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Presentation Poland - Erasmus+ K2

  1. Beutiful places in our village Bircza, Poland
  2. „Our us” - school in Bircza and sports hall Our school is situated in a small village Bircza. It is located on the south-eastern part of our Polish country. We have got a 30 teachers and 200 students! Recently established new Sports Hall. We also have high school. We have got beautiful forests. (right sports hall, left our school)
  3. Bircza - buildings Primary school and sports hall Monument in central Bircza Culture Center Market square Church in Bircza Castle
  4. Bircza – location ⚫Bircza is very interesting and pretty small village. There are one monument, market square, culture center, one high school, secondary school and primary school, church and… more shops.
  5. Malawa Malawa is a small village. It is surrounded by beautiful forests and high hills. There is a very quiet and peaceful. There are many pleaces where you can calm down. In the spring there grow beautiful flowers and autumn is very magical. I love Malawa!!!
  6. Bobrowa Dolina-Lipa Bobrowa Dolina- is a beautiful place located in Lipa. The route length of 2,590 metres. Flora and Fauna and beautiful scenery are undeniable advantages of this valley. I would recommend this place to visit.
  7. Leszczawa Dolna Leszczawa Dolna is a small village. It is very pretty. In this village has got one primary school, and river „Stupnica”. Leszczawa has got a one agrotouristic farm. I like Leszczawa very much!
  8. School trips
  9. School activities We have organized many academies, projects and charity collections
  10. Creating by students participating in Erasmus + project „R.E.S.P.E.C.T.” Thanks for watching Patrycja Bakalarz Nikoleta Cybulska Angelika Porada Adrian Freitag Paweł Wiśniowski