Designing an experience for social change


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My presentation at World Usability Day on traits of a social experience and how you can use them to create fertile ground for change

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Designing an experience for social change

  1. 1. INCITING SOCIAL CHANGE BY DESIGN Adobe Confidential yzer.htmlThursday, November 10, 11Inciting Social Change with the Design of Social User ExperiencesHi and welcome to the last session of the dayInciting change with the design of social user experiences.Quite a mouthful huh?Lots of pictures,a couple of videosand no bullet points, so if you are tired you can just look at the pictures and make up your own story...
  2. 2. PAUL BARNES-HOGGETT @__pbhThursday, November 10, 111mThis is me,Principal Architect in TXICoding since I was youngJoined ADBE 5 years ago, lucky to have been involved in projects with a social aspect- sharing content on vzw media store- private social network at WEF- activity streams at NikeShare some thoughts on how a social experience can incite change
  3. 3. PAUL BARNES-HOGGETT TECHNOLOGY DRIVING SOCIAL CHANGE @__pbhThursday, November 10, 1130s 1.30Tech is playing a part in social change,Who would have imagined even a year or so ago that a fruit seller imoliating himself inTunisia would trigger the fall of the governmentnot only there, but also inEgyptLibyaand massive uprisings inBahrainSyriaAlgeria
  4. 4. TECHNOLOGY DRIVING SOCIAL CHANGE @__pbhThursday, November 10, 1130s 2.00And closer to home,isolated protest in downtown manhattanmore akin to an organised movement with protests inOaklandSF(and as I learnt today) Memphisfurther afield:UK, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Switzerand, Italy, Malaysia, NZ, Irelandand MongoliaTech is playing a part in social change, be it- or occupy Wall Street
  5. 5. TECHNOLOGY DRIVING SOCIAL CHANGE @__pbhThursday, November 10, 1130s 2.30But lets dial it back from governments and general assembliesWithin the field of product manufacturing and innovation,Kickstarter is connecting people with ideas and plans to potential consumers
  6. 6. TECHNOLOGY DRIVING SOCIAL CHANGE @__pbhThursday, November 10, 1130s 3.00And in health and wellness,Nike plus is a social experienceencouraged millions to get fitter and healthier(we’ll touch more on this one later)
  7. 7. TECHNOLOGY DRIVING SOCIAL CHANGE @__pbhThursday, November 10, 1130s 3.30And in terms of doing good in the worldKiva is a microfinance site that connectsour $25 with people that can use it to change their livespause,of course, this trend isn’t just an internet enabled one.Let’s go back a few years
  8. 8. THIS AIN’T NEW... @__pbhThursday, November 10, 1120s 4.00This isnt new...Quite a few the printing press.This was one of the first enablers of wide broadcasting of ideasAnd enabled this chap..
  9. 9. Luther THIS AIN’T NEW... @__pbhThursday, November 10, 1145s 4.45Martin Luther,German priestObjected to the selling of papal indulgenceshand-wrote a thesis disputing it in 1517That would have been the end of the story,except that in 1518Friends printed the thesis and distributed it.Within 2 weeks they had spread through germanyand within 2 months throughout Europe.Triggering the protestant reformation of the church
  10. 10. THIS AIN’T NEW... @__pbhThursday, November 10, 111m 5.45Lets move forward a few years to the era of televisionWe think of television as spreading cultural change, but let me tell you another storyIts 1974,eurovision song contest is on (pan european singing contest)When the portugese song came on, it was a code totrigger a coup to overturn the gov.Able to get inside everyone’s homes, even under a dictatorship v important
  11. 11. A DATING SITE? @__pbhThursday, November 10, 111m 6.45move forward to something more recent-Ian Tomlinson story- Initial police report- subsequent use of posting of youtube video- triggered police retraction, change of policy & conviction of officer*****This wasn’t the intent of Youtube (orginally a dating site)no more than TV was intended to trigger military coupsor printing press to reform the churchAlthough not deliberate agents of social change..
