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Infosheet Krakow for delegates

  1. 1. E S’ G ATD E LE EET FO SH IN Let’s plan the trip!
  2. 2. Dear participant,It is my honour and pleasure to welcome you to experienceEYP in Krakow in May. The organisers have been workingdedicatedly to make the session happen and arrange for all thedetails we’ll be able to enjoy during the five days in Krakow.The session will gather participants not only from Poland but alsofrom Europe beyond that. This to show the diversity and therichness of the continent we inhabit and will make our experience evenmore fascinating. The days will be full of possibilities to gain newknowledge about European issues and discuss current questions withother young EYPers. Seven years after the biggest enlargement ofthe European Union will be the central theme throughout the sessionand I believe EYP is a wonderful forum for discussing the recentphenomena.My own story of being born in Bosnia and growing up in Sweden isa testimony to the European integration; and I look forward to hearingall your stories and experiences.As much as EYP is about personal development, it offersmoreover an environment for making lifelong friends andbecome inspired by different people from different backgrounds.Many of you will probably be reunited with old friends but alsomake new ones. We will work, but also have fun. We will learn,but also play. A mixture that for me makes EYP an addiction.I advise you - already now - to use all the possibilities EYP has to offeryou. Observe, learn from and adjust to what you see and experience.The success of the session lies within you and your willingness to havean open attitude. The further you go, the more you and others gain.I look forward to meeting all of you!Nedim Malovic
  3. 3. Ladies and gentlemen!EYP Session On behalf of the organising team I’m happy toin Krakow announce that the 17th Regional Session of EYP Poland will take place in the amazing city of Krakow between 6th and 10th May! It’s hard to believe but last regional session was held in Krakow as long ago as in 2009. So, after almost 2 years we are BACK. We are back with great people, enthusiasm, fresh ideas, great President Mr Nedim Malovic from Sweden and… the 17TH REGIONAL SESSION as the final product! Krakow, the royal city with a great history, breathtaking monuments, loads of tourists and hospitable inhabitants, is the city with enormous potential and now you have a chance to feel it! It is the second biggest city in Poland, but the first when it comes to ambience ;) Have you known that we have the largest market square in whole Europe? Have you ever heard that around the market we have the biggest amount of pubs and clubs? Should I add anything else to convince you to come to Krakow? Probably not, so if you would like to taste the atmosphere of our beautiful city, APPLY!
  4. 4. The umbrella topic of the session is “7 years afterthe biggest enlargement of the European Union”. Weplan to have 10 committees, around 100 delegates,5 days filled with EYP spirit, 5 days of makingthe best of being together in Krakow and muchmore! Obviously, there are other reasons which makeyou more than OBLIGED to come to our session, oneof them is the 5th anniversary of EYP Poland!I know you want to say ‘happy birthday’ personally!I know you want to be a part of this event! I knowyou can’t wait to send your application! So don’t lethistory be written without you!CRACOW is waiting for YOU! Love, Magda Pietras & The organising team ORGA TEAM!
