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  1. 1.® International Frequently Asked QuestionsQ. What is® International? ® , the #1 homes-for-sale website in the United States, has launched a new global site to ®extend its lead as the world’s largest on-line destination for real estate listings. REALTOR.comInternational will strengthen the site’s presence in international markets, attract more international visitors, ®and increase the exposure of U.S. real estate listings currently on to global markets.The site will include listings from international content providers, as well as language translation services,currency and unit conversion features to support the needs of international buyers. ®Q. How will consumers find out about the International website? ® ®1. There is a prominent link to International on the home page.2. The site can also be accessed directly at the following URL: We will also use traditional means of consumer outreach (press releases and social media) to marketthe site. ®Q. How is International different from the existing®website? ® International offers both U.S. listings and international listings from international contentproviders. The site also has language translation, currency and unit conversion features to support theneeds of the international buyer. The site has listings from multiple countries and can be viewed in 11different languages: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese,Russian, and Spanish. ®Q. Can agents or brokers enhance their listings on International? ®U.S. Showcase listings sourced from will automatically display the romance paragraph,the Agent / Broker business card and up to 25 photos at no additional cost. ®U.S. Basic listings sourced from will display four photos coming from the MLS, and thebrokerage name and phone number.International Listings: May include agent and broker name and email address, and all photos in thedata feed will be displayed on listings.Currently there are no additional enhancements available. ® Published for the National Association of REALTORS November 3, 2011 Page 1
  2. 2. ®Q. If my listings are on International, how will I receive leads andconsumer inquiries? ®U.S. Listings: Inquiries will be handled similar to . Showcase listings will have bothphone and email contact available, while basic listings will only include the broker name and phonenumber.International Listings: Consumers will be able to contact you via phone or email. Sample emailinquiries are included later in this document. ®Q. Will products that I purchased from be supported by the ® International site? ®Other than some Showcase listings enhancements, no other products will appear on the ® International website. At the present time, there are no member marketing productsoffered for the International site. ®Q. As a customer of , are my products impacted in any way by thenew site? ® is not affected in any way by the launch of the International site.Q. I am a bi-lingual agent and would like to control how my listing is presented.What options will I have to translate my own listing information?Main components of the listings are automatically translated for you, although the property descriptionand several other features will remain in the original language it is provided to us, including non-Latinbased languages. There is no option to provide personal translations; however, visitors to theInternational site may individually choose to electronically translate additional portions of the listingdisplay in a variety of languages while viewing the listing.Q. What languages are supported by the® International site?The following 11 languages are being supported at launch: • Chinese (traditional) • Dutch • English • French • German • Italian • Japanese • Korean • Portuguese • Russian • SpanishQ. How is the List Price of a listing displayed?All pricing will be displayed in the native currency of the country that is the source of the listing. Forexample, in the U.S. the default currency will be U.S. dollars ($). In addition, a currency converter willallow you to see the price in the currency of your choice.Q. What currency conversions are supported by the new site?Listing prices may be converted from their native currency to any of the following: • $ US Dollar (USD) • € Euro (EUR) ® Published for the National Association of REALTORS November 3, 2011 Page 2
  3. 3. • £ British pound (GBP) • $ Australian Dollar (AUD) • ₪ Israeli shekel (IL) • Rs. Indian Rupees (INR) • R South African Rand (ZAR) • $ New Zealand Dollar (NZD) • $ Mexican Peso (MXN) • $ Argentine Peso (ARS) • $ Chilean Peso (CLP) • S/. Peruvian Nuevo’s soles (PEN) • CHF Switzerland Franc (CHF) • $ Canadian Dollar (CAD) • R$ Brazilian Real (BRL) • руб Russian ruble (RUB) • $ Singapore Dollar (SGD) • ¥ Chinese Yuan (CNY) • RM Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) • $ Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) • ¥ Japanese Yen (JPY)Please note: All currencies fluctuate - Conversion is based on the latest available rate from, Inc. does not guarantee that the conversion reflects todays conversion rates and is not responsiblefor any inaccuracies. Move, Inc. recommends that you independently verify any information before relyingon it.Q. Will I be able to make updates to my listings on the®International site?U.S. Listings: The listing display on the International site is pre-formatted. Unfortunately you cannotmake any changes only to international listing display. However, listing updates made through the ® Control Panel and through your MLS data feed will flow through to the international sitefor data fields that