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The beginning with the Lunar Eclipse remedy in Homeopathy. The themes and the how the penumbral Lunar Eclipse of May 25, 2013 turned out to be the best one for the remedy, along with the remedy creation process.

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Lunar eclipse

  1. 1. Copyright © 2013 Varun Gupta All Rights Reserved Though, one may print for personal reading July 21, 2013 Cover Image Courtesy of Wikipedia
  2. 2. Dedicated to the Creator of All Energies
  3. 3. Lunar Eclipse Copyright © 2013 Varun Gupta Lunar Eclipse Eclipses have always attracted a lot of importance in many ways, be it from astronomical point of view, or religious and astrological. In astrology, the impact of a particular eclipse on mankind in general, and upon individuals as per their birth chart, is one of the major areas of interest. Apart from that eclipses in general have always been associated with a lot of dark myths. Various cultures have their own stories and myths in connection to both solar as well as lunar eclipse, with preponderance to the dark ones. Incidences occurring around eclipses, like the one of crucifixion of Jesus, and the controversy whether it happened on the day of Solar or Lunar Eclipse1 , make one think about the power of eclipse energies. The eclipse time is also seen as the best and the biggest time for black magic. Many black magic practitioners wait for an eclipse to get their black magic accomplished. Besides this, both full moon and new moon have a lot of significance in the sphere of black magic. In addition, the power of black magic is believed to be more when the moon is in perigee, i.e. closer to earth. Further, when moon is in perigee during an eclipse, it’s considered to be an icing on the cake. 1 12 Famous Eclipses in History (
  4. 4. Lunar Eclipse Copyright © 2013 Varun Gupta This is what happened on May 25, 2013 Lunar Eclipse2 , when the moon was also in perigee. I however am talking about Lunar Eclipse from the point of view of making the Lunar Eclipse remedy, and not the astrological or the black magic aspects. The May 25, 2013 Lunar Eclipse of the super moon was visually imperceptible otherwise, and may not even seem to be of a proper significance to make the Lunar Eclipse remedy. Further, it was to be only a small part of moon getting in the earth’s penumbral shadow. However, despite all this, and to one’s surprise, it attracted all the right elements to make this remedy. Even the importance of super moon was no less, despite a small part of moon getting in the penumbral shadow. 1) Foundation One might very well be aware how earth casts its shadow as umbra and penumbra during a lunar eclipse. The details, if needed, can be had from these two Wikipedia sources. 1. Lunar Eclipse3 2. Umbra4 A self-explanatory representation from the first link can be seen in Figure 1. Umbra, the shadow of Earth where no light reaches from any part of Sun, and Penumbra the shadow in which the sunlight is 2 ( 3 ( 4 (
  5. 5. Lunar Eclipse Copyright © 2013 Varun Gupta partially blocked. This happens due to the large angular size of Sun. Thus, while one part of Sun causes a shadow, the light from the other part reaches the penumbra. A total lunar eclipse happens when the moon is completely in the earth’s umbral shadow, and on the same lines a total penumbral eclipse happens when the moon is completely in the penumbral shadow. Partial eclipses also happen in both the categories, certainly when a part of moon is in the umbral or the penumbral shadow. This should be perceived in 3D, rather than the 2D presentation in the figure above, as moon’s orbit around earth is not in the same plane as that of the earth’s orbit around sun. Finer details on how earth’s and moon’s orbit align with each other can be understood from here5 . . A remedy on lunar eclipse from total lunar eclipse is not expected to yield the requisite in my opinion, as moonlight is not as strong as sunlight to record its effects then, from the remedy point of view. Further, as you would know, the moon in a total lunar 5 The ecliptic - Earth’s orbital plane, Rice University, Houston, Texas's%20Positions.pdf ( Figure 1
  6. 6. Lunar Eclipse Copyright © 2013 Varun Gupta eclipse doesn’t actually disappear, but turns red. This happens because of refraction of sunlight by earth’s atmosphere into the shadow cone. If the earth had no atmosphere, the moon would be completely dark during a total lunar eclipse. Sunlight reaching the moon actually passes through a long and dense layer of earth’s atmosphere, where it is scattered. As shorter wavelengths are more likely to get scattered, by the time light passes through the atmosphere, longer wavelengths dominate. Thus, the resulting light we see is red. This very same effect imparts sky a reddish colour during sunrise and sunset. Coming back to the lunar eclipse from remedy point of view, then this almost total lack of light energy during an eclipse isn’t really expected to provide anything significant to the remedy. Thus, though good to view, a total lunar eclipse won’t be a good remedy source, as our aim is not to just capture the scattered red light. The right and best scenario for lunar eclipse remedy would come from the earth’s penumbral shadow on moon. That way it would have the effects of shadow, and also significant light to capture for the remedy source. The light and shadow will make that perfect combination for this remedy. It would get in as light coming from the prism of shadow, and that’s what is actually needed for the lunar eclipse remedy. . Thus, all these reasons made the May 25, 2013 Lunar Eclipse getting together all the right elements for making the Lunar Eclipse remedy, that too during a super moon. Even the factor of a small
