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eZ Product Vision Keynote


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eZ Product Vision Keynote

  1. 1. Product Vision and RoadmapeZ Winter Conference 2011, Nice    #ezconf      @chriszahneissen  
  2. 2. Product ManagementEasily  a26.1.2011 Content  Management   Status daptable  
  3. 3. Our Product VisionEasy adaptable content management•  With the unique flexible content engine of eZ Publish, the system adapts to any content and content structure•  eZ Publish adapts content to any channel, today and in the future.•  eZ Publish with its open APi´s and interfaces adapts to any system•  The Enterprise Open Source business model adapts to client and partners business needs, giving unparalleled flexibility and freedom without large up front investments•  The efficient user interface adapts to any user, either a new user learning the system in minutes, or a power editor having eZ Publish as his main work tool.Presenter: Christof Zahneissen 2/3/11 SLIDE 3
  4. 4. Agenda1.  Our release cycle2.  Matterhorn release3.  Enabling the Ecosystem to continue developing a great product!4.  eZ Market5.  Future RoadmapPresenter: Christof Zahneissen 2/3/11 SLIDE 4
  5. 5. eZ Publish release cyclePresenter: Christof Zahneissen 2/3/11 SLIDE 5
  6. 6. Matterhorn releaseKey improvements in the upcoming release:-  Extendable interface: REST API for improved multichannel publishing + more-  Asynchronous publishing: offers a robust multi-editor environment with parallel publishing-  Improved Frontend Editing-  Improved serviceability (eZ Network)-  Improved user register workflowPresenter: Christof Zahneissen 2/3/11 SLIDE 6
  7. 7. Matterhorn releaseImproved Frontend EditingPresenter: Christof Zahneissen 2/3/11 SLIDE 7
  8. 8. Matterhorn releaseImproved serviceabilityPresenter: Christof Zahneissen 2/3/11 SLIDE 8
  9. 9. Mobile Content - DemoPresenter: Christof Zahneissen 2/3/11 SLIDE 9
  10. 10. Enabling the eZ EcosystemWe want to establish and maintain 4 fields of Collaboration eZ  Community   The  heart  of  the  ecosystem   eZ Staff eZ  Market  (formerly  extend)  eZ Partners The  Professional  Marketplace         eZ  Staff  eZ Clients eZ  Innovate   Our  collaboraBon  plaCorm  for   joined  product  development    eZ Friends   Roadmap   eZ   Our  Feature  Planing  plaCorm      Presenter: <Name - change me> <Date - change me> 10 10
  11. 11. eZ Market – The main conceptsOrange  extensions:   Blue  extensions:      •  Free     •  Paid  •  Mature  Projects   •  Business  Case  •  Reality  checked   eZ  Market   •  CerBficaBon  •  DocumentaBon   •  IniBal  Support  •  Community     •  MarkeBng   Board  Approval   •  Sales   •  Billing   eZ  Commercial     eZ  Community   Partners   11
  12. 12. eZ MarketList of commercial extension: (blue extensions)-  eZ Varnish - ”Need for speed” (Feb 2011) - Varnish-  eZ CJW Newsletter – ”Push your content” (Feb 2011) - CJW-  eZ Recommendations – ”Prolongate user visits” (Q2 2011) - YooChoose-  eZ Translate for Trados – ”Professional translation support” (Q1 2011) -XROW-  eZ BK – ”Render your content to mobile” (Q2 2011) – Logica/Backelite-  eZ Classmatics – ”Context for your content” (tbd) – ioSquare-  eZ Kapow: Automated Content MigrationOthers to come - stay tuned !Presenter: Christof Zahneissen 2/3/11 SLIDE 12
  13. 13. Varnish Cache•  High performance web accelerator. Really! Approximately 1Gbps of throughput per server•  Lets you focus on content and presentation – Varnish will handle your performance requirements eZ Varnish•  Flexible policy based •  Purges updated content from configuration. Caching policy the cache can be adapted fit every •  Purges articles as well as requirement related pages •  Allows one to use long time- to-live, resulting in very high cache hit ratios.Presenter: Christof Zahneissen 2/3/11 SLIDE 13
  14. 14. eZ CJW NewsletterConcept + Features:Vision:” push all content to all channels": email, sms, twitter, facebook, appsfully integrated in eZ Publish* based on eZ content model* Frontend editing (eZ Webin, eZ Flow)* eZ Flow blocks for subcribe/unsubscribe* Admin2 user interface* based on Apache Zeta Components (aka eZ Components)multiple subscriptions listsbounce managementtrackingblacklistsPresenter: Christof Zahneissen 2/3/11 SLIDE 14