are displayed on the International site.International Listings: All updates to international listings will be made through data feeds or bulkupload by the International content provider. ®Q. Does International include all the U.S. listings currently ®viewable on ? ®The following listing categories from the inventory found on are automatically displayedon the International site: • Homes for Sale (Single Family Home, Condo, Townhome, Multi Family, Mobile Homes, Farms and Land). ® • Rentals represented by REALTORS .Q. Can I suppress my U.S. listings from displaying on the®International site?No, suppression is not available. ®Q. Does International display “For Sale” listings only, or will therealso be an element of home values/not for sale properties?The International site contains “For Sale” and “Rental” listings only. The site does not display records foroff market or recently sold properties. ® Published for the National Association of REALTORS November 3, 2011 Page 3
  4. 4. Q. Will the site display “for sale by owner” listings? ®No. Similar to , no “for sale by owner” (unrepresented seller) listings will be displayed on ®the International site.Q. Will the site contain commercial listings?No. Only single family homes, condos, townhomes, row homes, co-ops, multi-family homes,manufactured and mobile homes, farms and ranches, and land listings will be available at this time.Q. I am a U.S. real estate agent and have listings located in other countries in our ®local MLS, will they be viewable on the International site?Some MLSs accept listings located outside of the U.S., and currently distribute these listings to ® where they are displayed as out of the area listings for a particular state. These listings ®will also be displayed on International in the same fashion, but they will not be displayedunder the appropriate country because additional geographic data is required. The MLS may be able to ®provide a bulk upload of their international listings directly to International and have themappear in the appropriate areas. For additional information, please call Customer Care at 800.878.4166. ®Q. What countries are represented with listings on International?Currently there are international listings from: Brazil, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Italy, Portugal, Romania,Serbia, Slovakia, and Spain. The United States “For Sale” listings, “Rentals” represented by ® ®REALTORS , and Land listings inventory found on , are also automatically displayed onthe International site. There is a queue of additional countries waiting to be added.Q. Where does the international data come from?We are working with NAR’s international partners, franchises and other data content providers (DCPs) inmultiple countries to establish agreements to receive their listings.Q. What if I am an international Data Content Provider who wants to provide ®listings for International?Please contact us at What features are available on the Landing Page?The landing page has the following widgets: • “My Settings” widget enables the user to set the preferences for language, currency and unit of measurement. • “Country selection” widget enables the user to select the country in which he wishes to conduct a property search. • International Partner links, which navigate the user to the International partners’ marketing page and Bulk Upload/Control Panel section of the website.Figure 1 shows the Landing Page. When a user visits for the first time, a “Welcome” balloon and Countryselection widget will be displayed. This balloon will be displayed only for first time visitors. Once the userhas selected their preference from the “My Settings” widget, the preference will be stored in the browsercookie and the “Welcome” balloon will be suppressed.Note: Both user preference and country selection will be stored in the browser cookie. ® Published for the National Association of REALTORS November 3, 2011 Page 4
  5. 5. My settings widget Country selection Partner links Figure 1 (Landing Page: Europe selected)Q. How do I select countries using the Country Selection widget?The Country Selection widget allows the user to select the desired country for their search. This widgetwill have buttons for each continent. When the user clicks on a continent name, a list of countries alongwith the corresponding national flag will be shown (shown in Fig 1). Only the continents and countries ®with listings in the International inventory will be displayed. Other continents andcountries will be suppressed in this view. Once the country is selected (by clicking either the name of thecountry or the flag image), the user goes to the search view of the home page. ® Published for the National Association of REALTORS November 3, 2011 Page 5
  6. 6. Q. What search features are available on a country home page?The search view will be displayed on the country home page once the desired country has been selectedfrom the Country Selection widget. The country home page will enable the user to select their searchcriteria and perform a search.