  12. 12. TRAITS OF A SOCIAL EXPERIENCE Adobe Confidential @__pbhThursday, November 10, 11 • 15s 7.00... There are traits of a social experience,that when in the right combination can provide fertile groundto ENABLE social changeI’m going to walk through some of these in this talk and put a framework around them
  13. 13. MASLOW’S HIERARCHY OF NEEDS SELF ACTUALIZATION ⚛ REP. ESTEEM REWARD COMMUNITY, SOCIAL RELATIONSHIPS SAFETY SHELTER, WARMTH PHYSIOLOGICAL EATING, BREATHING, SEX @__pbhThursday, November 10, 112m 9.00I’m sure most of you are familiar with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs:- we are motivated by unsatisfied needs- only by satisfying lower level needs can we move onto higher level- Physiological - eating, breathing, reproducing- Safety - shelter, warmth, protection from harm- Social - friendship, belonging to a group- Esteem - recognition & accomplishment- Self actualization - creativity, truth, justice, meaning-- and I think we can apply this same framework to social experiences
  14. 14. MASLOW’S HIERARCHY OF NEEDS : SOCIAL SELF ACTUALIZATION ⚛ REP. REWARD ESTEEM IDENTITY COMMUNITY, SOCIAL COLLABORATION OPEN BORDERS, SAFETY FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION PHYSIOLOGICAL PLATFORM, GAMIFICATION @__pbhThursday, November 10, 111m 10.00So for a social experience, we have a similar hierarchy of needs.I’ll walk through each of these in a moment- Physiological - The base technology platform, game mechanics- Safety - Open borders, freedom of expression- Social - community, collaboration- Esteem - Identity, Reward and reputation- Self actualization - social change
  15. 15. GAMIFICATION @__pbhThursday, November 10, 111m 11.00Gamification - not going to dwell on this in detail, to pay lipservice would be to do it a disservice- If you want to get a great summary of gamification, check out Nicole Lazarro’s talk during UX week last year (link at bottom of page)Gami cation is the new social.  I really dont want to dwell on gami cation in detail here, as to pay lip service to the movement would be to do a disservice to it.  Its a buzzword for sure, but listening toNicole Lazarro (CEO of speak not long a er I moved to the Bay Area, really reinforced for me a concept that she captured more succinctly in a presentation of hers that I would highlyencourage you to watch -- " e Future of UX is play" ( h p:// )When we were creating the rst rich experiences at Macromedia, Michael Gough and Mike Sundermeyer captured a number of soundbites that became mantras for our UX team from project to project:"When everything is equal nothing is important".  "Separate content and control".   ey were design memes that thrived and survived from digital experience to digital experience.Similarly, Gami cation is a rich seam to tap for social design memes.  I would highly encourage our teams to become familiar with the concepts of "Hard Fun.  Easy Fun.  Serious Fun.  People Fun".  Tothink about what it means to "suspend consequences", "amplify feedback", etc.   ey are considerations for the design of social experiences. e importance of play, the science of what makes one game more sticky than another, are key concepts in the creation of a socially branded experience - because at the end of the day, as we ascendMaslows hierarchy of needs, as we move beyond survival to self actualization, our motivations are more about the psychology of reward than the necessity and survival (which in enterprise terms, is "Ihave to be able to do this, to keep my job").I suspect the relationship between Gami cation and the Art and Science of Social Experience Design will be a study in itself.  For now, consider me li ing one corner, so that you might li the other three.
  16. 16. PLATFORM @__pbhThursday, November 10, 111m 12.00PLATFORM -Basic, but essential stuff:Take New York Cityopened up all their data for anyone to make use ofThis allows people to tap into the data warehouse of an entire city..., and allow for connections, relationships and activities, plan for a big data challenge
  17. 17. OPEN BORDERS @__pbhThursday, November 10, 1130s 12.30As a follow on from platform;OPEN Borders - data should be able to flow in & out of your platform- NYC big apps encourages ppl to make these connectionsFor example...
  18. 18. OPEN BORDERS @__pbhThursday, November 10, 1130s 13.00Roadify brings together traffic reports and ppls location to create best up to the second takeon where your bus is...
  19. 19. OPEN BORDERS @__pbhThursday, November 10, 1130s 13.30Sportaneousallows peopel to see all the sports games suggestedfind local sporting facilities etc.
  20. 20. OPEN BORDERS @__pbhThursday, November 10, 1130s 14.00or - how about this - parking findershows you where free / prohib / metered on street parkingand off street parking
  21. 21. OPEN BORDERS @__pbhThursday, November 10, 1130s 14.30and my personal favorite,dont eat atWhich sends you a text if the place you just checked into has high health violations...--- ANOTHER OPEN BORDERS EXAMPLE : KINECT---
  22. 22. FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION @__pbhThursday, November 10, 111m 15.00Freedom of expression- If you censor,limit modes of communictation,ppl will find somewhere else to go-- can be scary for brands, but you have no choice in the matter
  23. 23. COMMUNITY @__pbhThursday, November 10, 111.5 m 16.30Communitymost obvious of these is facebook.Traditionally community is formed along the axis of locationppl coalesce by their proximity to each other-online, the world is flat- axis of shared intent and belief I like Jazz or sailing i want to get fit- lets take a look at what Nike plus has done around community....
