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Borjomi regional session info sheet

  1. 1. EUROPEAN YOUTH PARLIAMENTBorjomi Regional Session EYP Georgia “Feel Present, Change Future” 2010 WWW.EYPEJ.ORG
  2. 2. Regional Session Focusing on the EnvironmentThe 1st regional session of the EYP , Borjomi 2010, will take place between24-26 September 2010, in Borjomi, Georgia. Over 50 young people will cometogether to discuss innovative solutions to international issues, touchingquestions from the environment and culture to trade and security affairs underthe motto “Feel present, change future”. For three days the participants takepart in various activities. Starting from teambuilding, where they learn differentmethods of ice-breaking, time-keeping and communication, followed bycommittee work, where they discuss their given topics in smaller groups, inorder to finally present the results of their discussions at the General Assembly.The session will focus on the environment, energy and sustainabledevelopment, and this is a theme which will be visible all throughout the eventas the participants give their views on Corporate Social Responsibility anddiscuss how we – citizens, youth, politicians and corporations – can achieve asustainable future. Why Borjomi is Interesting for you?Borjomi is a resort town in south-central Georgia with a population estimatedof 14,445. It is one of the districts of the Samtskhe-Javakheti region and issituated in the northwestern part of the region in the picturesque Borjomi Gorgeon the eastern edge of the Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park. The town isfamous for its mineral water industry (which is presently the number one exportof Georgia), the Romanov summer palace in Likani, and the WWF-siteBorjomi-Kharagauli National Park. Borjomi mineral water is particularly well-known in those countries which were a part of the former the Soviet Union; thebottling of mineral water is a major source of income for the area. Because ofthe supposed curative powers of the areas mineral springs, it is a frequentdestination for people with health problems. Borjomi is also home to the mostextensive ecologically-themed amusement park in the Caucasus.
  3. 3. The ProgrammeOpening CeremonyFriday, 24th SeptemberThe Opening Ceremony will mark the official start of the of the session.Dress Code: Formal (suit, shirt, tie, dress/skirt. No jeans or casual wear)TeambuildingFriday, 24th SeptemberTeambuilding activities are essential in order for every delegate to get to knowthecommittee they will be working with throughout the week. For these activitiesall theparticipants will be transported to our beautiful teambuilding venue.In it’s local natural park all Delegates will have outdoors activities throughouttwo intense days with their Committees. Working languages throughout thesession areEnglish and French.Dress code: Comfortable, sports/outside activity clothing (provide rainprotection!).Committee WorkFriday, 24th September – Saturday, 25th SeptemberDuring three intense days of Committee Work each Committee will create aresolution on their respective topic with the help of an experienced Chairperson.Dress Code: SmartCommittee DinnersSaturday, 25th SeptemberThe organizers will book tables at a selection of local restaurants.EachCommittee will be given the chance to go out for a meal together. This is avery special moment for the committee which can spend some time togetheroff committee work enjoying some fine local restaurants. Committee Dinnerwill not be covered by the participation fees so you will have to pay your mealyourself.
  4. 4. Movie NightFriday, 24th SeptemberAfter the Intense day of teambuilding and committee work the delegates will begiven opportunity to go to the cinema and watch the movieGeneral AssemblySunday, 26th SeptemberGeneral Assembly will be the perfect setting for sharing ideas and discussing allthe resolutions produced during the Committee Work.Dress Code: FormalFarewell partySaturday, 25th JulyAn amazing evening to conclude the session. What do the dress codes mean?The elements of the Session will take place in different venues, as participants,we should dress respectfully. Of course, we want you to feel comfortable.Below, we try to explain the dress codes to you:Comfortable clothes and shoes for teambuildingThis means anything that you feel comfortable in if you have to run aroundoutdoors and do various exercises (so high heels and mini-skirts would berather uncomfortable).Formal/elegant clothingYou will be in important buildings where several VIPs will be present. Suits forgentlemen, suit/skirt/dress for ladies for Opening Ceremony, GeneralAssembly, Euroconcert and farewell party. No jeans.Smart clothingFor Committee Work. This is rather flexible. Jeans are ok, but no jeans withholes, no t-shirtswith holes, no trainers.Casual clothingFor evening activities. Basically, anything you like.Please visit further information and on Facebook-Regional Session of EYP - Georgia In Borjomi .
  5. 5. “Wild Party” Motto: Back to NatureFirst Day, 24 September, 2010, Have you already had first active day with EYP? Are you tired? You may say yes butno sleep without being cheerful and active once again. Wild Party is just for fun, forrelaxation and for feeling real EYP spirit. What do us, head - organizers want you to do?Are we gone mad? Yes, we are crazy enough as we have thought about some strangestparties for you. Wild party is for young people, who just came from civilization and wantto feel wildness in them. This party is for freeing yourself from civilization. Soundsstrange? Don’t be afraid. We just want you to think, feel and be aware of your wildselves during this party. You may be clothed in whatever the oddest clothes. You maywear accessories, which may express your being part of the nature. You may paint oldestpaintings, new abstractions or whatever. This party is for free imagination and beingcreative. And don’t forget the motto of the party, which you can rely on: Back to nature. Farewell Party Motto: Evolution in drink EvolutionLast Day, 26 September, 2010We evaluate, therefore we see our evolution. Makes you smile this statement? Whatabout Drink designing? More smiley faces? Yes, correct reaction. On this farewell partywe will design new drink and represent to each other. Find out your limits in yourimagination! Are not you interested? Just try out. Try new drinks with your EYP friends,make new connections and most important, new tastes, be creative, and be imaginative.Maybe you find it difficult? No problem, with music, which will be heard during theparty, your imagination will be stimulated; you will be motivated to create the strangestdrinks in your life. You will hear how twentieth century music evaluated since 1920th.Don’t waste your creativity; invest it into EYP Borjomi Regional Session parties.
