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HTML5 AppCache: The Manifest


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This presentation shows you, how we on use the AppCache manifest of HTML5 to create business apps and provide an AppStore-free solution for solid business applications. This presentation is from July 2005: the FrankfurtJS meetup and it is in english

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HTML5 AppCache: The Manifest

  1. 1. AppCache against AppStore Ralf Schwoebel, CEO AG
  2. 2. Who is talking? Also: Member of the advisory board for the German secretary of economics: „Beirat Junge Digitale Wirtschaft“ 7/8/2015 - twitter: @orgaralf 2 Ralf Schwöbel
  3. 3. What are we talking about? Ultimately: Business – technology driven! 7/8/2015 - twitter: @orgaralf 3
  4. 4. Why are we talking about that? • Because we want to be independent • Because not every app needs to be native (you are using JS anyhow) • Because Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft are in control, not you 7/8/2015 - twitter: @orgaralf 4
  5. 5. How to use the Cache Manifest Using the AppCache loads everything into the browsers cache – but the server needs to know the MIME type Apache: AddType text/cache-manifest .appcache HTML: <html manifest="orga.appcache"> File: 7/8/2015 - twitter: @orgaralf 5
  6. 6. 7/8/2015 - twitter: @orgaralf 6 It is offline, but still there Your „web app“ keeps working
  7. 7. 7/8/2015 - twitter: @orgaralf 7 Continue in that mindset... Adding „LocalStorage“ Adding „Add This To Homescreen“
  8. 8. 7/8/2015 - twitter: @orgaralf 8 Continue in that mindset... Now we have: 1. An app loaded from the web 2. All Javascript, CSS and HTML locally without the web 3. An icon on the Homescreen of the smartphone, that looks native 4. HTML5 local storage with up to 25 MB of space as a database That is enough to do meeting organizing, time recording, travel reports and even city guides, simple games, resource management, drivers‘s logbooks, etc.
  9. 9. 7/8/2015 - twitter: @orgaralf 9 Proof, we want to see proof! http://localhost/orgazone/dev/example-code/example3/
  10. 10. 7/8/2015 - twitter: @orgaralf 10 The example is live... and works with our API on
  11. 11. 7/8/2015 - twitter: @orgaralf 11 What about the business there? • Creating tools and toys in Javascript without the App Stores is possible • Run you own payment with Paypal/Braintree for Mobile apps • No more certification, no more rejection by Apple, Google, etc. • Your customer data, your domain, your business
  12. 12. 7/8/2015 - twitter: @orgaralf 12 Thank you! Do not hesitate to contact me... Ralf Schwoebel, Vorstand AG Westendstr. 19 60325 Frankfurt