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Extenso intelligence monitoring_drug_shortage


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Demo on digital media intelligence on drug shortages in Canada

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Extenso intelligence monitoring_drug_shortage

  1. 1. Digital Media Intelligence MonitoringDrug Shortages in Canada Demo
  2. 2. Media Volume CBC has the  CBC has the highest volume NOTICE: Content for demo purpose only. Powered by AMIEI© 
  3. 3. Sources Projection NOTICE: Content for demo purpose only. Powered by AMIEI© 
  4. 4. Sources Projection by Provinces NOTICE: Content for demo purpose only. Powered by AMIEI© 
  5. 5. Topic Centrality NOTICE: Content for demo purpose only. Powered by AMIEI© 
  6. 6. Organisations by SourcesOrganisations by Sources NOTICE: Content for demo purpose only. Powered by AMIEI© 
  7. 7. Topics by SourcesTopics by Sources NOTICE: Content for demo purpose only. Powered by AMIEI© 
  8. 8. Topics by Provinces SourcesTopics by Provinces Sources NOTICE: Content for demo purpose only. Powered by AMIEI© 
  9. 9. About Extenso Intelligence We are aconsulting agency with a unique mix of pharma experience and know-how know how in market intelligence market research and business intelligence intelligence, Market  Market Business  Social Media Intelligence  Intelligence  KOL Influence  Listening &  Business  Intelligence Monitoring &  Reports Mapping Engaging  in  Identifying and  Development  BI solutions,  Competitor  Social Media  monitoring the  Support dashboards,  Briefs Conversations latest trends  latest trends Helping you gain competitive advantage NOTICE: Content for demo purpose only. Powered by AMIEI© 
  10. 10. Connect With Us With Us Guylaine Galipeau, President y p , Office: 450‐575‐1309 Cell: 514‐743‐1974 g  Follow us on Twitter:  @ExtensoIntel @canadianHCP @ @ExtensoIntel_ms @canadanutri NOTICE: Content for demo purpose only. Powered by AMIEI©