  7. 7. Lunar Eclipse Copyright © 2013 Varun Gupta part of moon getting in the earth’s penumbral shadow didn’t pose the expected hindrance. It rather worked in favour of making the right remedy, first, for having the right equipment in hands to capture the energies needed, and second for minimizing the effects of earth’s atmosphere scattering the sunlight reaching the moon, in the penumbral shadow. The second reason was no less important in any way, and rather was a blessing to make the very right lunar eclipse remedy . 2) Remedy Need The need of the lunar eclipse remedy got felt in a case of a kid on Autism Spectrum Disorder. A look into the major homeopathic pharmacies however gave no lunar eclipse remedy. Though Helios6 and Homeodynamics7 had the solar eclipse remedy, under the name Eclipse Totality8 and Solar Eclipse9 respectively, the lunar eclipse remedy was still missing from their list. It was written to Homeodynamics, if they have the remedy, or can make one, without the knowledge that the needed lunar eclipse was right the next day! Michael Leger, the owner of Homeodynamics, felt great on the thought, along with its timing, and provided all assistance for making the remedy. So, he sprung into action straightway to make the remedy. Thanks to his cooperation in making the remedy, first for its need for the case in hand, and second for inducting this wonderful 6 Helios Homœopathy Ltd, 7 Homeodynamics, LLC, 8 ( 9 (
  8. 8. Lunar Eclipse Copyright © 2013 Varun Gupta remedy in homeopathy, given the perfect choice of this particular eclipse by the cosmos itself. The power of cosmos in getting to any new remedy is always great, and as it can be seen from the beginning, the same happened for this medicine as well. The remedy now will solve many more cases, where it is needed. Understanding its finer details via its themes and symptoms will guide us on its usage in the respective cases. 3) Themes Before I present the themes and symptoms I saw for this remedy, let me guard against its misuse first, especially in Autism cases. Eclipses, especially in India, are observed with a lot of precautions during pregnancy. A lot of precautions, rituals, etc, are in place for the pregnant woman when any eclipse happens during her pregnancy. In India, traditionally people have followed certain rituals during an eclipse, I mean even in general - such as placing a sacred grass on all utensils, and other things stored in the house, like clothes; not cooking and/or eating during an eclipse; and so on. Certain rituals are also followed after an eclipse, such as showering from head to toe, immediately washing the clothes worn during an eclipse, sprinkling sacred water around the house, etc. Further, no one, especially pregnant women, are recommended to go outside the house during an eclipse. One is supposed to chant God’s name
  9. 9. Lunar Eclipse Copyright © 2013 Varun Gupta with loving remembrance in order to remain unaffected from the doshas (ill-effects) of the eclipse, and to obtain divine blessings. Nowadays, however, with modernization of the culture in cosmopolitan cities, many in the newer generations are not even aware of such traditions. It has also been believed that if a pregnant woman steps outside a covered area during an eclipse, directly exposing the foetus to the outside atmosphere polluted by an eclipse, the child will have some or the other defect. Also, a baby exposed this way could possibly have a cleft lip, though many consider it as an old wives’ tale these days. However, those who are under a difficult circumstance, such as the ones raising a child on autism spectrum disorder, may get carried away, and start to dread these things more, thus wrongly feeling the need of this remedy. Such thoughts can easily be at their heights for the ASD cases. So, one should really avoid the medicine’s misuse, and use it as usual only when there are proper symptoms and/or themes pointing to the remedy. Although I haven’t done any proving of the remedy, I have a few important themes of the remedy to bring forward. The symptoms and their underlying themes were clearly pointing to the remedy. A good thought process and comparison with the Solar Eclipse remedy was also done, for which the proving is already available. The deliberations on the remedy were going from quite some time, before finally sealing on it. Nowhere was it an impromptu decision, and a very well thought out need of this particular remedy. The medicine expectedly and very precisely solving the issues provided