“Search widget” provides the user with multiple search criteria in order to search for the desired listing.The default search view (less-options mode), as shown in Figure 2, will have the following search criteria: • Location Textbox (with predictive text support) • State/Region dropdown (this will be displayed in case of countries other than U.S.) Figure 3 below • Homes for Sale, Rentals and Land tabs • Bedrooms dropdown • Bathrooms dropdown • Minimum Price and Maximum Price textboxesThe More-options search view, as shown in Figure 3 will have the following search criteria: • Property type checkbox list • Property features checkbox list • Home size dropdown • Lot size dropdown • Age of HomeThe Map Search • The map search, as shown in figure 4 below allows the user to zoom in on a particular location and view search results for the geographical location displayed within the map.Property types and features may vary from country to country depending on data provided by the contentprovider.When the user returns to the site at a later point in time, the search view will automatically be displayedinstead of initial view. User selected preference and country selection will be automatically recalled fromthe initial session.Q. What does the messaging “See more details…” appearing on the search pagemean?If English is selected as the language and the U.S. is selected as the country, the system will display a ®message (see figure 2) inviting the consumer to visit . Additional features on ® such as: Virtual Tours, videos, off market properties, recently sold properties, home ®values and some other data are not displayed on International at this time. ® Published for the National Association of REALTORS November 3, 2011 Page 6
  7. 7. Call to action for U.S. U.S. predictive search Figure 2 (U.S. Country page / Language: English)InternationalStateselectiondrop downand citypredictivetext fieldSearchOption boxexpanded Figure 3 (French Country page / Language: English / Additional search options expanded) ® Published for the National Association of REALTORS November 3, 2011 Page 7
  8. 8. Figure 4 (Map search view Country: Spain / Language: German)Q. What criteria are required in order to search for property listings?For a U.S.-based search, the City/State and/or Zip code are required for searching property listings. Forinternational searches, State/Region/Province or city is required.Q. Can I perform Zip code/Postal code based property searches for countriesoutside the United States?Zip code based property searches are only applicable for U.S. listings. For all other countries, PostalCode/ Zip code based searches are not supported.Q. Why will some cities not show up when I type them in the free-form text box? ®Only the cities and states that have listings in the International website’s inventory willappear in the free-form text box. Alternate cities will be suggested. The free-form location textbox will ®support the predictive text feature familiar to users of for U.S. searches (see Figure 5below). Predictive text will predict the City and State names as soon as the consumer begins typing thecharacters in the free-form textbox.For international searches the predictive text will also list the county and state in addition to the city. Thereason is that in some international states and counties there might be more than one city with the samename. See figure 6 below. ® Published for the National Association of REALTORS November 3, 2011 Page 8
  9. 9. Figure 5 (Predictive Text feature for the U.S.)Figure 6 (Predictive Text feature for International countries: France) ® Published for the National Association of REALTORS November 3, 2011 Page 9
  10. 10. Q. Why are some international listings not properly displayed on the map?For some international listings the minimum required information to display the listing on a map might notbe available, complete or correct coming from the data content provider. In these cases, the listingcannot be properly displayed on the map.Q. How do I use the Search by Map feature to perform a search?The map view may be selected at any point during a search. When the “Search by Map” link is selectedat the beginning of a search, the map of the selected country will be shown. In this mode, the user cannow pan around the map and can click on the “Search” button available under the map. The user then willbe redirected to the Search Results Page with listings from the selected region of the map.Note: The “Map Search” feature will be automatically enabled if the user’s search fails. The search couldfail for two reasons: 1. The user enters an invalid value in the location textbox 2. The website doesn’t find any listings belonging to the search criteria selectedIn either of these cases, a map of the user-selected country will be displayed where any region/locationcan be selected from the map and the “Search” button will be available. If the user clicks the Searchbutton, they will be redirected to the Search Results Page map view.Figure 4 shows the “View Map” feature of the home page.Q. What are the options available in the “My Settings” widget?The “My Settings” widget will allow visitors to set or change the language, currency and dimension unitpreferences of their search experience as shown in Figure 7. The “My Settings” widget has the followingcontrols:” • Language dropdown – This will enable the user to select/change the language of the website. • Currency dropdown – This will enable the user to select/change the currency unit of the website. • Dimension unit – This will enable the user to select either Metric or Imperial (U.S.) units. Figure 7 (Preference Setting widget) ® Published for the National Association of REALTORS November 3, 2011 Page 10
