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Table XI CIW Lab: behind the software

  1. behind the software Designing better products using Google’s Design Sprint
  2. 2 Table XI is a full-service Digital Strategy, UX Design, mobile and web development firm obsessed with delivering meaningful results for your business Our full capabilities include Business strategy, digital strategy, and user research User experience and product design Mobile native application development and cross platform solutions Full stack web development Project management and quality assurance Application hosting, monitoring, and support Maintenance and optimization
  3. 3 Trust is harder to build than technology “What differentiates Table XI from anybody else is a deeper understanding of the entire business … Table XI just greatly expands the collective intelligence of Dickson.” Chris Sorensen, VP of Sales & Marketing, Dickson
  4. WHAT WE DO 4 We believe in doing right by our team, our clients, and our community in everything we do We believe that the mental and physical wellness of our people leads to better ideas, greater output, and lower expenses in the long run. Since 2002 we’ve donated more than $750,000 in services to Chicago nonprofits and organizations whose missions we support. We don’t charge clients for bug fixes and prefer engagements where we share project risk.
  5. WHAT WE DO 5 We’ve worked with a diverse range of companies, including tech startups and not-for-profit organizations, to make a big impact on their business The ideas platform for everyone
  6. what is a sprint?
  7. DESIGN SPRINTS 7 A highly collaborative process we’ve adopted from Google to prototype your ideas and test them on real users in just five days. What is a 
 Design Sprint?
  8. DESIGN SPRINTS 8 When are Design Sprints helpful? Launching new or reimagining existing products or services Extending an existing experience to a new platform Injecting user experience design into an MVP Improving user experience gaps (e.g. a high rate of cart abandonment)
  9. DESIGN SPRINTS 9 Design Sprints at Table XI
 We run our own implementation called
 Product Design Workshops Read all about it,
  10. #SprintTip Context matters! Bring your own expertise to Design Sprints #CIWwithTXI
  11. DESIGN SPRINTS 11 You may recognize our work We’ve been proud technology partners of Chicago Ideas for many years. This year, we used a Product Design Workshop to jump start the redesign process.
  12. Welcome to your first Design Sprint!
  13. Preview of Sprint
  14. 14 Who should be in there? Decider This person is going to make all of the tough calls throughout the week. This must be someone who has enough context and organizational buy-in that their decisions won’t be overturned. They should be there everyday but must attend days 1 & 3. Facilitator This person is in charge of the schedule for the week and making sure we’re progressing smoothly. This person must be there everyday. Additional People You’ll also need a few more people who can test & make the prototype, write copy, contribute their subject matter expertise and/or knows the way things get done in your organization.
  15. 15 How does it work? Understand We start off by defining business opportunity, the target audience, and mapping the ideal experience. Diverge We’ll be guided through a set of hands-on sketching exercises designed to help us bring to light the best ideas. Decide Time to get real. We’ll focus on the ideas we feel will best solve the business problem. Prototype This intensive day is spent preparing for the next day’s interviews and creating our realistic façade. Test & Learn Our ideas are finally tested in the real world, by actual users. day 1 day 5
  16. 16 Understand day 1
  17. Ask the experts Talk to one person at a time and take notes.
  18. Make a map Keep it simple, 5-15 steps is generally enough.
  19. Not all experiences are linear, choose the right map for the problem. Sometimes that means a combination of maps.
  20. #SprintTip If your team loses it’s way, revisit your map. It may need to be redrawn #CIWwithTXI
  21. Pick a target Choose a user type and experience to focus on
  22. 25 Diverge day 2
  23. Sketch divergent concepts Group think limits the diversity and quality of ideas, so you’ll sketch alone.
  24. Your sketches will look like this …
  25. Just kidding, they’ll look more like this …
  26. #SprintTip Fight fear of sketching! If you can draw a circle, triangle & box you can sketch a website #CIWwithTXI
  27. 32 Decide day 3
  28. Make sure the best ideas win, not the best sales person You’ll choose the best concepts using silent reviews and structured critique.
  29. Turn the best ideas into a storyboard
  30. #SprintTip A great storyboard makes prototyping faster! #CIWwithTXI
  31. 38 Prototype day 4
  32. A realistic façade is all you need to learn from your users.
  33. For web sites and apps try tools like Keynote or PowerPoint, Invision or Marvel, and UX Pin
  34. #SprintTip Use pre-built templates and UI kits to speed up the prototyping process #CIWwithTXI
  35. 43 Test & Learn day 5
  36. 5 user interviews are enough to reveal 
 big insights
  37. Conduct the interviews 1-on-1 using the 5 act interview process Don’t worry, we’ll explain this more later.
  38. The team watches the interviews and takes notes from 
 another room
  39. #SprintTip What people is do interesting but the thoughts, feelings, and emotions behind their actions are priceless. #CIWwithTXI
  40. Thank You