  5. 5. VENUES! Accomodation: Flamingo Hostel & Tutti Frutti Hostel direct center of KrakowEurocon cert:Mile Stone Jazz Cl ub Eurovillage: Cosmopolitan Bar : an d CW TB e of Scienc AGH University nology and Tech Farewell Party: Centrala Club
  6. 6. Schedule... (Thursday) 5 th May 2011 6th May 2 011 (Friday) ornos’ arrivalsChairs’ and J ildingCJOs’ Team bu Delegates’ arrivalsCJOs’ dinner Team building CJOs’ party Eurovillage and party y) 011 (Sunda 7th May 2011 (Saturday) 8t h May 2 Committee Work Committee Work Surprise Committee Dinner preparation for the GA Euroconcert 9th Ma y y 2011 Tuesda (Monda ay 2011 y) 10th M ony bly Opening Cerem General Assem bly ony General Assem Closing Cerem Farewell Party Departures
  7. 7. TopicsAFCOMarriages and relationships over borders: How should the European Union simplify the procedures in order tomake cross-border marriages more accessible and easier to obtain?AFET IThe future shape of Europe and the policy of the European Union regarding new enlargements: What measuresshould be taken to resolve the issue of Turkey and Ukraine possibly accessing the EU, bearing in mind theeconomic, cultural and political aftermath of this process?AFET IIPromoting democracy in the Middle East: Taking from the experience of military operations in Iraq andAfghanistan, what approach should the European Union take towards the American foreign policy and inter-ventions in the future?CULTWidening economic gap between the European Union Member States and its effects in education:* Whatmeasures should be taken in order to expand and financially support the growing international students network?DEVEE-democracy for the e-Generation as an answer to the low level of participation in elections among theEuropean youth: How could the modern media be utilised in order to increase the percentage of young votersinside the European Union?EMPLEYP Poland celebrating its five years Jubilee during the European Year of Volunteering: What furtherdevelopment should youth NGOs such as EYP Poland undergo in order to strengthen their internal structure andbrand?(Please note that members of this committee should have prior EYP experience!)ENVICross-border health care and insurance: How should the European Union improve cooperation between medicalcare institutions among its Member States with respect to different legal regulations?INTAGrowing economic powers in the East: What measures can the European Union take in order to establish astrong position on the world markets while maintaining profitable trading strategy with China, India and otherAsian countries?LIBETechnological gap and web-crime: What actions should the European Union take in order to help its poorestMember States fight the increasing number of web-crimes while respecting civil liberties?SEDECommon fight against organised crime within the Schengen Zone: How can the European Union prevent inter-national crime while maintaining the open borders policy?
  8. 8. ons Travel Informati Krakow is one of the major Polish cities therefore it is very convenient and rather attractive destination for EYP events! With some help from our Travel Support Team - experienced in travelling across Europe - you’ll be in Krakow (KRK) before you know it! Do you want to know how to get from Lviv for 30zł or from Vilnius for 70zł? We’re waiting anxiously for your e-mails. Oh, and remember - don’t hesitate to inundate us with questions! Krakow has an international airport, situated only 16 km away from the city centre. There are direct flights to over 30 destinations such as: London, Dublin, Milan, Frankfurt, sline Paris, Brussels, Copenhagen, Vienna etc. Furthermore there are many flights carried out by a low-cost airline offering reasonable prices. For more information please visit http://Air Good news is that Ryanair is also providing you with flights to 8 other Polish cities! Whil looking for cheap flight don’t forget to check those to Katowice (approx. 75 km from Krakow) and Rzeszów (approx. 160km) trains (not more than 20zł/5euros) will get you to us safe and sound! Another low-cost airline flying to Poland is Wizzair on which information can be found under this link: Don’t forget about our capital city Warsaw! With the biggest Polish airport and cheap direct trains (prices starting from 20zł/5euro, 2,5h long journey) it may be a comfortable stop for those coming to 17th Regional Session in Krakow. Check http://www.lotnisko- for more information.Tra Krakow is a big Central European city so it is well connected to the other countries of ins the region. There are direct trains from Berlin, Hamburg, Prague, Budapest, Bratislava, Kiev, Lviv etc. For more information visit (if you need help with translating you know what to do!) There is hardly any European capital not connected to Krakow by a bus route. EcolinesBuses buses are the most comfortable for those coming from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania etc. For Baltic countries also check For other countries check
  9. 9. APPLY NOW!!! Call for delegates is open till 31st March 2011! If you would like to take part in this huge, unique, great and creative event feel more than obliged to apply! Don’t lose your chance to see your old friends, meet new ones and visit KRAKÓW. We are waiting for your applications at Please send to us filled application form (can be downloaded at: and wait for the outcome of your application. Fee for delegates: 60 Euros, which should be transferred to our account before 17th April 2011. Millennium Bank S.A. IBAN: PL09 1160 2202 0000 0000 7613 3129 BIC/SWIFT: BIGBPLPW Please note that delegates are expected to arrive to Kraków before 6th May, 10 A.M. If you would like to come earlier, please contact us, we’ll provide you an extra night for 15 Euros.Session logo designed by Piotr Ziebainfosheet designed by Michal Korzonek