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A wellspring of Charmed Living.	     Tres Palmas breathes a new way of living, in a place that calms your mind and enliven...
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Tres Palmas @ Taguig City


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Published in: Business, Design
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Tres Palmas @ Taguig City

  1. 1. A wellspring of Charmed Living. Tres Palmas breathes a new way of living, in a place that calms your mind and enlivens yourspirit! Tres Palmas is a private and serene community. Its low density design boasts over60% open space and a minimum of three units to a floor establishing a sense of peace andexclusivity. The development will include three mid-rise residential buildings and a commercialarcade that will service the community. Its visual design is inspired by modern european resort architecture. As you enter thecommunity, you will be greeted by a relaxing fountain and a driveway lined with palm trees. Allwho live in and visit this community will enjoy the peaceful charm the flows out of the colorpalate and lush greenery of the surroundings. The development will feature a swimming pool, playground, gym, multipurpose function area, security surveillance technology, and sufficient parkingspaces. Its location is conveniently located in Taguig just off C-5 on the six-lane Levi MarianoAvenue. By car, the community is only five minutes from Fort Bonifacio, fifteen minutesfrom both the Makati and Ortigas business districts, and seven minutes from theSouth Luzon Express Way. This district is the future of the city and it’s exciting progress isevidenced by all the ground and construction works currently taking place and can only be trulyappreciated upon ones visit to the area. As a testament to the solid business foundations and trustworthiness of the developmentcompany behind Tres Palmas, Livingsprings Communities, the project’s first of three buildingsis currently 29 days ahead of schedule and its structure is already 67% complete. Thishas all been accomplished prior to pre-sales.Tres Palmas is scheduled to turnover its first building “Seville” on the second quarter of 2012, itssecond building “Mallorca” on the second quarter of 2013, and its third building “Marbella” on thesecond quarter of 2014.