  10. 10. Lunar Eclipse Copyright © 2013 Varun Gupta the needed cross-check. As a proper proving is done, it would add further credibility to the remedy. So, the themes provided here should be viewed as the beginning and initial themes on this remedy, which will introduce this remedy to homeopathy. 3.1) Bad Effect of Pious Places/Energies Despite eclipses being seen as the time of black magic, this theme isn’t reflected in the Solar Eclipse remedy. The moon’s appearance in night, which again is a symbolism of dark, should get in as the e proving of the Millennium Eclipsestrongest factor behind it. Th remedy10 by Angela Zajac seems to point to very nearly an opposite theme, in having patience to push darkness and get into light, as brought out in the introduction part. The strong source of light, the Sun, fighting hard against dark, to overcome it soon, gets in the remedy description brought out so nicely. Although there are themes like confusion of mind along with other dark oriented issues brought out there, still it nowhere gets to the theme of bad effects of pious energies. With moon however, it’s more a symbolism of dark, first for night, and then for the eclipse. It seems to create a dark impact in brain, a state of proximity to that black magic, whose entities and connections would dread the contact of a pious atmosphere. Some unusual behaviour especially in pious places, like in temples or 10 Proving of Millennium Eclipse, Introduction, Angela Zajac ( Proving of Millennium Eclipse, Themes, Angela Zajac (
  11. 11. Lunar Eclipse Copyright © 2013 Varun Gupta churches, which kids on ASD are more prone to show, gets as a very important theme of this remedy. The mind shows some unusual reactions, visible in some unusual actions, like not able to withstand to the power or vibrations of a big deity, while standing in front of it, and doing something unusual to show that churn and effect in the mind! Among more behaviours that can crop up are, not keeping quiet and saying things in a loud voice, as if trying to shoo away that pious energy! The case with me showed another very unusual trait, before the birth itself, though the kid did not have autism at birth, and regressed after vaccines. We are made of our specific energies, and the ones that get bad need the respective remedies. This energy peculiarly was showing its traits in the kid before his birth too, in not able to withstand the direct impact of pious atmosphere. He would kick in the mother’s womb when she would chant verses from Bhagavad Gita! The mother got surprised and re-checked it three- four times, and surprisingly every time the baby would start kicking, as if in distress! The kid however was no negative, or for that matter dark in thoughts and actions, or strange etc in his behaviours, in this particular sense, and even would pray nicely. In front of a big deity however, representing big pious energy, it would get difficult for him to hold himself against that high energy, and thus the unusual reactions. . Some or the other negative traits in various medicines is no new thing, like a few have impulses and desires to do various wrongs,
  12. 12. Lunar Eclipse Copyright © 2013 Varun Gupta and many other things of course. Also, J T Kent in his book Lectures on Homeopathic Materia Medica, said while explaining Anacardium Orientale, that the traits of the same energy differ in a positive and a negative person. The energy of Anacardium Orientale though produces the desire to do wrong, a positive and good person settles in favour of good, however great chances of exactly the opposite gets seen in the wrong mind! He also says how a good man would be restrained by his conscience then, though in a wicked one, it would be the fear of law, than any restraint from his own mind’s part! The same general state in a wicked mind otherwise too. Thus, whether positive or angelic, or negative or demonic, it’s something most inner to the person’s will, and it’s the orientation of energies in totality that sets this in him. No single energy is responsible for a negative or positive behaviour, and rather the very same energy acts differently in different persons. I understand how parents reading about this particular theme of abnormal effects of pious energies in Lunar Eclipse might get stressed, so it was imperative I explain these finer details too. Further, the propensity to act as per his true positive or negative conscience might not be seen in the same way in an ASD case. It of course would also vary from case to case, based on the extent to which the kid shows awkward behaviours. So, the true positive or negative conscience needs quite thorough thought process to be concluded in them. This certainly can be understood by noting various other behaviours minutely. To add, the kid in the particular case in consultation with me and requiring the medicine is in overall positive, innocent and charming in many ways.
