24/7 Marina: Mobile Computing | A Deeper Dive


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In this presentation I take a closer look at the trends in mobile computing, mobile websites and native mobile apps. I also focus on how to develop a mobile website for use as a business application.

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  • Unique, useful and grammatically correct is no longer good enough. Example: A website full of boat parts (say 50,000), good photos of each part and descriptions of those parts. (Different than a store front – it was created just to grab people who type in the part number or model). BAD Ask yourself these questions:Does it make everyone who sees it want to share it and say WOW. Is it interesting, funny, anecdotal, helpful?If you didn’t care about boat parts, would you still find the page interesting and aesthetically pleasing?
  • Primary effect – is it beautiful? Content buffeted by advertising (bad). Lots of Next buttons (bad). Content blocks are boring?Graphics don’t look good?
  • 24/7 Marina: Mobile Computing | A Deeper Dive

    1. 1. The 24 / 7 Marina Mobile Computing (A deeper dive)
    2. 2. PDAs Smartphones Tablets1998 - 2003 2002+ 2010+
    3. 3. DIY tools for creating mobile sites
    4. 4. 15-20% of marine related webtraffic are from mobile devices Source: National Marine Manufacturers Assoc.
    5. 5. Wordpress Plugin - WPTouch
    6. 6. • Mobile site at http://mobile.tradeonlytoday.com/ launched in Feb. 2010• 679 monthly unique visitors to a high of 3,276 in March 2011• Page views went from 4,113 to 12,718 in Jan 2011• Mobile traffic went from 2.6 percent of unique visitors to 3.5 percent• The lone banner ad on the mobile site received more clicks in June than any ad on the main website• We have a quick-to-act method for updating content on our website via our Joomla CMS and deliver 10-12 stories to readers each morning• Classified advertising has more than tripled on our daily Trade Only Today newsletter in the last two years
    7. 7. Design + UX
    8. 8. Mobile Business Applications (Native vs WebForm)
    9. 9. Start-up ScreenWhen a site islaunched from thehome screen itremoves some of theSafari controls givingthe user more of anapp feeling.
    10. 10. Login ScreenUser selects theirdatabaseaccount, clerk ID(User) and Passwordthen clicks Login.Clear should clearthe form.
    11. 11. Login ScreenWhen a new page isbeing processed, anAjax control islaunched showing“loading”
    12. 12. Login ScreenBasic options areIntro, Customers, Boats, Invoices andTime Card. There isanother sub-menuyou can scroll up andsee (optional)
    13. 13. Time CardWhen the user isNOT logged in andthey touch Time Cardfrom the menu theyare brought to thisform.
    14. 14. Time CardHere they enter theirTech ID, Work Orderand Operation. Notekeypad pops whentext field is touched.
    15. 15. Time CardWork Order selectionscreen. Same functionis used for Operations.These need to be readfrom the DB andpopulatedprogrammatically.Touch Start to clock in.
    16. 16. Time CardOnce clocked in thetimer would start. Theuser can enternotes, clear notes, saveand Clock Out.
    17. 17. Time CardNote entry with keyboard.
    18. 18. iPadJQuery Mobilerenders the displayforsmartphones, tablets and desktopsautomatically.What is scrollableon aphone, appears in asecondary frameon a tablet.
    19. 19. SenchaPhoneGapAdobe/AirTitanium
    20. 20. Cam Collinscam@exumatech.comhttp://exumatech.com@CamCollins (Twitter)