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VirtualBox on Windows: Beginners Guide


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A beginners guide to use VirtualBox on Windows. This is how we test on various installations and browsers: Shows you how to install it and gives you a quick rundown of the options and what they mean. We use VirtualBox a lot in our office to testdrive applications and test on various browsers.

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VirtualBox on Windows: Beginners Guide

  1. 1. How to install VirtualBox on Windows www.tradebit.comRun any operating system… from your desktop PC!
  2. 2. What is a VIRTUAL MACHINE (VM)?• A VM is a software app that allows you to create ADDITIONAL COMPUTERS inside your PC• Each virtual computer is isolated and runs in a “sandbox”• A virtual computer is a near-perfect simulation of the real thing• This has MANY advantages…
  3. 3. Benefits of Virtual Machines• Flexibility - run multiple operating systems – Windows, Linux, OS X – on a single desktop PC• Cost effectiveness – no need to purchase expensive hardware• Authentic – virtual machines are far better than application emulators, as they run the genuine environment• Isolation – if anything goes wrong with a VM (e.g. virus or OS becomes corrupted) it will not affect the “host” computer• Speed of Deployment – once a VM has been built it can be cloned almost instantaneously. Clone an existing VM, then delete it when you no longer have use for it
  4. 4. Options for getting VIRTUALIZED• Windows Virtual PC is available (for users of Windows 7 Premium only) – but it only virtualizes older versions of Windows• VMware is a solid VM app and includes a free basic package• Parallels is also good – but not cheap• Only Oracle VM VirtualBox has everything you need – and all for free!
  5. 5. Why is VIRTUALBOX so good?• VirtualBox is GUI-based and easy to setup and use• VirtualBox has excellent performance - run multiple VMs simultaneously• VirtualBox is available for Windows, OS X and Linux• VirtualBox is open source and totally free!• This is GREAT for testing on multiple platforms!
  6. 6. Install VirtualBox on Windows - Step 1:• Open your web browser and hit• Click Downloads and choose Windows hosts.
  7. 7. Install VirtualBox on Windows - Step 2:• Click Save File…• … and select a location on your hard drive to download the installer to.• Wait a few minutes for the download.
  8. 8. Install VirtualBox on Windows - Step 3:• After the VirtualBox installer has downloaded, double-click the file to launch it.• Click RUN.• Click NEXT.
  9. 9. Install VirtualBox on Windows - Step 4:• Accept the EULA and click NEXT.• Click NEXT again…• … and again.
  10. 10. Install VirtualBox on Windows - Step 5:• VirtualBox needs to reset your internet connection to proceed with installation.• Click YES if this is OK.• Then, click INSTALL to start installation.
  11. 11. Install VirtualBox on Windows - Step 6:• VirtualBox is installing!• This takes a few minutes.• Time for TEA.
  12. 12. Install VirtualBox on Windows - Step 7:• Click FINISH when prompted.• VirtualBox will now begin!
  13. 13. Harness the power of VirtualBox!• Next: Create a VM and install an OS on it!• Check out PART 2 of this guide here.• There are many VirtualBox tools on: