (2) Deep Learning based Intrusion detection system, Data Science @ ezSec.
  9. 9. Intrusion Detection System (3) Machine Learning powers an Anomaly Detector, with threat visualization..
  10. 10. Network Scanner The R1 periodically scans all your devices for vulnerabilities and reports back.
  11. 11. Web Filtering (Network Level) R1 will block malicious, advertising, or background data collecting web content off your browsing session for safe and seamless browsing.
  12. 12. Threat Intelligence The R1 is part of a TI blockchain, sharing and studying information about the latest zero-days. hacking campaigns, hacking techniques and tactics, and more.
  13. 13. Policies/Firewall With a Remote Management Server and an extensive admin GUI it is very easy to setup your own rules and fully customize your network and R1.
  14. 14. Data Encryption The R1 can be used as the key to decrypt files on devices.
  15. 15. Behavioral Analytics The R1 models your behaviour and detects anomalies. This was shown to detect unauthorized use of your devices.
  16. 16. Identity Verification The R1 makes sure everything is healthy and appends a healthy flag to the connection stream to enable access to the organization’s important resources.
  17. 17. Hardware U2F Key Connect your R1 to your Device for your 2nd Auth on Important Accounts.
  18. 18. Security Education The R1 will explain every action in layman terms. And share tips & Recommendations periodically.
  19. 19. Optional Module: TOR Maximum privacy and anonymity on the network.
  20. 20. To Be Released: SSL DPI Sophisticated hackers may use SSL to bypass certain intrusion detection techniques, we have built prototypes to listen onto their SSL traffic and perform Deep Packet Inspection, eliminating the threat vector.
  21. 21. R1 Other Features
  22. 22. Power Bank Connect your charger to the R1 USB for some quick charging on the go.
  23. 23. Network-attached storage Put a USB Flash Drive into your R1 USB port and access the files from all WIFI connected devices.
  24. 24. Customizable Adblock Network level block certain groups of websites (Adult, Advertisements, Background Data, Potentially Unwanted, Pop-ups, etc.).
  25. 25. Fast Connectivity Boots up in under one second. With one touch!
  26. 26. Full Organization’s Support The organization can monitor, control, modify and connect to the R1 remotely.
  27. 27. ezSec’s Support & Solution Customization ezSec is a local startup. Very easy to reach the management and get things moving in an agile manner.
  28. 28. People
  29. 29. Testing
  30. 30. Beta Testers If you are interested to test some beta versions in your home/car/travel setting. Let us know! You will get few credits towards pricing as well. And a rewards package.
  31. 31. Demo
  32. 32. Configuration Black Sony Vaio | Intel i7 6GB RAM | (Attacker Machine) Attackers Network Arsenal: High gain Alfa Network AWUS036NHA & High gain Alfa AWUSO36NH network adapters with 5dbi & 9dbi antennas. Hak5 Wifi Pineapple Nano with a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Black HP Pavilion DV6 | Intel i7 8GB RAM | (User 1 Machine) Grey Dell Latitude | Intel i7 4GB RAM | (User 2 Machine) MacBook -- Presentation Laptop (Spectator Machine) Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Internet Connected WiFi AP)
  33. 33. Attack Scenario Attacker, User 1, and User 2 connect successfully to the R1 Secure Wifi. Attacker tries to attack User 1. Packets Dropped by R1 and reported. Attacker tries to attack User 2. Packets Dropped by R1 and reported. Spectator is able to see this and kick Attacker out!
  34. 34. Attack Scenario - Cont’d Attacker sets up an Evil Twin to get User 1 & User 2 to connect to his machine and compromise their security. R1 detects evil twin and unleashes an attack against it. User 1 & User 2 are unable to connect to evil twin so they connect back to R1 legitimate R1 Secure wifi. Attacker gives up after few minutes.
  35. 35. Connectivity User plugs in a Cellular modem and instructs the R1 to connect. R1 takes 1.5 seconds to setup a secure wifi - cellular connection seamlessly. __ User selects WIFI and instructs the R1 to connect to it . R1 takes 1 second to setup a secure wifi - wifi connection seamlessly. __ User plugs in 1GBps ethernet.cable and instructs the R1 to connect. R1 takes <1 second to setup a secure wifi - ethernet connection seamlessly.
  36. 36. Web Filtering Phone APP is the best way to test this. Since an APP cannot be supplemented by a browser extension, users are left with no other choice. R1 is now your other choice!
  37. 37. Quick Charge Plug charger into R1!
  38. 38. GUI Visit the HTTPS protected GUI dashboard.
  39. 39. RMS Visit the Remote Management Server web page. (Visualization Page)
  40. 40. Why Security Travel Router?
  41. 41. Mobile devices are vulnerable! So is WIFI. A Mobile connection is a security nightmare. Based on Kaspersky 2017 survey, 38% of enterprise businesses experienced exploits or loss through mobile devices as the main attack vector. Wifi is a security problem, Public Wifi is a disaster. 25% of hotspots use no encryption, and there is 1 hotspot for each 20 humans.
  42. 42. Everybody is mobile, tho! And that’s great! Mobile workers are productive. 1.45 Billion global mobile workers in 2016, 61% of workers report working outside the office at least part of the time. [citrix] BYOD is a productivity trend. Only 11% of companies have not deployed a BYOD program. [Insight]
  43. 43. Pricing
  44. 44. Travel Router +Support 6+ Connections +U2F FIDO Key +Thermometer monitored Battery +Compact + Slim +Quick Charge +Cellular Support +WifI-Wifi $200-$500 + Monthly Service
  45. 45. Home Router +Support 10+ Connections +AC Powered +Heat Management +Excessive Security Protections & Alerts +Parental Controls +IoT Integration & Control $200-$900 + Monthly Service
  46. 46. Office Router +Support 10-80+ Connections +Bigger Antennas & Range +Better throughput +AC Powered +Heat Management +Excessive Security Protections & Alerts +IoT Integration & Control $500-$2000 + Monthly Service
  47. 47. Pre-Orders
  48. 48. Delivering Q3 2019 and the DHL Partnership Pre order now to see it come into market. Pricing will increase every month we are closer to the release date. Orders help us make projections & allocate funds earlier so we can supply demand.
  49. 49. Discussion
  50. 50. What features do you want to have on the R1? Analytics? Reporting? Security? Privacy? Details.
  51. 51. Recap We are selling you peace of mind, not the R1. Peace of mind on the go, in the office, and in home. We help you buy your way out of security incidents hindering your business growth. The R1 was designed as imagined early on 2015 when the founders were ethically hacking multiple remote connections in a Yale University Hackathon. This exposed multiple weaknesses in mobile devices and wireless internet sources.
  52. 52. 54 THANK YOU Any questions? You can find more about us ▫ @ezsecorg ▫