  13. 13. Lunar Eclipse Copyright © 2013 Varun Gupta “Roses have thorns, and silver fountains mud. Clouds and eclipses stain both moon and sun, And loathsome canker lives in sweetest bud. All men make faults, and even I in this.” — William Shakespeare . This theme, including the fact of both positive as well as negative polarity of each energy, as stated by Jan Scholten in his book Homeopathy and the Elements, very clearly bares the reasons for incidences happening around eclipses, particularly the ones involving the fight between good and evil. As per the polarity in which the energy has to exhibit itself, it can have either a negative or positive impact. For example, the evil energy exhibiting itself in the crucifixion of Jesus, though exactly the reverse during the battle of Mahabharata, wherein two eclipses occurred in a gap of thirteen days during the eighteen days war11 , the first one being a Lunar Eclipse. Kauravas, who belonged to the evil or unrighteous side, were defeated in the war by the positive and the righteous Pandavas. Even the death of biblical notorious king Herod is believed to be marked by a Lunar Eclipse12 ! “Why is it that showers and even storms seem to come by chance, so that many people think it quite natural to pray for rain or fine 11 History Of Ancient India : Scientific Dating of Mahabharata, Balakrishna, S ( 12 12 Famous Eclipses in History (
  14. 14. Lunar Eclipse Copyright © 2013 Varun Gupta weather, though they would consider it ridiculous to ask for an eclipse by prayer.” — Henri Poincaré 3.2) Symptoms Show and Move as Tides The moon’s power to affect the tides in seas gets behind this theme. This theme is in Luna as well, in the issues of temper tantrums, being abrupt, and anger outbursts. Nothing unusual in how the same one gets in Lunar Eclipse as well. It’s as if the symptoms of temper tantrums etc coming as a tide, as the other person witnessing while standing on the beach feels. As the tide recedes the person feels relieved, though only to see a bigger one coming. This tide feeling is actually the kind of energy that is really there, and is felt in both Luna as well as Lunar Eclipse. “The captain of a ship can run a great ship, but he can't do anything about the tides.” ― Matthew Norman 2 Also, as tides are higher during any eclipse, the theme of symptoms showing and moving as tides is stronger in Lunar Eclipse. The exact reasons and details on why tides are higher during an eclipse would be great to understand from this explanation13 , by 13 Jakosky, Bruce, How does an eclipse affect tides?, NASA Astrobiology Institute, September 15, 2000 (
  15. 15. Lunar Eclipse Copyright © 2013 Varun Gupta Bruce Jakosky14 , of NASA Astrobiology Institute. Some unrefined information and views also say the opposite, that tides would be less and lower during an eclipse. So, the right details would be very nice to understand. Further, the dark energies affecting more in Lunar Eclipse would provide a special characteristic to this theme, and thus the tide issues would also have the right tinge of dark effects. One however shouldn’t expect it to be too strong, as it shows up prominently only in front of something like a big pious energy. 3.3) Lunatic in Love The first striking observation goes to the word lunatic itself, as to how it encompasses the word Luna in it, meaning moonlight. Moonstruck or someone who goes mad with the changes of moon is the origin of this word. The word finds a strong usage in the matters of love, and comparisons of one’s love with moon, poetry on love being influenced so much by moon, is another of the great evolutions by itself. “...Moonlight possesses no alchemy to transmute good motives to base, but it does excite love magic...” ― John Geddes 14 (
  16. 16. Lunar Eclipse Copyright © 2013 Varun Gupta This actually was true even before the English language, I mean the same influence of moon in the matters of love is in Sanskrit as well, which is the language of Vedas and Puranas. The theme of being lunatic in love though isn’t found in Luna, and only in Lunar Eclipse. If the theme of in love in general goes in Luna, the one of lunatic in love goes to Lunar Eclipse. The reasons too will get clear soon. . Several hypotheses behind the creation of moon generally have the inclusion and effect of Earth in it in a big way. Whether the traditional myths, or scientific hypotheses, almost all express a very prominent role of earth in the