  11. 11. Q. What are the features of the Search Results Pages?Search Results Pages will show the property listings based on the search criteria selected.The following are features of the Search Results Pages:• “My Settings” widget will be part of the page header• “Bread Crumbs” will be displayed below the page header• Search Facets o Location refinement o Price refinement o Bedrooms refinement o Bathrooms refinement o Home Size/ Lot size refinement o Property type• Result count message (Example: 347 properties found)• Pagination• SRP result view tabs (List, Grid, or Map view)• Sort By – Price, Photo count, Bedroom count• Bing map in List view – Map view of search resultsSearch facets also allow the following actions:Change Country – This will take the user back to the initial view of the home page, where a differentcountry can be selected.Change Currency – This will open the “My Settings” pop up, so that the currency of the search resultsbeing shown on the Search Results Pages can be changed.Start a new Search – This will take the user to the “search view” of the home page and also clears thepreviously selected search criteria from the browser cookie. With this, a new search can be conducted.Update Search – This will allow the user to refresh the search results based on modifications to theprevious search criteria.Figure 8 shows the default “List View” of the Search Results Pages. Figure 9 shows the “Grid View”where the Search Results Page will display 2 listing per row. “Map View” is shown in Figure 10, where amap with property push pins will be displayed. If a property push pin is clicked, the listing details will beshown to the user. ® Published for the National Association of REALTORS November 3, 2011 Page 11
  12. 12. View tabs My settings widget Sort drop downRefinement Static map withfeatures map link to map tab Figure 8 (Search Results list view) Figure 9 (Search Results grid view) ® Published for the National Association of REALTORS November 3, 2011 Page 12
  13. 13. Figure 10 (Search Results map view)Q. What property details will be shown on the Search Results Pages?Each property listing (in both List and Grid view) will have the following features (shown in Figure 8):• Property Address Header with hyperlink. The hyperlink will redirect the user to the Listing Detail Page and show additional details of the selected property.• Property Image (thumbnail image). This will also navigate the user to the Listing Detail Page.• Property Price (Price in bold is the price received through data feed, and grey price is the converted price based on user’s currency preference).• Property price on “For Sale” listings will be labeled ‘list price’.• Property price on rental listings will be labeled ‘per month’.• Converted price in grey color will be labeled ‘converted*’.• Bedroom count, Bathroom count (Based on configuration settings of country). OR• Room count (Based on configuration settings of country).• Plot Size with unit of measurement (in case of Land). OR• Home Size with unit of measurement (in case of Homes for Sale and Rentals) Unit of measurement shown is based on user-selected preference. ® Published for the National Association of REALTORS November 3, 2011 Page 13
  14. 14. Q. Will all listings be displayed on the map?For some international properties we may not have sufficient information about the location of theproperty in order to enable a map view. These properties will not be displayed on the map. A disclaimerhas been added on the Search Results page map view and the map tab to explain this (see Figure 10).Q. How many listings are displayed on a Search Results Page?The Search Results Pages will display 10 listings at a time, with corresponding push pins on the staticmap on the right hand rail.Q. Is the small map on the right side of the Search Results Page zoomable?No, this map is a static map, clicking on this map or the link above will take the consumer to thesearchable map.Q. Why do I get a message “Over 300 homes…” on the map view?If the geographical area which is being shown on the map is quite large and has more than 300properties, the ”Over 300 homes ” message will appear. It is not possible to display property push pinswhen the property count is more than 300. To eliminate this message, zoom in further using the tools ofthe map, so that the selected geographical area gets reduced and the property count goes below 300. Figure 11Q. What are the features of the Listing Details Pages? The following are the features of the Listing Detail Pages, as shown in Figure 12 below: • “My Settings” widget will be part of the page header • Previous and Next Result buttons (does not display for map searches) • Print, Email and Share links • Property details (similar to property details as shown for Search Results Pages) • Overview, Map and Photos tab • Translate link in overview tab • U.S. Showcase and International listings o Agent/Office photo and contact details o Send Message widget o Up to 25 photos • U.S. Basic listings o Broker name and phone number o Up to four photos • Moving Cost calculator widget ® Published for the National Association of REALTORS November 3, 2011 Page 14
  15. 15. My settings widgetNavigation: back to SRP,previous and next listings Print, email, Agent business share card Lead form for Showcase Listings Overview, Map & Photo tabs Translation tools Translation Moving tools Calculator Broker Name and phone Figure 12 (Listing Detail Page) ® Published for the National Association of REALTORS November 3, 2011 Page 15
