Promote your movie with extensive ideas


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Promote your movie with extensive ideas

  1. 1. About Author and Promoter Omkar Nath Nandi CEO, Extensive Ideas 4 years Experience in online marketing With Extensive Online Extensive Ideas is an Extensive Online venture MBA ( Marketing) EIILM Worked with more than 300 clients Customers know us for innovative and cost effective solutions.. Skype : omkarnn Facebook : omkarme Tweeter : imomkar Ph: +91-9836375842
  2. 2. A. Create a website for the movie. B. Create pages for it in every social media possible. C. Create email id’s under movies domain name and encourage people to use movie’s own domains email id’s from your and our company. D. Start the SEO plan for your website that include : 100 search engine and other submission works. E. Start building backlinks for the domain of the site. F. Start working on targetted traffic for the movies website.
  3. 3. G. Now as basics are done. We start are work on video modules. H. Creating multiple video’s and posting them on different video sharing site and sharing them with targeted people in different social media sites. I. Start dedicated work to create strings on the movie in different movie related sites. Focus will be Delhi and other Punjabi spoken areas. J. Start Blog and Forum commenting for the movie on Blogs and Forums made for Punjabi people.
  4. 4. K. Start international marketing as huge amount Punjabi speaking people stay’s abroad. L. Target those international areas and their community websites to create strings and posts in them regarding our movie. M. Start posting movie’s YouTube video in these international and national Punjabi communities. N. Bring Custom Crowd to Movies YouTube video and website through dedicated crowd and visitor plans. As highly viewed YouTube videos goes more viral and connects to more visitors. O. Our dedicated focus would be Punjabi people around India and world.
  5. 5. A. Create forum for the movie under its own domain name. like or B. Start publishing News letters to different news letter publishing sites about the movie and its characters and its story and many other aspects of it. C. Apply to Top Movie Review sites for listing. D. Posting in Top Article Directories. E. Apply for Wikipedia listing. F. Start dedicated Google and Yahoo Group and start promoting the same.
  6. 6. A. Dedicated Facebook promotion. B. Through Adds. Add campaign will be run targeting Punjabi communities around india. C. Through movie related gossip creation and sharing the same in hundreds of facebook groups and pages specifically targeting Punjabi community. D. Create events and ask people to join on movies release date. E. Encourage young generation to promote the movie themselves. F. Create a buzz on facebook through these above activities.