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A brief overview of Vorsight's appointment setting (Demand Generation) and inside sales training (People Development) offerings

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Vorsight Intro

  1. 1. Start here. End with results. Demand Generation Appointments | People Development Workshops
  2. 2. Demand Generation Appointments People Development Workshops Start here. End with results. Company Overview Vorsight helps B2B sales professionals open doors that were previously considered closed. We connect you directly with the senior executives that you need to meet with to exceed your sales quotas. After working with us our clients notice several things: 1. It is possible to generate a much higher volume of sales meetings than they ever thought possible. 2. Meetings are more qualified and thus a much better use of time. 3. By increasing both the meeting volume and quality, rapid, often unprecedented, revenue growth is possible in a very short time frame. Our clients consider us a long term strategic partner and integral part of their future success. Our small size allows us to be flexible with our clients as well as build long lasting business relationships. 2 | Company Overview
  3. 3. Demand Generation Appointments People Development Workshops Start here. End with results. Demand Generation We were founded on the premise that B2B salespeople are most effective in front of their prospects and closing deals; not spinning their wheels searching for new business opportunities. Beyond that, cold calling is on the top of their list of least favorite activities, and it absorbs an inordinate amount of time. Let Vorsight’s centrally located team of business development professionals take the burden of getting in the door off your plate. Our people have mastered the skills needed to generate demand. • Finding Buyers: Using available resources to identify the executives most interested in your value proposition – turning a switchboard number into a prospect’s direct contact info • Messaging: Streamlining your marketing message into a captivating 30 second pitch that cuts through vendor static to create top of mind demand • Delivery: Delivering your message in the most compelling way possible to maximize your sales team’s meeting volume • Objection Handling: Understanding that there is a right and a wrong way to handle a prospect’s objection – how to overcome objections to secure meetings • Professional Persistence: Knowing how to leverage persistence as a positive driver for building business relationships • Data Management: Organizing data to derive the maximum benefit from calling time and creating metrics to track effectiveness. We operate under the name of our client, and create a seamless transition between the client’s sales team and our business development professionals. By qualifying each prospect before the meeting, Vorsight shortens the sales cycle, ensures quality interactions, and most importantly increases the sales conversion rate for our clients. By outsourcing the first third of the sales cycle, sales teams are able to maximize the value of their time in front of prospects and closing deals. For more information email sales@vorsight.com or call (703) 637-0548 3 | Demand Generation
  4. 4. Demand Generation Appointments People Development Workshops Start here. End with results. Demand Generation “Working with Vorsight has really helped to take our demand generation and business to the next level, at a highly attractive economic model. They’re a highly professional organization, have helped to refine our marketing positioning and pitch, and most importantly have continuously delivered on our growth targets. They’re now a critical part of our operating plan.” — Alex Gorbansky – Managing Director “If you need meetings set, Vorsight is the best company to get them for you. I searched for over 2 years to find the skills this company has. It is not a telemarketing company but a high-end demand generation machine. Be prepared to be quite busy.” — Christopher DiCenso, Managing Partner “Vorsight consistently delivers highly-qualified meetings with relevant decision makers at leading Fortune 1000 companies. Vorsight gets us in the door and allows us to listen to our prospects needs so that we can create a customized solution.” — VP, Corporate Relations and Sales “Vorsight is your best bet for sales access to high-level corporate decision-makers. Vorsight excels at demand generation because they understand our business and are willing to collaborate creatively with our team to meet our goals.” — VP, Media & Consumer Goods Sales “We recently started a new sales initiative and needed to ramp up our meeting numbers quickly. Vorsight was highly recommended to us and we were not disappointed. The results have paid off – my team is extremely busy with highly qualified meetings that are turning into revenue for the company. They get the job done!” — Head of Corporate Sales Function “I have been in corporate sales for 15 years and I have worked with many Telesales and Demand Generation firms. Vorsight is simply the best I have worked with. The bottom-line is results. Vorsight gets results with bright, articulate and knowledgeable professionals. My sales have increased exponentially.” — Technology Sales Executive 4 | Demand Generation
