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Splunk Announces Beta Version of Hunk: Splunk Analytics for Hadoop

New Software Product to Explore, Analyze and Visualize Data in Hadoop

HADOOP SUMMIT NORTH AMERICA 2013, SAN JOSE – June 26, 2013 - Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLK), the leading software platform for real-time operational intelligence, today announced the beta version of Hunk: Splunk® Analytics for Hadoop. Hunk (beta) is a new software product from Splunk that integrates exploration, analysis and visualization of data in Hadoop. Building upon Splunk’s years of experience with big data analytics technology deployed at thousands of customers, Hunk drives dramatic improvements in the speed and simplicity of interacting with and analyzing data in Hadoop without programming, costly integrations or forced data migrations. Watch the Hunk video to learn more.

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Splunk hunkbeta

  1. 1. Copyright © 2013 Splunk, Inc. Announcing a New Product from Splunk
  2. 2. The Accelerating Pace of Data 2 Volume | Velocity | Variety | Variability GPS, RFID, Hypervisor, Web Servers, Email, Messaging, Clickstreams, Mobile, Telephony, IVR, Databases, Sensors, Telematics, Storage, Servers, Security Devices, Desktops Machine data is fastest growing, most complex, most valuable area of big data
  3. 3. Industry Leading Platform for Machine Data Any Machine Data Operational Intelligence HA Indexes and Storage Commodity Servers 3 Developer Platform Custom dashboards Monitor and alert Ad hoc search Report and analyze
  4. 4. A Lot of Organizational Data Ends Up in Hadoop Challenges deploying and leveraging Hadoop • 20X services relative to software • Inadequate skills for big data analytics • 13+ Hadoop-related projects requiring integration • Data is “too big to move” 4 Hadoop (MapReduce & HDFS) YARNAmbari Avro CassandraChukwa H i v e HBase Mahout Pig ZooKeeper 13+ Hadoop-related Projects
  5. 5. Splunk Hadoop Connect Reliable bi-directional integration to Hadoop >1000 downloads We Released Splunk Hadoop Connect To Address Common Challenges Deploying and Running Hadoop 5 HA Indexes and Storage Commodity Servers Hadoop (MapReduce & HDFS) Import Browse Export Report and analyze Custom dashboards Monitor and alert Ad hoc search
  6. 6. What About Extracting Value Directly from Hadoop? 6 “How can we leverage the full capabilities of Splunk natively on data in Hadoop?” Data in Hadoop is too big to move HA Indexes and Storage Commodity Servers Hadoop (MapReduce & HDFS) Report and analyze Custom dashboards Monitor and alert Ad hoc search
  7. 7. Copyright © 2013 Splunk, Inc. 7 New product from Splunk delivers interactive data exploration, analysis and visualizations for Hadoop Announcing Hunk Beta Splunk Analytics for Hadoop
  8. 8. Hunk: Splunk Analytics for Hadoop 8 Hadoop (MapReduce & HDFS) Full-featured, Integrated Product Insights for Everyone Distribution Agnostic Delivers interactive data exploration, analysis and visualization for Hadoop Empowers broader user groups to derive actionable insights from raw data in Hadoop Works with leading distributions to maximize enterprise technology investments Explore Analyze Visualize Dashboards Share
  9. 9. Derive Actionable Insights from Raw Data 9 Hadoop Storage Immediately start exploring, analyzing and visualizing raw data in Hadoop 1 2Point Splunk at Hadoop Cluster Explore Analyze Visualize Dashboards Share
  10. 10. Explore, Analyze and Visualize Data, On-the-fly Virtual Index Schema-on-the-fly Flexibility and Fast Time to Value • Enables seamless use of the entire Splunk technology stack on data wherever it rests • Hadoop Virtual Index automatically handles MapReduce • Technology is patent pending • Structure applied at search time • No brittle schema to work around • Automatically find transactions, patterns and trends • Normalization as it’s needed • Faster implementation • Easy search language • Multiple views into the same data 10
  11. 11. Interactive Data Exploration Search and explore data from one place • Powerful search processing language (SPL) • Designed for data exploration across large datasets – preview data, iterate quickly • No requirement to “understand” data upfront 11 Search Interface Search Assistant Interactive Results Window
  12. 12. Interactive Data Analysis Rapidly analyze and interact with data • Interactive analytics interface • Deep analysis, pattern detection and finding anomalies with over 100 statistical commands • Enrich results with information from external relational databases 12 Interactive, Analytics Interface Formatting Options
  13. 13. Report on and Visualize Data in Hadoop Interactive reporting and visualization of data • Interactive reports view • Rapidly build advanced graphs and charts • Generate visualizations on-the- fly and share with other users • Drilldown to raw data from anywhere 13 Share reports as PDFs Example reports in Splunk
  14. 14. Create Custom Dashboards Build and personalize dashboards for different users and roles • Combine multiple charts, views, reports and external data • View and edit on any desktop, tablet and mobile device • Personalize and share via PDF • Ensure secure access with role- based access controls 14
  15. 15. Powerful Platform for Enterprise Developers 15 JavaScript Java Python PHP C# Ruby API Add New UI components Integrate into Existing Systems With Known Languages and Frameworks
  16. 16. 16 “Splunk continues to increase its value to enterprises by enabling them to gain insight from ‘big data’ … This release sees Splunk building on its expertise by enabling IT and business users to explore, visualize and analyze data stored in Hadoop” Matt Aslett, Research Director 451 Group
  17. 17. Hunk BetaSplunk Enterprise 17 IT Director, IT Ops Manager, Security Practitioner, Sysadmin, Enterprise Developers, Tier 1 Support Search, monitoring and analysis of time-series operational data — for IT ops, app management, security, digital intelligence Line of business users — Data Analyst, Data Architect, Data Scientist; Enterprise Developer Batch analytics, funnel analysis, long-term reporting, applications (custom reporting) Industry leading platform for machine data and operational intelligence Integrated product for interactive data exploration, analysis and visualization of data in Hadoop Who? What? How?
  18. 18. How It’s Different from Other Approaches 18 Splunk Splunk Analytics for Hadoop Splunk Enterprise + Hadoop Connect No real-time analytics, monitoring or alerts No ingest, no rare-term search Direct Hadoop or Hive Interactive exploration and visualization SQL-on-Hadoop No coding 1st Gen Spreadsheet No modeling 1st Gen BI-on-Hadoop No batch processing VS. +
  19. 19. Enabling Hadoop Users 19 DeveloperData ScientistData Analyst Data Architect Access and use data in Hadoop; empower your users with valuable insights Drive analytics across leading Hadoop distributions Interactively explore and analyze data without low-level tooling; preview results in real-time Build scalable enterprise applications based on data in Hadoop
  20. 20. Explore, analyze and visualize data in Hadoop Technical Operations Groups Marketing Depts. and Product Managers Security Groups Empowering Teams with Rapid Insight 20
  21. 21. Summary • Hunk: a new software product from Splunk (currently in Beta) • Rapidly explore, analyze, visualize, share data in Hadoop • Easily create custom dashboards for different users and roles • Protect data with secure role-based access controls • Opens up value of Splunk software to a whole new audience of Hadoop users 21
  22. 22. Thank You splunk.com/bigdata