  16. 16. Q. What is the functionality of the “Translate” link in the Overview tab?The translate link is for a visitor who would like to see the property description in their native language.When the translate link is clicked, a drop down will be displayed with the available languages. Differentlanguages can be selected from the dropdown. The property description will then be translated to theselected language. If the “Show Original” link is selected, the translated language will be translated backto the original language as provided in the data feed.Please note: Translations are provided by a third party translation service. Translations are not verified orguaranteed by Move, Inc. It is recommended that you independently verify any information before relyingon it. Figure 13 (Property Overview and translate widget)Q. What is the functionality of the “Photos” tab?When selected, the Photos tab will display all the images available for the property (as shown in Figure14). The “Photo gallery” view (as shown in Figure 15) will be displayed only when the user clicks on anindividual image from within the photos tab. ® Published for the National Association of REALTORS November 3, 2011 Page 16
  17. 17. Figure 14 (Photos Tab) ®Published for the National Association of REALTORS November 3, 2011 Page 17
  18. 18. Figure 15 (Photo Gallery)Q. Explain the Email functionality of a Listing Detail Page?The Email link at the top of the Listing Detail Page will enable the user to share property details withfamily and friends via email. When the email link is clicked, the Email popup will open as shown in Figure16. An optional message can be added before sending the email. Figure 16 (Email Listing) ® Published for the National Association of REALTORS November 3, 2011 Page 18
  19. 19. Q. Explain the Print functionality?The Print link at the top of the Listing Detail Page will open a printer friendly popup window. The printpopup window will have property, agent/office, broker details and images of the property as shown inFigure 17 below. Figure 17 (Print View of Listing Detail Page) ® Published for the National Association of REALTORS November 3, 2011 Page 19
  20. 20. Q. For U.S. listings, why can’t I click directly from the listing detail page over® to view the same listing on the traditional site?This functionality is not currently available because there is no way to cleanly retain the exact listing page. ®Clicking over to will force the user to re-initiate their search and would not be an idealexperience coming from the listing detail page.Q. What notification do real estate professionals receive when a consumer submitsan inquiry on one of their properties?For U.S. agents with U.S. listings, there is no change to the notification they will receive, regardless of ® ®whether it is sent from or the International site. They will receive the ®same notification they receive today from .For international agents, a text email in English will be sent to the appropriate real estate agent with thefollowing information: This is an automated inquiry sent by a consumer from International ( Please do not reply to this email. Please contact Jane Kelly directly using the information below. First Name: Jane Last Name: Kelly Email Address: Comment: I would like more information regarding a property at 688 ABC Road in Los Angeles (MLS #323546413165) This consumer inquired about: Property Address: 688 ABC Road Los Angeles, CA 90077 MLSID # 323546413165 Basic Property Attributes: $40,000,000 Bed: 30 Bath: 41 Property Type: Single Family Home View this listing on Angeles_CA_90077_1127354606 Courtesy of: The International Site ® Published for the National Association of REALTORS November 3, 2011 Page 20
  21. 21. Q. What will be received when a consumer sends an email of a particular listingfrom the listing detail page on the® International site?If a consumer uses the “email” functionality on the Listing Detail Page (figure 19) to send the listing to afriend, spouse or their own personal real estate agent, the functionality operates very similarly to the ®“send a friend” functionality on .A text email in English will be sent to the email the consumer entered in the “send a friend” form. There isno HTML version of this email available at this time. The following information will be included in theemail the “friend” receives: This is an automated message sent by a consumer from the International Site ( Please do not reply to this email. To reply to this person, please use the following email address: This email is from: First Name: Jane Last Name: Kelly Email Address: Hello, I thought you really would like this property…. Best, Jane Kelly View this listing on Property Address: 123 Cherry Lane, Anytown US 12345 MLS # 215558664 Basic Property Attributes: $500.000 3 Bed, 3 Bath,2600 SqF, 1/2 acre Sincerely, Jane Kelly Courtesy of: The International Site ( ® Published for the National Association of REALTORS November 3, 2011 Page 21
  22. 22. Q. What features of® are not currently available on® International site?The following features are not available on the site at launch:Site wide: • Registration / Sign up for an accountHomepage: • Advanced Search featureSRP: • Different treatment for Showcase listings • Save Listing option • Price Reduced icon • Photo Count coin • Sign RiderLDP: • Save Listing option • Price Reduced icon • Agent’s/Broker’s other listings • Custom Headlines • Virtual Tours and Videos • Open Houses ®Q. How many photos are displayed on a U.S. Basic Listing on REALTOR.comInternational?We will display four photos coming through the MLS for U.S. Basic Listings.Q. How are consumer media display ad spots sold?All inquiries for international brand or agency advertising should go to movemedia_advertise@move.comfor more information. ®Q. If I notice anything wrong with my listings on the Internationalsite, who can I contact?For U.S listings please call: Customer Care at 800.878.4166For International listings please email: globalsupport@realtor.comQ. What if I am an international Data Content Provider who wants to providelistings for the Global®?Please contact us at ® Published for the National Association of REALTORS November 3, 2011 Page 22