creation of moon. The Giant Impact Hypothesis15 is one such, and it’s the most accepted one as of now. It says that Moon was formed out of the debris left over from a collision between Earth and a body of the size of Mars, approximately four and a half billion years ago. In the initial stage of creation, it is said in the Indian scriptures, Brahmand Puran, that some creation material slipped from the hands of Brahma (the creator), and collided with earth, resulting in the formation of Moon16 . See it from the prism of love, of a love story in place right from the beginning itself, resulting in meeting of two astral bodies, with one still in the foetus stage. Despite getting distanced soon they continue longing each other, with one even continually revolving 15 ( 16 (
  17. 17. Lunar Eclipse Copyright © 2013 Varun Gupta around the other, probably in hope to meet finally one day. Moon’s series of love stories are also talked about in the Indian scriptures, imparting it a particular place in the matters of love17 . During Lunar Eclipse, how there is a contact between the two bodies in love, be it via the earth’s shadow, churns those emotions of love in a great way. Further, it’s rekindling of that love, which was in place from always, but didn’t get fulfilled. Consequently, the moonstruck or lunatic emotions setting in due to that contact, in the energy as well. One of the ways in which the symptom would show is in the person meeting his love, or someone he feels to be his love, but then getting separated for some reason. The literally lunatic behaviour setting in due to this, at times of course, specifically in ASD cases, like calling her name like a madman, searching for her in parks etc, via calling her name loudly, and other similar behaviours get in the remedy. Conspicuously, for the case with me, the girl whose name the kid would call was two years elder than him. She even was from some other country on a holiday in the neighbouring house. If that too can be counted as a glaring symptom, than just a coincidence in moon crossing the boundaries in loving earth! The other cases of developmental issues, where the mind is not aware fully on what to conceal and what to reveal, are again more prone to show this particular lunatic behaviour, with a relatively refined version expected in others. So, one should be careful in observing these minute details in a case. Being in love is no new thing, including the phase of separation, and neither are one’s reactions in the separation phase. This particular one though of 17 (
  18. 18. Lunar Eclipse Copyright © 2013 Varun Gupta behaving like a real lunatic at times, can be a very good indication of this energy in the person getting affected, and thus needing the requisite healing. As per drawing the similarities in moon never meeting the earth, one shouldn’t feel that it would reflect in the personal life as well, in the person having this energy. The first reason of course is he being made of many energies, and his various energies having their own specific roles to play, as per how much he’s using the particular ones. Thus, generalizing things on the basis of one energy is not right in any way. Second, each energy has its polarities, both positive as well as negative, as already shared. The symptoms thus can easily be the opposite ones too, even opposite to the ones coming out in various Materia Medicae, as those are the provings of an energy as per which polarity is generally reflected, along with its particular way of action in a person. This equally applies to life’s scenarios and traits. Further, life generally is a complex pattern of several incidences, and in a love story how mostly both separation as well as the meeting phases have their own well carved out roles, is another great aspect of love. 4) More on the remedy We see how in homeopathy most of the medicines are made by extraction and potentization of their energy in alcohol. Another method of making the medicines by radionics, wherein the energy is