  6. 6. BorjomiThis is the place where will be held Borjomi Regional Session.Borjomi is located in the central part of our country; its areaconstitutes 1190 square kilometers. Coniferous and deciduous woodsoccupy 60-65 % of the territory. The geographic location stipulates thepeculiar climate of the gorge. The climatic variety increases the role ofBorjomi as a resort and a medical zone. The settlement is surroundedby high mountains. Summer is warm, winter – soft. Pleasant air andenvironment make this place attractive and unforgettable.
  7. 7. Venues Borjomi Third Public School This is the Venue for Committee Works . Borjomi public school №3 was refurbished in compliance with the modern standards. The school hosts around 720 students. Borjomi public school №3 was destroyed in 2005 and its renovation began in 2008. Currently the school is equipped with all necessary utilities, including 22computers, a laboratory, indoor playground, meeting room andlibrary. The school yard has been decorated. The electronic,water and sewer systems have also been set up. The autonomicheating and ventilation systems have also been installed. Sport Copmplex “Olymp” Medical, sport-recreational complex “Olymp” is located in Borjomi-one of the oldest resort town of south Caucasus, which is a place with the magnificent scenery, rich in cultural heritage and known for its excellent mineral water. The sport complex comprises modernized hotel with the swimming pool and sauna, cafés and bars, high level catering unit, conference hall, suitable sport hall, central heating system, cable TV and various types of medical
  8. 8. Travel Tips Travel TiGetting There and BackNon-stop flights to Tbilisi are available from Amsterdam, Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich,Istanbul, London, Paris, Prague, Vienna, Moscow and Kiev. The flying time from Londonis 4.5 hours; from North America about 12 hours. Connecting flights to Yerevan and Bakuare also available. From Tbilisi to Borjomi it is easy to travel by bus, taxi, minibus andtrain. The trip takes 2-3 hours.Visa requirementsA passport valid at least 6 months is required for all nationalities. No visa required fornationals of Israel, Japan, Canada, Turkey, United States and European Union membercountries- for stays up to 90 days. CIS nationals (except from the Russian Federation andTurkmenistan) do not require a visa for stays up 90 days.MoneyGeorgia’s currency is Lari, sub-divided into 100 Tetri. One Lari is roughly 2.3 Euros and1.8 USD (8/09/ 2010). Currency can be changed easily across the city and there is noquantity limit. Credit & debit cards are accepted in hotels. Cash point machines areavailable in Borjomi - and TRAVELERS Cheques can be exchanged in banks.TelephoneCountry code: 995. Area code for Borjomi: 267. Coverage is good and extends the wholeregion.
  9. 9. Agenda24 September 06:30-06:45 Gathering of the participants at Railway station 07:00 Departure from Tbilisi 11:30 -12:30 Arrival in Borjomi, Delegates check in/registration 12:30 -13:00 Dinner 13:00 -13:45 Opening Ceremony 13:45 -14:45 General Teambuilding (departure Kharagauli forest reserve) 14:45-16:45 Committee Teambuilding 16:45-17:30 Departure to school and Coffee break 17:30-18:30 Committee work 18:30-19:30 Supper 19:00-20:00 Committee work 20:30- 23:30 “Wild party” 23:30 - Departure to hotel
  10. 10. September 25 08:30 Wake up call09:00 - 09:30 Breakfast10.00 -12:00 Committee work (Departure to school)12:00 -12:20 Coffee break12.20 -14:30 Committee work14:30-15:30 Dinner15:30-17:00 Sightseeing (Departure to Museum)17:00-17:45 Coffee break and departure to School17:45-20:30 Committee work and finalizing resolutions20:30-22:30 Committee dinner22:30-00:00 Committee presentations & “Euroconcert” 00:00- Departure to hotel
  11. 11. September 26 08:30 Wake up call09:00-09:30 Breakfast09:30-10:10 General Assembly, opening ceremony10:10-11:30 General Assembly, (committees 1-2)11:30-12:00 Coffee break12:00-13:20 General Assembly, (committees 3-4)13:20-14:20 Dinner14:20-15:45 General Assembly, (committee 5) Closing Ceremony15:45-20:00 Farewell party 20:00- Departure to Tbilisi
  12. 12. The Organizers Head organizer Data MakashviliHead organizerNanaMaisuradzeOrganizerKristinaMargvelashvili
  13. 13. Organizer Vasil Tskhvarashvili Organizer Tiko SandroshviliOrganizerAni Gvinianidze Contact: Telephone: +995 98 555 001 +995 55 26 25 26 +995 98 280 161