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“ Don’t just give your business a Global Spin; take your Business to the Global Level ! ”

Be a CIPS Designee !

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  1. 1. TRAINER Terms & Conditions EARN YOUR CIPS DESIGNATION Aida Turbow GRI, CIPS, TRC, CDEi™ FEES: $ 1,000.00 regular fees “ Don’t just give your business a Global Spin; Aida Turbow is an International Real Estate $ 595.00 Only for the first 100 take your Business to the Global Level ! ” Professional with over 25 years experience Founding Registered Applicant in Global Marketing, Branding & Strategic Inclusive of Course Materials Sales. At the Institutional level, Aida Turbow 2 coffee breaks and a lunch for 5 Days won various Awards: Graduation / Reception @ Quezon Ballroom C, Makati Shangrila, Makati CityInstructor of the Year Award in 2011 and 2003; MostValuable outreach Award in 2009; Most Valuable Regional REGISTRATION FEES & POLICY : Be a Certified InternationalCoordinator for NAR, in 2007; Aida served as 2009 CIPS Registration is confirmed upon receipt of full pay-(Certified International Property Specialist) Faculty Chair, as ment and duly completed Registration Form Property Specialist (CIPS)well. Aida Turbow served as the 2001 advisor (Liaison) for the CANCELLATION POLICY:International and Education Committees, to the National Asso- Any student canceling his/her participation cannotciation of REALTORS® President, Richard Mendenhall. be refunded however, the fee can be used towardsAs appointed Regional Coordinator for NAR, for South future course offering subject to applicable rates.America, from 1999 to 2007, she also served as the 1998Chair of NAR’s International Operations Committee; in- ACCOMMODATION:strumental in the development of the CIPS education pro- Participants are required to book by themselves.gram, wining The Most Valuable NAR committee Chair, for We will recommend a list of convenient hotels.1998. Realtor Associate of the Year: State of Florida 1999.She has participated in yearly NAR leadership delegation Latin Accompanying persons are welcome to participateAmerica, Europe and Asia .As a Senior Instructor for the CIPS in the extra curricular activities but are not allowedDesignation, she has taught courses throughout the US and the to attend the lectures and, with a handful of colleagues, to over three thousandprofessionals a year since 1995, throughout the globe, includ- DISCLAIMER :ing Bulgaria, Ireland, Portugal, Italy, Dubai, Brazil, Argentina The Organizer reserves the right to change Venue,among others….Aida has enhanced revenue opportunities for Course Offering Dates, and Programme as deem MANILA , PHILIPPINEScompanies like Arvida, the Ginn Company, Intrawest necessary without prior notice in the interest of the(Playground), Prudential Florida and a host of others. Course. Upon registration, attendee confirms to theFor 12 years she spearheaded the International Sales and Mar- above Terms & Conditions .keting Programs and Business Development at Arvida Realty, in For Train the Trainer : DATE : February 20– 25 , 2012Florida. (Arvida was owned by Disney in the 1980s) Out • Submit Resume on Teaching Experience / VENUE : ASIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENTof $6.2 Billion in yearly sales, 15% was produced from Aida’s International Experience or Transaction / AIM Conference Center Manilainternational Division .Working as the intellectual architect of Professional Specialty Benavidez corner Transiera online Portal for worldwide Real Estate Developments expo- Legaspi Village, Makati , Philippinessure, Aida coordinated, within ICREA, (International Consor- Call : CREBA NAR Global Real Estate Counciltium of Real Estate Associations) access for Second Home and Tel : (632) 3732270 to 75Resorts Developers to 40 countries, for the Global New Telefax : (632) 3732271Home & Resorts Portal: Email : crebanar@yahoo.comIn joint collaboration with Redimob, Brazil,, Aida Turbow Website : www.crebanar.comresearches and implements Online and Onsite Events, andonline property aggregation for Real Estate Developers in key Take Your Business to the Global LevelGlobal markets
  2. 2. CIPS DESIGNATIONS SCHEDULE & SUBJECTS SCHEDULE & SUBJECTSCREBA Inc, In cooperation with the NATIONAL ASSOCIA-TION OF REALTORS® (NAR), the largest trade association ofreal estate agents in the USA, are proud to offer a well re- GENERAL AGENDA: • Cultural Characteristicsnowned training for international real estate transactions for • Global Real Estate: Local Marketsreal estate service practitioners and professionals related to • Global Real Estate: Transaction Tools • Develop knowledge of US Real Estate Businessthe real estate industry in the Philippines. • The Business of U.S. Real Estate • Multiple Listing Service • Europe • Agency RelationshipsDEFINITION OF TERMS • Asia/ Pacific • US Real Estate Transaction • Train the TrainorCIPS – Certified International Property Specialist • International Property TourCIPS Candidates – are Qualified Individuals who, success- • Graduation / Reception Thursday:fully completed the Course and have declared their CIPS can- EUROPEdidacy by so notifying NAR in writing and having paid all fees Monday: • The European Unionthen required. Global Real Estate: Local Markets • Europe as an Economic RegionCIPS Designees shall mean those Qualified Individuals who (formerly International Real Estate for Local Markets ) • Looking Aheadhave been awarded the CIPS designation after fulfilling the • Globalization • Impacts on International Real Estate • Ethics and Equal Service • Economic and Real Estate Trendsfollowing requirements within two (2) years after declaring • Cultural Attitudes, Practices & Communication • Western European Economiestheir CIPS candidacy: (i) successful completion of the CIPS • Local Market Demographics • Eastern European EconomiesInstitute courses; (ii) completion of an application to become • Business Culture Overviews • Marketing and Selling Practicesa CIPS Designee; and (iii) payment of all fees then required. • Licensing and Foreign Ownership Requirements • Creating and Launching Your Business PlanQualified Individuals shall mean: (i) individuals whose • Capital Flow • Working with an Outbound Commercial Investorprincipal real estate business is located within the United • Currency Issues • Working with an Inbound Commercial InvestorStates or one of its territories, or (ii) individuals whose princi- • Investment Trendspal real estate business is located outside of the United States • Cross-Cultural Relationships Friday:and who are members of an association outside of the United ASIA/PACIFICStates which is a party to a then effective Bilateral Coopera- Tuesday: • Converting Foreign Currencies & Measurestion Agreement with NAR Global Real Estate: Transaction Tools • Key Nations • Investments and Investors • Trade AgreementsWHY GET THE CIPS DESIGNATION • Ownership and Taxation Considerations • Economic Trends1. Stand out on a Global Level. CIPS is the only designation • France & Capital Markets • Cultural Influences (Religions & Beliefs, Social Values, of its kind in the real estate community. It’s synonymous Legal Systems) • Elements of an Investment with advanced expertise, a global perspective and dis- • Measuring Investment Performance • International Market Knowledge tinct understanding of a global buyer, and comes with • Preparing Financial Projections • The Country Assessment Model powerful brand recognition with designees in nearly 60 • The Impact of Taxes on Investments • Working with Japanese countries • An Outbound Commercial Transaction2. Be part of the 2,500 elite CIPS Network • Effects of Exchange Rates on Investments Saturday : (For Trainers Only)3. By joining the CIPS Network you will gain access to in- TRAIN THE TRAINER valuable ideas, tactics, and referrals to truly learn the Wednesday: The Business of U.S. Real Estate • For qualified CIPS Instructor Applicants language of international real estate and apply this knowledge to your market and business objectives. • Social Characteristics • Geography INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY TOUR (TBA )4. Prestige and New Business - A 2008 survey indicates that • Politics REALTORS® with the CIPS Designation earn twice as much as those without the designation