  24. 24. COMMUNITY @__pbhThursday, November 10, 111m 17.30Community - finding like-minded people to collectively get fitter, - dont need to be running at the same timeThis is like a collaborative approach to getting fit;lets take a look at another thing Nike have done really well in collaboration...
  25. 25. COLLABORATION @__pbhThursday, November 10, 111m 18.30Collaboration,its about allowing people to harness each other to reach a goal. This is one of my favexamples of collaboration:run this gets posted on my social networkif anyone replies *during* my run, then they get read out to me on my phone.So Im getting encouragement from friendswhich helps to complete my task
  26. 26. IDENTITY @__pbhThursday, November 10, 111m 19.30Lets move to Identity -if creating a community is important; standing out from the crowd is equally soTwitter great example.140 characters - low fi160 character bio,twitter faces,twitter backgroundsThe amount of individuality and personality that comes out of twitter is really pleasantlysurprising...
  27. 27. IDENTITY @__pbhThursday, November 10, 1115s 19.45the fidelity of the channel doesnt limit the individuality... people express...even ACII signatures can tell you a lot about who you are talking to
  28. 28. IDENTITY @__pbhThursday, November 10, 1130s 20.15And then back to Nike plus.This is my page, and you can seeI’ve created my own avatar.I start to have a personality on the site over and above my running stats
  29. 29. ACCOMPLISHMENT / REWARD @__pbhThursday, November 10, 1145s 21.00Accomplishment / RewardAs you can see, Im a little overweight and lazy at the momentIf I start running, then my avatar starts to get thinner,and as I progress through the levels, the UI changes colour,so I can feel accomplishment(I ran extra trips to get ‘green’)
  30. 30. ACCOMPLISHMENT / REWARD @__pbhThursday, November 10, 1130 21.30Accomplishment / RewardAnother example is kickstarter,The reward? early access to a product, limited ‘goodies’ or items at a discount to their end retail price
  31. 31. REPUTATION @__pbhThursday, November 10, 111.5 m 23.00Reputation confers power and influence within a social experienceReputation - KloutKlout is used to measure social influence ie reputation online,a combination of reach (size of yr network) amplification (likelihood of your message being acted on) network (influence of your network)and this number is often used to help marketers understand who their influential customersare; who should perhaps be listened to more...
  32. 32. ACHEIVEMENT / REWARD @__pbhThursday, November 10, 1130s 23.30and in an interesting circle,you can be rewarded for your reputation...people with high klout given freebies ...
  33. 33. REPUTATION @__pbhThursday, November 10, 1130s 24.00Similarly on foursquare, people who engage most are given mayorships,signifying that their voice should be heard more... These are some of the traits that I would consider including as part of a social experience, that could enable social change.But this begs the question...
  34. 34. HOW DO YOU KNOW IF IT’S WORKING? Adobe ConfidentialThursday, November 10, 11 • 15s 24.15
  35. 35. BUILD MEASURE LEARN @__pbhThursday, November 10, 111m 25.15I’ve taken this diagram from Eric Reis- Lean StartupAnd I think this is a really neat way of understandinghow to move forward in any new endeavorgiven time is short, not going to go into detail,but if i leave you with one thing, it’s that if you don’t measure and track your cust cant understand what levers / traits need workBUILD MEASURE LEARN
  36. 36. IN SUMMARY Adobe ConfidentialThursday, November 10, 11.15 25.30so Im going to summarizebut im going to do it with the aid of someone called Colinwho has some interesting dance moves
  37. 37. SUMMARY @__pbhThursday, November 10, 113.00 30.00So in summary - technology & experiences can enable (not create) social change - there is a hierarchy of traits gamification or play (fun) the platform (Music) open boundaries (out in a field) freedom of expression (duh) community (groups of ppls) collaboration (dancing together, raising hands together) Identity (all separate id’s even though we think of them as kids on a hill) award / acheivement (euphoria) reputation (known as dude on the hill) - and for you, creating these experiences need to measure and optimize those experiences- doing that you just might create a platformthat enables real social change to happen