  19. 19. Lunar Eclipse Copyright © 2013 Varun Gupta captured through the radionics18 principles is also in use. It’s a proper integration with homeopathy that is being used here, and more information on it can be found from here19 . To put a bit, it’s the process of extraction of energy from its information. Here’s even the general homeodynamic remedy creation process20 brought out by Michael Leger. Generally one would prefer the extraction and potentization in alcohol, though one shouldn’t forget how the mechanism of extraction of energy, along with its further potentization, is not yet known even for this method. There are some remedies for which the process of extraction and potentization of energy in alcohol won’t yield the desired results. A good example of it gets in the butterfly remedies, where one of the preferred modes of making the remedy is to use the live butterfly, than killing it to extract its energy in alcohol. It’s only via radionics that a live butterfly can be used for the energy capture. Instead of using the information, it’s the direct use of the live being here, though the information feed to the radionics instrument happens by the process of radionics of course. Here too the process of just using the information of the needed butterfly, and the fact that universal consciousness would by itself help extract the requisite energy from it, can be used. 18 ( 19 Leger, Michael, Homeodynamics ( 20 Leger, Michael, Homeodynamic new remedy creation process (
  20. 20. Lunar Eclipse Copyright © 2013 Varun Gupta In her book Butterflies21 , though Patricia de Roux hasn’t talked about the remedy preparation method, it is possible that the remedies were actually made via radionics. The very nature of butterflies give the vibes that it’s radionics which should be the preferred mode of preparation, as the need is felt to capture the live energy. See this initial proving document of a butterfly remedy Graphium Sarpedon Choredon22 , by another homeopath, showing this preference of making the medicine via radionics in a very nice way. Probably the homeopath was a bit worried too, to be seen rightly, despite a different remedy preparation method. The onslash of assault when presenting something novel is nothing new, and a so called Hahnemannian homeopath would fear this deviation in a big way, as even reflected in the first word of the proving document title. I know this personally as well, for my work23 in homeopathy. For the butterfly remedies, how some of the major ones miss the list in Helios, though are available in Homeodynamics, even the ones in the book Butterflies, again reflects on the story properly. Sharing the detailed proving of Graphium Sarpedon Choredon too, by Heidi Wedd, and it can be found here24 . Even more can be found from her book25 on it. 21 Roux, Patricia Le, Butterflies, Germany, Narayana Verlag, 2009 ( 22 ( 23 Varun’s Theory: The Magic Begins But the Conspiracy Continues – The True Base of And the Truth Called Homeopathy, CreateSpace 24 25 Wedd, Heidi, Blue Triangle Butterfly (
  21. 21. Lunar Eclipse Copyright © 2013 Varun Gupta . The Solar Eclipse remedy shared in the proving documents earlier was made by potentization in alcohol, by capturing the energies in water that was left out during the eclipse. The same however in the case of Lunar Eclipse is really not expected to yield the requisite right remedy. This is because, first, even in a total lunar eclipse there won’t be enough energies that would get captured in water, alcohol or milk sugar left out. Second, those energies during the total lunar eclipse are not the ones really needed for the right Lunar Eclipse remedy. Third, the penumbral Lunar Eclipse, especially the kind of best one used for making the remedy by homeodynamics, won’t have the same effects on water, alcohol or milk sugar left out, as it rather mainly would capture the Luna energies. Thus, the best method to capture the energies to make the Lunar Eclipse remedy is by the principles of homeodynamics only. Maybe for this reason only the remedy couldn’t make its name in the list of other pharmacies, and even no one probably thought on its need and importance. Lunar Eclipse26 or Lux Luna Eclipsium, as the medicine is listed in Homeodynamics. Sharing below two important sentences in the remedy description as well. “Reference signature created during a lunar eclipse with moon in perigee (Super moon).” 26 (
