Airlines Inflight Entertainment


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Airlines Inflight Entertainment

  1. 1. Does the airlines selection of IFE impact passengers preference or mere investment ?
  2. 2. What is In Flight Entertainment ? 1) In-flight entertainment (IFE) refers to the entertainment available to aircraft passengers during a flight. 2) In 1936, the airship Hindenburg offered passengers a piano, lounge, dining room, smoking room, and bar during the 2½ day flight between Europe and America.
  3. 3.  Audio entertainment  Encoding Standards (MPEG Technology)  Video entertainment  Closed-captioning ( For deaf person)  In-flight movies  Personal televisions  In-flight games  Moving-map systems
  4. 4. TYPE OF INFLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT Games Movie / Tv Games Audio Maps Wi-Fi
  5. 5.  first in-flight movie was in 1921 on Aeromarine Airways  showing a film called Howdy Chicago  Eleven years later in 1932, the first in-flight television called 'media event' was shown on a Western Air Express Fokker F.10 aircraft.  1961, David Flexer of Inflight Motion Pictures developed the 16mm film system for a wide variety of commercial aircraft.  1963, AVID Airline Products developed and manufactured the first pneumatic headset used on board the airlines and provided these early headsets to Trans World Airlines.  1971, TRANSCOM developed the 8mm film cassette.  1975, Braniff International Airways introduced Atari video games to be played on- board flights.  late 1970s and early 1980s, CRT-based projectors began to appear on newer widebody aircraft, such as the Boeing 767.
  6. 6. Western Air Express Fokker F.10 (1932)Aeromarine Airways (1921) Trans World Airlines(1963) Braniff International Airways(1975)
  7. 7. Atari video games CRT-based projectors film system pneumatic headset
  8. 8. EMIRATES AIRLINES  Emirates became one of the first airlines in the world to introduce a personal entertainment system on a commercial aircraft in 1992.  Emirates has won the award for best in-flight-entertainment from Skytrax for their ICE system every year since the system's inception in 2003.  ICE system consists information, communication and entertainment.  Information : - Airshow - BBC News - On Board Camera
  9. 9.  Communication - Mobile phones on Emirates. - OnAir Wi-Fi in the sky (USD 2.75 for smartphones and USD 7.50 for tablets and laptops) - In-seat telephone, SMS and email - Up to the minute information  Entertainment Over 1,600 channels of premium entertainment during the flight. The latest and best movies, television, audio and games from around the world.
  10. 10.  Invest hundreds of millions of dollars in their entertainment systems. For each plane it’s between US$8 million and $15m.  Short Term - Become the Airlines that offered most excellent IFE instead others. - Attract passengers to choose their airlines.  Long Term - Emirates won the Skytrax ‘Best Inflight Entertainment’ award 7 consecutive years: 2005/6/7/8/9/10/11 - Increase their reputation around the world.
  11. 11.  Passenger have satisfy with Emirates In Flight Entertainment and choose Emirates to travel.  Emirates has investment over million to upgraded their system for passengers choice and loyal in their airlines.  Passenger get a great experience while travel with emirates airlines through ‘ICE’ system.  Passengers can access information, stay connected with their own device, and enjoy entertainment like movies and games.  Passengers might not necessarily pay extra for a plane ticket from an airline that provides superior in-flight entertainment.
  12. 12. ETIHAD AIRWAYS  AIRLINE BACKGROUND 1) Founded in July 2003 by Royal Decree (Amiri) 2) National carrier of the United Arab Emirates 3) Star operate on 05 November 2003 4) The most common – Panasonic eX2 fitted to almost all of Ethiad's Airbus aircraft. the Thales TopSeries i5000, which will be fitted to the A380 5) Two different styles of seatback TV inflight entertainment system. 6)All of the longhaul fleet have seatback TV. 7)few of the shorthaul A320 fleet. 8)The Airbus A330s, Airbus A340s & Boeing 777-300ER all have an in-flight telephone via satellite, Email or Text from your seat too. 9) inflight magazine called, very conventionally, Etihadinflight
  13. 13.  23-inch cinematic widescreen TV.  a choice of over 750 hours of on-demand entertainment.  Shut out the world with noise-cancelling headsets.  Recharge laptop or iPod.  Connect your personal devices to E-BOX, our inflight entertainment system - every seat has all that’s required to work or play.  Including power sockets compatible with all major plug types (iPod, USB, Ethernet & audio jack sockets)
  14. 14.  Over 675 hours of on-demand entertainment on 16 inch* personal LCD TVs.  E – Box inflight system (latest blockbusters, timeless classic & the best interactive games).  Shut out the world with noise-cancelling headsets.  Recharge laptop or iPod.  Connect your personal devices to E-BOX, our inflight entertainment system - every seat has all that’s required to work or play.  Including power sockets compatible with all major plug types (iPod, USB, Ethernet & audio jack sockets)
  15. 15.  An industry-leading, 10.4-inch touch-screen to you play, pause, rewind and fast- forward choice of entertainment.  Choose from over 750 hours of on-demand entertainment on E-BOX Inflight system.  Enjoy big-screen entertainment on 10.4-inch individual touch-screens.  Every seat is equipped with power sockets : 1)to charge laptops or phones. 2)sockets for USBs, Ethernet and audio jacks. 3)plug and play your own devices or music through the E-BOX system.
