Lalmonirhat district


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Lalmonirhat district

  1. 1. Lalmonirhat district Lalmonirhat district where the proposed action will be implemented is situated to the north of Bangladesh along side the Indo-Bangladesh international border. It is one of the remote districts of Bangladesh & mostly poor people having no any particular job facilities. The district comprises 5 Nos sub districts having 42 Nos Unions that are either partially or fully is disaster prone area with very poor people those have no any barging capacity. Women laborers get fewer wages rather than her male counter part. Children are working in inhuman status, getting no facilities for education disabled are ignored & leave with the kindness of the people/society. Always they are ignored when they go to U/Z revenue office, U/Z land office or any other office. The overwhelming majority of the people of the district is extremely poor, mostly agricultural worker and resource poor farmer have irregular employment and faced wide spread under employment for the most of the period of the year. It causes uncertain, irregular & poor income that leads them to the situation of hunger, malnutrition & disease infection . The common Symptoms of wide spread poverty & economic misery are reflected in ill health and malnutrition, illiteracy and low school enrollment & low level of hygiene & sanitation practices. Surviving in extreme poverty and ignorance for years in remove areas, the people tends to generate a subculture of poverty characterized by pessimism, acceptance of the miserable conditions of lives, sufferings and deprivations. The women folk under the traditional particularly, suffer double deprivation in extreme economic distress and misery. In this grave negative situation every one try his best for earning all the time for which they don't think of their right whether legal or human right & the people in power structure always avail this scope for deprivation The over whelming majority of the people of the District is extremely poor, monthly agriculture workers & resource poor farmers who have no regular employment & face wide spread unemployment for the most of the period of the year. It causes uncertain, irregular & poor women that leads them to the situation of hunger, malnutrition & disease reflection which directly effect mere disabled child at birth the women folk, under the traditional patriarchy, suffer double deprivation in extreme economic /misery which effects their health conditions resulting more disability in the community. Through new birth of the baby. So far no effective comprehensive initiative enhance the capacity of the persons with disabilities are taken at the community level either by the govt service providers or by the community itself. The U/Ps U/Z local administration at different level cannot play effective roles for the betterment of the disabled due to their inadequate capacity. So to ensure the better life with honor & dignity, for the person with disabilities, more effective & comprehensive actions to be planned out & to be furnished including all level community group/civil society.