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The administration interface


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The administration interface

  1. 1. eZ Publish Unconference – October 17th 2012 The Administration InterfaceSimple changes could make the current Administration Interface more friendly to theuser;The new Editorial Interface will be more friendly and easy to use, allowing the editionof content directly on the page;There are minor problems with the current Administration Interface that lead tomisuse (i.e. When the user wants to delete a sub-item and presses the “Remove”button in the main area);The sorting could be more explicit (visually) to the user, so they could know if it isascending or descending, i.e.;It would be good to have the possibility to embed content from other sites as youtube,just as we do in Facebook,i.e.;The Administration Interface may turn it difficult for the user to learn eZ Publish;People complained a lot about the Administration Interface.