  5. 5. Demand Generation Appointments People Development Workshops Start here. End with results. People Development Most sales professionals are not armed with the tactical playbook necessary to get in the door with senior executives; typical sales training focuses on how to close deals rather than open doors. Our workshop success stems from our constant application of tactics from our Demand Generation service. We are the only company that focuses solely on the first third of the sales cycle. Our workshop is a combination of classroom work, role playing, and live calls on speaker phone in front of the group. Seeing the tactics in action turns skeptics into believers. Participants leave the program feeling energized and motivated to build a culture of excitement around unearthing new business opportunities for growth. We customize our onsite workshops to meet client specifications. Prospecting Objection Handling • Breaking the telemarketer mold • Understanding common objections to taking a meeting • Dealing with switchboards and assistants • Deciphering what objections actually mean • Securing email address and direct phone line or • Differentiating objections to meet vs. objections to buy extension • Preparing yourself for objections • Researching target prospects • Overcoming objections over the phone to secure meetings • Utilizing available resources (Hoovers, Jigsaw, etc.) • Thinking through the price/value relationship • Uncovering new executives at corporate or within Planning & Process business units • Leveraging call windows Messaging • Planning contact with executives • Streamlining the marketing message into a captivating • Scheduling meetings that stick (eliminating no shows and 30 second pitch fall off) • Deconstructing and reconstructing how you talk about • Managing your time to effectively get in the door your company • Organizing data to make the most of your calling time • Making a cold call conversational • Creating simple metrics to track your effectiveness • Energizing and differentiating cold calls • Using pitch pace and tone Value of Our Workshops: • Differentiating your message from the vendor static • Energize your salespeople to allocate more time to calling • Crafting unique emails and voicemails • Increase intra-team collaboration and creativity • Utilizing client voice • Institute a pre-sales process to replace ad hoc prospecting • Learn the importance of professional persistence • Increase the likelihood of prospects scheduling and sticking to sales meetings • Dramatically increase the number of new deals generated through cold calling activity For more information email sales@vorsight.com or call (703) 637-0548 5 | People Development
  6. 6. Demand Generation Appointments People Development Workshops Start here. End with results. People Development “We’ve done 3 or 4 sales training exercises in the past. This is the only one that gets a 10 across the board. Now we have a commonly agreed upon 30 second message that everyone in sales buys into. This alone made it worthwhile to take my sales team off the floor and the road for a day.” — Aaron Liberman, Managing Director, Sales “I had already left a couple voicemails for this client, but had not heard back from him. Using one of the creative e-mail titles from the Vorsight training got a response within 8 minutes.” — FedSource Sales Team Member “The Vorsight training was an incredible help in understanding how to target the right person at the prospect company and identifying how to reach them directly. We learned how to get around the gatekeepers and electronic barriers and get right to the live person you need to pitch. I would recommend Vorsight to any professional sales staff.” — Gersom Lehrman Group Sales Team Member “While I knew the Vorsight stuff was helpful when we were going over it, I was pleasantly surprised to see it actually translate into positive results in 3 out of my 5 calls!” — Gersom Lehrman Group Sales Team Member “I really enjoyed the workshop. It opened my eyes to the vast world of sales prospects. The trainer made it easy to learn. I will try to incorporate everything I learned in the workshop into my day to day work life.” — Gillian Straughan, Associate, Telesales 6 | People Development
  7. 7. Demand Generation Appointments People Development Workshops Start here. End with results. Who We Serve Vorsight proudly serves B2B organizations from industries including: Business/Advisory Services, Consulting, IT Services, Software, Professional Services, Market Research, Legal, Biotech, and Telecom amongst others. Our services are highly applicable to any B2B company with an outbound telesales initiative—whether your team has been looking to begin an outbound program or fine tuning its skills, Vorsight’s programs energize your sales team and get you to the decision maker in the fastest, most efficient way possible. Demand Generation Appointment Clients Vorsight seeks long-term strategic partnerships with companies boasting an exciting value proposition to introduce to their prospects. There is no more satisfying feeling than meeting the needs of a prospect with services in which they see value. Our Demand Generation Appointment Setting clients fall into three categories: 1) funded startup 2) well established midsized company 3) specialized business unit of large corporation who sells services directly to senior executives. In addition, our clients predominantly have the following objectives and attributes: • They have a well defined list of target accounts • Their prospect is typically a Director, Vice President, or C-level executive • They are committed to achieving dramatic revenue growth with an aggressive sales strategy that requires the ability to rapidly get in the door • They have a full time team of at least 1 salesperson People Development Workshop Clients Our People Development Workshops serve clients in every B2B industry. These companies offer commodities as well as services. Whatever it is you are selling, we will teach you exactly how to break down executives’ doors to create top of mind demand for your offerings. We understand how daunting the task of selling to high level executives can be without the proper tools. Our clients predominantly have the following attributes: • They allocate a portion of their sales function to hunting for new business and/or farming existing accounts • They sell into the B2B space • They have a telesales team of at least 1 person Our clients utilize us for all types of sales teams. Within the Fortune 500: Within Small to Midsize Businesses: • SMB telesales teams • Inside Sales teams • Enterprise telesales teams • New Business Development teams • Account Managers • Account Managers • Teleprospecting teams • Teleprospecting teams • Field reps 7 | Who We Serve
  8. 8. Start here. End with results. 1901 N. Fort Myer Drive Suite 902 Arlington, VA 22209 Tel: 703.340.8906 Fax: 412.202.6010 www.vorsight.com