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Merb + Nanite


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This is my keynote from MerbCamp, where I talk about merb past and present as well as introduce nanite a self assembling cluster of ruby processes

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Merb + Nanite

  1. Merb then and now Ezra Zygmuntowicz
  2. Merb Then Sept 21st 2006 AKA Baby Merb
  3. Merb Now • merb-core • merb-action-args • merb-haml • merb-assets • merb-helpers • merb-auth • merb-jquery • merb-builder • merb-mailer • merb-cache • merb-parts • merb-gen • merb-slices
  4. Core Tenets of Merb
  5. Merb should be fast (no code is faster then no code)
  6. Merb should be memory efficient
  7. Merb code should be as simple as possible
  8. Merb should be modular
  9. Merb should be easy to grok and extend (by hackers for hackers)
  10. Merb should focus on the application server as well as the web framework
  11. Merb should get out of your way and be *flexible*
  12. Most Importantly Merb should be an experimentation ground
  13. Why not just work on rails?
  14. Monoculture is bad
  15. Everyone wins when there is competition
  16. Lot’s of merb’s lessons can be applied back to rails
  17. Merb-1.0RC drops tomorrow! Huge thanks to the community and all contributors
  18. merb-stack: training wheels included
  19. Now with that out of the way...
  20. Introducing Nanite
  21. Nanite is a new way of building scalable backends for web apps
  22. Built around RabbitMQ • Written in erlang, clusterable, highly scalable, fast as hell. • AMQP protocol provides many nice features • Transient, Persistent and Transactional semantics
  23. <3 RabbitMQ
  24. Nanite agents consist of multiple Actors
  25. Nanite agents advertise their services and status Feeds#crawl advertises: /feeds/crawl Load average is advertised as default status
  26. Nanite Mappers Track nanites and their advertised services and status Can do dispatch based on a number of factors Run inside your Merb or Rails app State of all nanites is replicated across all mappers
  27. Multiple Dispatch Styles
  28. Least loaded dispatch and the fitness function
  29. Agents ping the mapper exchange every @ping_time seconds. Mappers track the state of all nanites and remove them from mapping if they haven’t reported in within a timeout
  30. Nanite gives us: • Presence, we know when nanites are ready for requests or not. • Self assembly, nanites can come and go and can run anywhere with zero configuration in the mappers. • Dispatch based on load or any fitness function that suits your app • Easily take advantage of cloud
  31. File Streaming
  32. Nanite makes it easy to scale web app backends Git it on GitHub:
  33. Questions?