  15. 15. eZ Recommendations with YooChoosePresenter: Christof Zahneissen 2/3/11 SLIDE 15
  16. 16. Enterprise Translation Workflow (with CAT) Definition: •  CAT is a form of translation wherein a human translator translates texts •  CAT Concepts and Implementations •  Translation memory •  Terminology management •  Alignment •  Interactive machine translation (Fuzzy match, SDL Automated Translation, Google Translate, …) :  CAT computer-­‐assisted  translaBon     xrow GmbH, Hannover, Germany 16 2/3/11
  17. 17. Benefits using CAT Create   Translate   Approve   Publish   Content  1.  Accelerate product launches to new markets by 50-80%2.  Make your corporate and product •  Manages  TranslaBon  Workflows   messages consistent across •  Integrates  SDL  Trados  (90%   markets while capturing local Marketshare  in  CAT)  in  eZ  Publish   nuance •  Editors  send  any  content  for  translaBon  3.  Strengthen multinational brands •  Translators  directly  work  in  SDL  Trados   and corporate identity no  knowledge  of  eZ  Publish  is  needed  4.  Improve the quality of customer •  Can  be  directly  used  in  a  even   interactions customized  publishing  process  5.  Increase the accuracy of your •  Analysis  of  TranslaBon  Jobs  to  easily   global communications esBmate  Bme  and  costs  6.  Cut your translation costs by •  Role  based   10-60%7.  Remove bottlenecks throughout your entire globalization supply chain xrow GmbH, Hannover, Germany 17 2/3/11
  18. 18. Backelite : eZ BK extensionBackelite : Our core activities are Software publisher with BkRender (mobile renderingsolution), Mobile Services Factory (Mobile sites development, iPhone and Androidapplications development) and a Mobile Agency (Mobile strategy definition for ourcustomers, Technology and UX consulting activities) is a solution allowing developers to rapidly create complex mobile sites addressing all handsets on the market and offering best-in class user experience. BkRender builds for every handset the best fitted mobile page considering its capacities 18
  19. 19. eZ Kapow extension Low Cost, Automated Content Migration 100% data integrity with no Content Freeze MULTIPLE SOURCES ERROR-FREE SEAMLESS AUTOMATION INTEGRATION Access structured and Validate and reformat Load data into unstructured data content, metadata and eZ Publish automatically taxonomy without manual automatically intervention and NO content freeze HTMLCompetitive CMS
  20. 20. Roadmap planing with Feature BoxesConcept introduction eZ  Publish  Feature  Boxes         Extensibility   Ver@cal  Features       FuncBons  needed  to  interface  with   Features  needed  to  cover  the   other  systems  or  to  enhance   needs  of  specific  verBcals   exisBng  funcBonality         Base  Features     General  System  Capabili@es       Key  features,  needed  for  all   Key  requirements  that  can  not  be   Web  Content  Management   reflected  in  single  features  but  are   soluBons   characterisBc  for  eZ  Publish  Presenter: Christof Zahneissen 2/3/11 SLIDE 20
  21. 21. Most important initatives1.  Provide adaptable and understandable APIs2.  Address Performance and Scalability Limits3.  Improve General Usability (Ease of use)4.  Better Mobile Device and/or Multi-Channel Support (Best practices)5.  Stimulate targeted Innovation ProcessPresenter: Christof Zahneissen 2/3/11 SLIDE 21
  22. 22. Roadmap 2011 / 2012 Extensibility   Public  APIs  and  Service  Layers   PorBng  to  new  APIs   General  System   Core  Improvements   Core  Improvements   CapabiliBes   Showcases  and     Mobile  CMS   App  IntegraBon   Streamlining   UX  project   Pilot  Etna  GUI   Base  Features   Serviceablity  improvements   Cloud  features  and   PersonalizaBon   VerBcal     User  Insight,  semanBc  technologies,  user  engagement  etc..   Features   eZ  Market  heartbeat   Time   Ma_erhorn   Annapurna   Etna   March  2011   Oct  2011   Apr  2012  Presenter: Christof Zahneissen 2/3/11 SLIDE 22
  23. 23. Lets engage for a great ecosystem to create an even greater product!Presenter: Christof Zahneissen 2/3/11 SLIDE 23
  24. 24. Thank you!