  16. 16.  Currently rolling out high-speed broadband & mobile services making it easier to stay in touch with friends, family & work while fly.  On aircraft with the mobile connectivity service :  Use mobile phone to make & receive telephone calls.  Send & receive text messages.  access the Internet & your emails (smartphone with data roaming).  Inflight roaming charges (similar to international roaming rates) will be billed by domestic mobile service provider.  High-speed broadband on aircraft : - you can buy wireless Internet access using credit card.
  17. 17. CATHAY PACIFIC The de facto international flag carrier of Hong Kong, head office and main hub located at Hong Kong International Airport. Including scheduled passenger and cargo services to 68 destinations in 42 countries worldwide, code shares, and joint ventures, with a fleet of wide-body aircraft, consisting of Airbus A330, Airbus A340, Boeing 747 and Boeing 777 equipment Operates fifth freedom flights from Bangkok and Taipei, its focus cities.
  18. 18.  Studio CX, equipped with personal televisions (PTVs) in every seat, offers the latest Hollywood blockbuster movies, popular Asian and Western TV programmes, music and games.  Different newspapers and magazines from around the world, including the airline's award-winning in-flight magazine Discovery.  Audio/Video On Demand (AVOD)for every passenger and offers up to 100 movies, 350 TV programmes, 888 CD albums in 24 different genres, 22 radio channels and more than 70 interactive games.  Offered up to 26 video channels, 22 audio channels and 15 games on a cycle basis.
  19. 19.  This places the seat into a hard shell, with the idea that the passenger in front couldn’t recline into ‘your’ space.  Three colours for the seat fabric  grey  light blue  dark blue
  20. 20. These ports are lit up with a chic blue glow to make them easier to find without turning on the reading light.
  21. 21. The 9 inch video screen also has the same USB charge and iPhone/iPod connectivity as its premium economy and business class counterparts Drink-holder built into the back of the fold-down tray table.
  22. 22. PAST TIME • Flickering screen at the front of the cabin • Flight attendant need to change the cassette • Bring own IFE
  23. 23. The first personal seatback IFE screen on Emirates in 1992. In the 1950s, you had to bring your own IFE.
  24. 24. PRESENT TIME • Individual screen • Choosing movies and audio (What, when, how) • Play game (link with other pax in same flight) • In-flight Ipad intertainment
  25. 25. Choosing Play game
  26. 26. FUTURE TIME • Connectivity air-to-ground • Broadband connectivity • On-board social networking • In-flight shopping
  27. 27. COST • $3million per airplane to install • Ipad - $250,000 per plane for based system
  28. 28. • from $2 million to $5 million for a plane to be equipped with a set of seat back LCD monitors and an embedded IFE system. • Some airlines are passing the cost directly into the customers ticket price. • some are charging a user fee based on an individual customers use. • cost paid for by advertisements on, around, and in their IFE
  29. 29. • Pay-per-play (Virgin airline) • Pax able to take the file home • Download using in-flight wi-fi to personal devices
  30. 30. • Air Asia (Tab) • Prebook online : MYR40 one way • Onboard :MYR50 one way • Etihad (WiFi and mobile phone connectivity) • $11.95 for a 2 hour pass, $17.95 for a 4 hour pass or $21.95 for access valid for the duration of your flight.
  31. 31. HOW DOES CUSTOMERS MAKE CHOICE? • Price - the price differential between airlines is not very great. • Customer service - covers many aspects and the choices an airline gives its customers are a part of that service. • On board entertainment – Great package, great price • *Modern day tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab range are portable, high- quality devices that can provide passengers with a superb viewing, reading and listening experience.
  32. 32. TRIVIA • 1992 – When Emirates first to install personal screen on every seat for all classes, including economy class, they recorded a 20% increased in overall customer satisfaction.
  33. 33.  Not all passenger will choose for IFE. Some of them will look on to the price and customer services. The IFE is one of the bonus that provided by the airlines with extra charges for LCC. For FS, the charges are included in their flight tickets.