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5.00 Animal adaptations


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Published in: Education
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5.00 Animal adaptations

  1. 1. Do Now: 1.What is an adaptation? 2. Give an example of an adaptation that humans have?
  3. 3. What is an Adaptation? 1. Adaptation - Anything that helps an organism survive in its environment is an. **Adaptations do not develop during an animal's life but over many generations. ** (evolution)
  4. 4. Various types of Adaptations 2. Structural adaptation - a part of an animal's body Examples: The shape of a bird's beak, the number of fingers, color of the fur, the thickness or thinness of the fur, the shape of the nose or ears or teeth are all examples of physical adaptations which help different animals to survive.
  5. 5. Various types of Adaptations 3. Behavior adaptations - activities that help an animal survive. Examples: - A rabbit freezes when it thinks it has been seen. - opposum playing dead - submissive behavior of pack animals - snake rolls over to pretend its dead
  6. 6. Various types of Adaptations 4. Camouflage – allows an animal to blend into its environment. - Their camouflage makes it hard for enemies to single out individuals.
  7. 7. Where’s the katydid ?
  8. 8. Can you spot the animals?
  9. 9. Various Types of Adaptations 5. Mimicry – when one animals looks like another (dangerous) animal (copy-cat) Examples: - monarch and viceroy butterfly
  10. 10. Mimics Monarch Viceroy
  11. 11. Catterpillar Snake
  12. 12. King snake (non-poisonous) and Coral snake (poisonous)
  13. 13. Real Wasp Mimic Mimic
  14. 14. EYES????
  15. 15. Beetles and Ants??? NO….They are SPIDERS
  16. 16. Mimics
  17. 17. Types of Adaptations 6. Warning coloration – bright colors = poisonous or taste bad
  18. 18. Coloration
  19. 19. Exit slip questions 2. Give one examples of a structural adaptations. 3. Give one examples of behavior adaptations. 4. List an adaptation that cats have?