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mdes projects typical, good+bad

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  1. 1. DES 806 2012 Module Plan MarkWk Class/Lecture Assignments % What is Design?/What makes a good 1 Mdes?/Set postcards Portfolio Presentations/Postcards from 2 the beginning Presentation of postcards 10 3 Design Project/competition context Attend 10 4 3 Ways of looking 5 Ethnography/Ethics 6 Presentations Customers/Users 15 7 Presentations Design project/competition 15 Manufacturing/Technology/ 8 Presentations Media 15 9 Planning 10 Presentations Time/Place 15 11 Information vs Intuition and Creativity 12 Presentations Elevator Pitch + plan 20
  2. 2. Anthony HuttonBDes Industrial Design 1986 NCAD/ULDipDes Industrial Design 1988 GSAMEd Computing in Education 1997 UUEntrepreneurship 2004 MIT2005-2008 Design Subject Director, Magee Campus, University of Ulster2002-present Managing Director, EyeSpyFX1999 Visiting Professor: Interaction Design. Savannah College of Art & Design, Georgia. USA. (4 months)2001-present Senior Lecturer in Multimedia Design, University of Ulster.1992 – 2002 MSc Computing and Design. Co-founder, assorted roles.1990- 2001. Lecturer in Industrial Design at University of Ulster1988- 1990. Designer at British Telecom Research Laboratories (Adastral Park), Human Factors Division, Martlesham Heath, Ipswich.1987 Freelance Designer, various London Design Consultancies.1986 Designer at Broughton Design, Milton Keynes.1985 Student placement at Form Design, Dublin.
  3. 3. What is Design? Design
  4. 4. What is Design? solves a problem Design
  5. 5. What is Design? is multi-factorial is rational (defendable decisions) solves a problem Design is a response to a specification or brief has a step by step process and uses is iterative tools
  6. 6. What is Design? is multi-factorial is rational (defendable decisions) solves a problem maybe novel Design is a response to a specification or briefmaybe highly crafted has a step by step maybe creative process and uses is iterative toolsThere are a number of things design aspires to be, good, ingenious, creative. etc. Not alldesign is these things. I am tempted also to say therefore that Design is inherentlycompetitive!
  7. 7. Typical attributes of someone with an MDes: Evidence of Evidence based decision making MDes Design Communication And often has: Brilliance and Creativity
  8. 8. Typical attributes of someone with an MDes: A well developed Well plannedEmpathy with method/style/processusers/viewers/customers Evidence of Evidence based decision makingSelf awareness of practice Realistic design Good design proposals analysis MDes Design Communication An interesting portfolio Global context awareness of own project workOrganised well written Projects with a sense Has a visiondocumentation of completeness And often has: Brilliance and Creativity
  9. 9. Typical attributes of good MDes project: A problem clearly stated MDes Good Project
  10. 10. Typical attributes of good MDes project: A well developed Good Planning skillsConsiders views from method/style/processusers/viewers/customers A costed, measured, quantified outcome A problem clearly statedSelf awareness of practiceA rational business context Realistic design proposals Well presented MDes Contact with an Good Project external entity Excellent drawing/image Global context making quality awareness of own project work A clear vision of the final outcome and its place in theOrganised well written Completeness worlddocumentation And often has: A good technical understanding Brilliance and Creativity
  11. 11. Typical attributes of bad MDes project: Problem to be solved unclear/no design brief MDes Bad Project
  12. 12. Typical attributes of bad MDes project: No development of personal Poor planningPoor consideration of needs method/style/processof users/viewers/customers No costs, dimensions, quantitiesLittle self awareness of Problem to be solvedown design practice unclear/no design brief Unbelievable business Obvious holes in context the design logic Poor presentation MDes No contact with Bad Project any external entity Poor drawing/image No awareness of making quality other projects in same sort of areaNo research Its a copyNo back up documents Not finished Poor technical understanding And often has: Lack of Interest and low volume of work
  13. 13. Postcards from the BeginningPlease provide a postcard (a JPEG or GIF 450px wide, about 40k filesize) (For wk 2)That has the following information:• Title of project• Problem to be solved• A picture/image/impression visual clue about the projectEach postcard will be published on this blog. www.foylearts.comAlso see anto_hutton@twitter.comAnd:
  14. 14. Postcards from the Beginning