Surfing Workout Using the Bosu Balance Trainer


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The Bosu is a great tool for testing your balance and proprioception through the integration of some functional training exercises. This type of training is beneficial and essential for everyone from beginner to pro.

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Surfing Workout Using the Bosu Balance Trainer

  1. 1.  How-to Build a Strong Surfing Foundation withthe Bosu Balance TrainerGood day, EZIA Performance Coach Zach Houston here with some exerciserecommendations on building a strong foundation for surfing. In this blog Iʼll behighlighting the Bosu Balance Trainer. This piece of equipment is found on our onlinestore and is a very functional and versatile piece of exercise equipment. Whatʼs greatabout the Bosu is that it provides many options to add some variety to your workoutroutine with great ease. Not to mention, it is also affordable, which is going to leavesome money in your pocket to buy that new piece of spandex or neon headband.Now, you may be asking yourself what in the world is this space-age looking piece ofequipment, and how am I supposed to exercise with it? According to the inventors, theterm Bosu is actually a clever acronym for “both sides utilized”, which is a goodequipment description of what weʼll be focusing on.
  2. 2.  The Bosu is a great tool for testing your balance and proprioception through theintegration of some functional training exercises. This type of training is beneficial andessential for everyone from beginner to pro. It stresses the importance of building asolid foundation in different planes of movement. Being able to move efficiently in yoursport or activity is going to decrease your risk of injury, and increase overall agility.Aside from these benefits, the exercises that Iʼll be highlighting in the video will also betargeting intrinsic muscles for stabilization. This will help you maintain a strong corewhile paddling, and completing that top-turn off the lip. Letʼs get to it!1. Spiderman Stability Push-UpStart:Begin with the black side of the Bosu turned up. Assume the push up position witharms shoulder width apart and hands placed on lateral sides of the black Bosu frame.Feet should be hip width apart, with full knee extension in the legs. Hips should be in aneutral position to maintain a flat back and spine. Make sure to keep your eye gazedown to avoid any flexion in the neck.Action:As you begin to bend the elbows and bear weight in the arms drive the right kneeup to meet the outside of the right elbow. Chest should nearly touch the top of the Bosuframe. Now, when you move into the extension (push-up) phase extend the right legback to its starting position and begin to alternate legs with each push-up as one fluidmotion. (5 reps each leg)
  3. 3.  Benefits: Multi-compound movement, focusing on increased balance, hip mobility, andupper body/core strength and stability.2. Back Extension with Alternating arm raise:Start:Begin in a kneeling position. Place Bosu (blue side up) centered underneath hipsso that knees are just slightly off the ground. Lay prone on top of Bosu. Keep your gazelooking down to maintain a neutral spine and long neck.Action:Begin exercise by pushing abdomen into the Bosu ball while extending upthrough the thoracic spine. Chest is forward. Shoulders are retracted. As you begin toextend and lift through the spine, extend the right arm to about ear level. Hold for 2seconds and alternate arms. (10 reps each arm)Benefits: Strengthens and stabilizes the lumbar spine, increased shoulder range ofmotion.3. Reverse Bosu Wood ChopThis is an advanced exercise. If you are less experienced with standing on the blackside of the Bosu, turn it around and stand on the blue side. This will modify the exerciseand make it easier.
  4. 4.  Start:Begin with the black side up, then either jump onto Bosu with both feet, or placeone foot on and then the other to find your starting position. Feet should be shoulderwidth apart with toes slightly pointed outward.Action: Begin exercise by assuming a squat position and keeping your weight centeredover the heels throughout the entire range of the exercise. As you come down into yoursquat, rotate upper body towards the right knee with arms extended down. Make sure tokeep your knees behind your toes when squatting. Chest is forward; shoulders arecentered over the hips. On the extension, initiate power through the heels and hips asyou extend and twist your arms up and to the left. (10reps each side)Benefits: Strengthens posterior chain, tests balance/proprioception, strengthens ankles,increased spine mobility.Bosu Pistol SquatThis is a more advanced exercise. If you are unfamiliar with the “pistol squat”, youshould first try this exercise on a flat hard surface instead of the Bosu balance trainer.Once you have established a strong foundation then test your skills on the Bosu.Start: Begin with bottom (black side up), place right foot on the center of the Bosu andraise the left leg off the ground to hold a squat position. Keep a slight bend in the rightknee, and extend the left leg out in front of you. Place your hands together and extend
  5. 5.  arms forward. Keep your shoulders retracted and chest/gaze forward. Shoulders shouldstay centered over the hips as you move through the range of motion.Action: As you begin the eccentric phase of the exercise keep your body weightcentered over your hips and the right heel. It will be natural for your weight to shift to thefront of your foot causing you to go into plantar flexion. Try to avoid this. As you slowlylower down with your left leg still extended, try to keep your right knee behind your toes.Once your hips are slight lower than your right knee you are now ready to move into theconcentric (extension) phase. Begin by still grounding through the right heel andpowering straight up and through until you reach full extension in the right leg. Repeat.(5 reps each leg)Benefits: Isolates and strengthens posterior chain, tests balance/proprioception,strengthens ankles/quadriceps.If youʼd like to test your balance, strength and endurance even further, add a soccer ballor 10-pound medicine ball on the “Reverse Bosu Wood Chopper” exercise. During thosedown days, run through this entire circuit 2-3 times so youʼll be strong and ready tocharge when the next swell hits. Thanks for your eyes and ears! To purchase a BosuBalance Trainer from our our online store, please click this link.Best,Zach Houston
  6. 6.  References:1. “About BodyPros Physical Therapy.” Body Pros Physical Therapy Outpatient PhysicalTherapy and Physical Rehabilitation, Georgia: Alpharetta, Dunwoody and Duluth. N.p., n.d.Web. 19 Mar. 2013.