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Shannon Code and Play Presentation


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Published in: Education
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Shannon Code and Play Presentation

  1. 1. What is Shannon Code and Play?
  2. 2. What is Shannon Code and Play? ! Shannon Code and Play is a dedicated educational institution focused exclusively on teaching code, robotics and recreational science to kids 8 and up.! ! Shannon Code and Play prepares kids to explore their creativity and reach their full potential in a world dominated and articulated by technology.! ! We organize specialized Summer Camps, Workshops, Clubs, Seminars and Extracurricular Activities, in collaboration with Schools, City Councils, Companies and other institutions.! ! Our programs and activities are designed and supervised by experts from the most prestigious universities in the field, including Stanford, Princeton and Harvard.!
  3. 3. Why Shannon Code and Play?
  4. 4. Why Shannon Code and Play? President Obama ask America to learn Computer Science!
  5. 5. Why Shannon Code and Play? The Hour of Code: Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and others!
  6. 6. Why Shannon Code and Play? MIT Mitch Resnick: Let´s teach kids to code!
  7. 7. Mission and Values
  8. 8. Mission and Values ! Shannon Code and Play aims to articulate a social movement that will reach a large number of Spanish kids with the goal to create a positive impact on society.! ! Sparking the interest for coding, robotics and science in boys, and especially girls, is critical for a prosperous future.! ! In the short term, both girls and boys will benefit greatly by learning important skills for their future. In the long term, we will create a critical mass of skilled people that will stimulate social and tech entrepreneurship while generating thousands of qualified jobs and wealth.! ! We are guided by 3 areas:!
  9. 9. Technology 1 ! Code and Robotics will be the “linguae francae” of the future. We will empower the kids’ innate curiosity towards new technologies, and stimulate their abilities to make the most of them.! ! Kids will evolve from being just consumers to creators, and will do so at an early age - when they can learn better and more easily.! ! Creating and nurturing a breeding ground for future programmers and computer scientists will generate a robust ecosystem of tech experts prone to generate extraordinary wealth.!
  10. 10. Creativity 2 ! We understand creativity as the most determinant value both in professional and personal success in today’s society, where creativity is a basic for adaptation. ! ! We rely on playful methods in order to encourage creativity in problem-solving, collaboration, organizational capacity, adversity management and other social and tech skills. These skills will always help them whether they pursue a career in tech or science, or not.!
  11. 11. Humanism 3 ! We encourage the development of a humanistic morality through respect for moral behavior, the work well done, solidarity and respect for the others in order to create better workers, business professionals, entrepreneurs and of course, individuals.! ! We walk the talk. We focus on gender equality: It is our goal to enroll at least 50% girls in our programs to break the current gender inequality barrier in the tech field and place attention on disadvantaged groups: we will offer a complete and extensive grant program in order to include as many disadvantaged kids as possible.!
  12. 12. Learning is a game
  13. 13. Learning is a game - Methodologies ! We use methodologies based on playing and collaboration developed by experts in Computer Science, Education and Psychology, all from leading institutions such as Stanford, Princeton, and Harvard.! ! We rely on an already developed selection of platforms with proven success:, Khan Academy, Scratch-MIT, Google, LEGO, MOOC initiatives, etc.!
  14. 14. Syllabuses
  15. 15. Syllabuses Code + Robotics CP 8-11 years + Beginner Scratch  –  MIT   Blockly  –  Google   Tynker   Hopscotch   R 8-11 years + Beginner Lego  Wedo   Primo   Kano   Make  /  Maker  Shed   Play-­‐i   CP 12-14 years + Advanced Scratch  -­‐  advanced   Minecra<  –  Java   HTML            CSS          Kano   R 12-14 years + Advanced Lego  Mindstrom   Vex   Arduino   Raspberri  Pi  
  16. 16. Cross Disciplinary Education
  17. 17. Cross Disciplinary Education ! English – Besides being the language for most of the platforms, documentation, etc, this is one of the most important pending issues for Spanish students. ! ! Recreational Science – Fun and simple experiments designed to encourage their natural curiosity about science and how the world in which we live works.! ! Social Skills! ! Encouraging social and tech entrepreneurship! ! Knowledge and respect for nature and the environment!
  18. 18. Formats ! ! ! ! Summer Camps.! Clubs.! Workshops and seminars.! Extracurricular activities.!
  19. 19. Summer Camps The Shannon Tech Camps are full-time child & youth camps that take place during school holidays.! They provide the first “complete immersion” in code and robotics – complemented with cross-training- English, recreational science, activities in nature, social skills development, etc.!
  20. 20. Clubs The Shannon Tech Clubs are social and collaborative meeting spaces where kids develop projects together and share their experiences related to the fields of code and robotics.! In the Shannon Tech Clubs participants will have a space in which to use their free-time, where they have all the necessary equipment to make the most of their hobby under the supervision of specialized instructors. ! They are frequently developed in collaboration with Sport and Social Clubs, Civic Centers, City Halls and other institutions.!
  21. 21. Workshops The Shannon Tech Workshops are developed upon request and can vary in length.! Normally they concentrate on a week or four consecutive weekends .! “Taylor made” workshops allow a greater flexibility regarding materials, times, methodologies, ages and levels. ! They are frequently developed in collaboration with Sport and Social Clubs, Civic Centers, City Halls and other institutions.!
  22. 22. Extracurricular The Shannon Extracurricular Activities are developed in collaboration with Educational Centers, which usually provide their own facilities for the activities.! Programs are taylor-made regarding content, schedules and other areas. ! They are taught by Shannon instructors in collaboration with their own teachers.! They are developed in collaboration with Public and Private Schools, English Academies, IT labs and others.!
  23. 23. About Us
  24. 24. Management Ezequiel ! Triviño! Manuela ! González! María ! Díaz! Pilar! Castanon! Elena! Castanon! Borja! Laullón!
  25. 25. Advisory Board Tony! Seba! Maylen! Rafuls! Covadonga! Lamar Prieto! Doris! Walczyk! Germán! Laullón!
  26. 26. Gijón Camino de los Tejos 512! Asturias – 33203!! t: +34 605 123 944! San Francisco 1846 Taylor Street! San Francisco, CA – 94133!! t: +1 415 362 0440!
  27. 27. Thank you Una iniciativa de