  22. 22. Lunar Eclipse Copyright © 2013 Varun Gupta “The timing of creation was designed to capture the initial energies of the penumbral shadow as well as it's amplification from the perigee approach.” The method opted here for the preparation of medicine was not just the information of a lunar eclipse, nor of a general penumbral lunar eclipse, but to capture the penumbral energy during this particular lunar eclipse. Further, unlike the general remedy creation process, the radionics machine was used like a recording device, in line with the timing of the lunar eclipse. Here are more details27 on the process by Michael Leger himself. A thought on making the remedy by capturing the energies in alcohol too would come, and maybe for that we would need the requisite telescope to focus on the penumbral shadow. However, more thoughts on how the telescope would just be focussing on a small part of moon, than the whole one in the penumbral shadow, gives the very obvious feeling that how it won’t be sufficient. Probably, at least five six telescopes focussing on various parts in the penumbral shadow may work, precisely moving as per the shadow, along with the movement of moon relative to earth. Still what about the energies in atmosphere during an eclipse, as even while making the solar eclipse remedy, the changes and confusion that a solar eclipse causes in atmosphere, were being captured, like its effect on animals who assume that it’s night suddenly at a wrong time, and the resulting chaos to get in their 27 Leger, Michael, Lux Luna Eclipsium - A remedy from a Lunar eclipse (
  23. 23. Lunar Eclipse Copyright © 2013 Varun Gupta nests, when otherwise they would be on hunt sensing it’s still a good time for sunset. Even all the other traits of the energy would have been captured in alcohol. The same reflects in the proving document too. So, it’s not just the need to capture a light, but the resulting changes in atmosphere as well, including in any other dimensions, and that is what defines the eclipse energy on the whole. Even the themes of Lunar Eclipse remedy states this need, even when they are not yet based on a proving. So, the themes of the Solar Eclipse remedy, based on its proving, and the very obviously visible themes of the Lunar Eclipse remedy without the proving, both reflect this very essential need of even capturing the atmospheric changes, including the effects in any other dimensions. Considering all this, can this really be done by some other method than the Homeodynamic one for the Lunar Eclipse, further the right kind of Lunar Eclipse, needed for the remedy? Won’t the energies of atmosphere captured in alcohol in a penumbral lunar eclipse, particularly when only a small portion of moon is in the shadow, actually capture the Luna energies? We can’t even go with the total lunar eclipse to capture these energies, from atmospheric point of view, as then there won’t be the right energy to capture from the light, for the reasons already shared. So, really a lot of issues and concerns in making this remedy, and that’s why it appears to not have found its name yet in the homeopathy list. Even if some pharmacy or homeopath would have made it earlier, from a total lunar eclipse, or by any of the other wrong methods, I don’t feel it would have been run to higher potencies, for it not giving any real
  24. 24. Lunar Eclipse Copyright © 2013 Varun Gupta benefits or information via proving results. However, the lunar eclipse energy is also an energy, and its need can’t be denied, particularly now after becoming aware of what led to it. The need in the first place is of the right remedy. Certainly not every case would need it, neither every ASD case, though when its need would be there, no other one would replace it, and that’s well- known in homeopathy. The very right medicines needed as per the case are the ones that cure, and not just any medicines. 5) Prominent Rubrics Listing a few of the symptoms brought out in the themes in the terms of repertory as well. Generalities, voice, loud, pious atmosphere Generalities, voice, loud, pious energies Mind, ailments, tides, move as Mind, anger, temper tantrums, tides, move as Mind, love, lunatic, in Mind, love, lunatic, separation, in Mind, love, moonstruck, in Mind, love, moonstruck, separation, in Mind, worse, pious atmosphere Mind, worse, pious energies
  25. 25. References [] Hahnemannian Proving of a Live Blue Triangle Butterfly ( [Gupta] Varun’s Theory: The Magic Begins But the Conspiracy Continues – The True Base of And the Truth Called Homeopathy Varun Gupta Createspace, First Edition, March 28, 2012 [Helios] Helios Homœopathy Ltd, UK [Homeodynamics] Homeodynamics, LLC, USA [Homeodynamics] Lunar eclipse (Lux luna eclipsium) ( [Jakosky] How does an eclipse affect tides? Bruce Jakosky NASA Astrobiology Institute September 15, 2000 (
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