Google hummingbird update


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Google hummingbird update

  1. 1. @ezdia Hummingbird Algorithm Update Dharam Tripathi @eZdia
  2. 2. @ezdia To celebrate their 15th birthday, Google launched a new algorithm. Calling it an update, the Hummingbird update carries Google’s goal to make search more conversational. A more human way to interact with its users, the update allows the engine to provide direct answers to searched for questions. Google started using Hummingbird on about August 30th, 2013 and announced the update officially on September 26, 2013.
  3. 3. @ezdia Impact? What Impact? Hummingbird effects 90% of all searches but usually to a small degree. - Matt Cutts Google stated that the release of its Hummingbird could potentially go unnoticed and that SEO would remain largely unaffected.
  4. 4. @ezdia Did Hummingbird Go Unnoticed? Yes, for the most part With the exception of long tail keyword opportunities. Any current initiatives to optimize websites using a real content strategy should continue to be the focus …
  5. 5. @ezdia Re-emergence of Long Tail Keyword a welcome site for web masters! a welcome site for web masters! Example: Single term search: “shoes” vs Long tail search: “shiny red women’s shoes” 2.5 times more effective on average, long tail keyword searches convert 2.5 times better than searches with just 1 or 2 keywords.
  6. 6. @ezdia Hummingbird Style conversational search just got a promotion! conversational search just got a promotion! A brave new style for content writers as they strive to provide the kind of how-to ar ticles and blog posts that will best serve the search hungry public along with Hummingbird’s new ability to serve up results based on the style of the search conversation the searcher is using. Content marketers are seeing the benefits of providing content that answers common questions of search users like: “how to” “compare” “vs” “where can I find?”
  7. 7. @ezdia Got Useful Content? vs vs that offered a creative and Panda asked for original content engaging read for audiences. Sharing and interacting was the primary. goal Hummingbird is now asking for useful content. Keep these top 5 considerations in mind: 1. Create original content 2. Publish and curate interesting content 3. Use long tail keywords 4. Provide useful information 5. Keep calm & carry on with SEO
  8. 8. @ezdia Once upon a time … Content was King & Context was Queen The hummingbird update strengthened the kings rule. image by Ewan-M on used under CC BY 2.0 Original, relevant, compelling, well-liked content still rules the land of search.
  9. 9. @ezdia No Need To Change! Solid, intentional, best-practice SEO tactics that were effective before Hummingbird’s release will continue to be effective post update: • • • Original and engaging content is still king. Legitimate back links that are earned using proper SEO are still important. Keywords will still need to be carefully placed and used in moderation.
  10. 10. @ezdia Thanks for Reading! Reach Dharam at 888.870.8744 Linkedin Twitter