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Open tamil-infitt-2016 v3


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ஓபன் தமிழ் உத்தமம் (INFITT) மாநாடு 2016-இல் எங்கள் குழுவின் ஆய்வு கட்டுரை ஒட்டி செய்த வெளியீடு.

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Open tamil-infitt-2016 v3

  1. 1. Developments in Open-Tamil Library T. Arulalan, T. Shrinivasan+ , and A. Muthiah* INFIIT 2016, Dindugul, Tamilnadu *
  2. 2. Introduction ● Help create high-level applications in Tamil ● Fully open-source ● Published and maintained from 2014 ● Available via Python Package index - pip ● Developed via Git ● Many contributions from 10 developers ● Library for Tamil text processing ● Word games ● Encoding conversions
  3. 3. Spell checker based on OpenTamil Integration of solthiruthi spell-checker from open-tamil with TinyMCE web editor Work in progress
  4. 4. Word Search Games Game generated using Open-Tamil library Find the world leaders during the 1950s
  5. 5. Document Statistics $ python document.txt Outputs: 1. Number of unique words in doc 2. Word frequency 3. Words in Tamil dictionary sorted order
  6. 6. Open-tamil ச|வா|வால|வாசல|சவால ● Generate Anagrams ● Generate Combinations of words ● Partial words ● Check if word is a palindrome import tamil from solthiruthi.dictionary import * TVU_dict = DictionaryBuilder.create(TamilVU) word = u’சவால’ q=list(tamil.wordutils.combinagrams(word,TVU_dict)) print(u'|'.join(q)) which gives you the output, ச|வா|வால|வாசல|சவால Ref: See blog here
  7. 7. Word Play - Tamil Anagrams We can compute anagrams in Tamil e.g. using TVU word list → at ezhillang blog
  8. 8. Open-Tamil – Java library ● Available for use in Java ● Build Tamil apps easily
  9. 9. Quality ● Open-Tamil project is developed on ● Approximately 16k LOC - (13,579 LOC), solthiruthi (1,594 LOC), and ngram (187 LOC), in the latest development repository. ● Over 208 unittests (2,705 LOC) that test our source code modules tamil ● All source code checkin on github trigger the continuous integration tests via Travis-CI ● Supported Python flavors ( v2.6, v2.7, v3.3, v3.5, and PyPy) ● Manual testing of Java and Ruby tests. ● Github workflow
  10. 10. Conclusions ● Further contributions required to document the library and write tutorials for us ● Improve quality, test and report bugs ● More students and developers may avail this library and build high level applications ● Project support and sponsors are sought out