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  1. 1. Profile of Kinderhilfswerk (KHW) Station Road Lalmonirhat-5500 Bangladesh
  2. 2. 1. BASIC INFORMATION OF THE ORGANIZATION Name of Organization : Kinderhilfswerk Acronym : KHW Office Address : Kinderhilfswerk (KHW) Station Road Post Office : Lalmonirhat Upazila : Lalmonirhat Sadar District : Lalmonirhat –5500 Bangladesh Contact & Mailing Address : Kinderhilfswerk (KHW) Station Road Post Office : Lalmonirhat Upazila : Lalmonirhat Sadar District : Lalmonirhat –5500 Bangladesh Telephone : 880-591-61755 880 1713 209 509 E-mail :, Name of the Chief Executive : James Ashish Das Executive Director Contact person : James Ashish Das Executive Director Organizational Status : Non Governmental Organization (NGO) Year of Establishment : January, 1976 Place of Establishment : Post Office : Lalmonirhat Upazila : Lalmonirhat Sadar District : Lalmonirhat –5500 Bangladesh. Legal Status : Registration Authority Directorate of Social Welfare NGO Affairs Bureau Registration No. Lal/Sadar 122/2001 FDO-R-2071 Date 30-05- 2001 February 20,2006 Page- 2
  3. 3. 2. KHW BACK GROUND: KHW is non-government, non-political and non-profitable development organization established in 1976. At the time of inception it was a religious organization and providing services to only the Christian minorities. Gradually it transformed into a non-religious organization. Along with it registration from Directorate of Social Welfare it received registration and legal permission work in the country from NGO Affairs Bureau. At present it has been working with all level of participants, which includes men, women and children irrespective of caste, credit, religion and custom. 3. VISION OF KHW: To establish such a society which is just, peaceful, healthy and democratic and where the poor and hard core poor including minorities are empowered, economically self reliant and enjoy an equitable and secured environment. 4. MISSION STATEMENT OF KHW: To bring positive and sustainable change in the lives of the disadvantaged, vulnerable and marginalized men, women and children through undertaking community driven and need based development program interventions. 5. GOAL OF KHW: To improve the livelihood security of the poor and extreme poor men, women and children including minorities and disabled through undertaking various need based sustainable development programs. 6. OBJECTIVES OF THE ORGANIZATION: • To improve the economic security of the poor and extreme through capacity building, skills development and ensuring their involvement in Income Generating Activities. • To empower the poor, extreme poor men, women and children including disabled and minorities in the society. • To establish rights of poor men, women and children including disabled and minorities. • To establish strong working relationship with the government authorities and support the initiatives and efforts of the government as a development partner • To ensure the involvement and participation of all stakeholders in the development process. • To increase the educational status of the poor through early childhood, child and adult literacy program. • To play advocacy role in favor of poor and extreme poor people. • To increase the health status of the poor and extreme poor people through undertaking need based diversified health related program initiatives such as Health Care, Family Planning, Water & Sanitation including Hygiene practice and HIV/AIDS. • To increase the agro based production for ensuring the food and nutritional security. • To protect he people from disaster through preparedness and management related services. • To environment from degradation and pollution 7. KHW VALUES 1. Gender equity 2. Honesty, Integrity and Sincerity 3. Transparency and Accountability 4. Cost Consciousness and sound management of resources 5. Concern for Environment 6. Quality services 7. Discipline 8. EXISTING PROJECT/PROGRAM OF KHW AND KEY ACTIVITIES: SL# Project/Program Key Activities 1 Child Sponsorship a) Door to door visit b) Identifying needy children and orphan Program from age of 5-10 c) Feasibility analysis d) Providing training so that they can become self reliant and e) Providing financial Page- 3
  4. 4. support considering the necessity 2 Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion a) Sinking of Tube wells b) Installation of pit latrine c) Motivation on personal hygiene practice and d) Establishment of WatSan committee at Union and Upazila level. 3 Health Care and a) Motivation b) Awareness raising c) Pre and post netal care Family Planning and counseling d) Immunization e) Referral service. 4 Disaster Management a) Community based preparedness b) Awareness raising c) Project Contingency planning d) Information management, e) Disaster assessment and f) Response considering the disaster type. 5 Feed Center a) Selecting extreme poor children b) Providing Education materials c) Providing education d) Providing lunch (food) to the children and c) Providing development and rights education In addition to these above programs, KHW is implementing below mentioned support programs: 9. Policy Advocacy & Networking Day Observation Training OPERATIONAL AREAS: Country District Bangladesh 10. - 01 District # of Union Lalmonirhat Total Upazila Lalmonirhat sadar 05 Upazila TARGET GROUP/PARTICIPANTS/BENEFICIARIES Landless and marginal farmer Hard core/extreme poor. Backward, vulnerable and disadvantaged men, women and children including adolescent, disabled and minorities irrespective of caste, creed, culture, religion and ethnicity. Indigenous people All class of people for Health, Family Planning and HIV/AIDS 11. TOTAL NUMBER OF BENEFICIARIES OF THE ORGANIZATION: (as of December, 2009) Male Female Children Total 170 170 12. STAFF POSITION OF THE ORGANIZATION: Number of Staff: Male-16 Female- 3 Number of Volunteer: Nil 13. FUNDING INFORMATION: Name of Donor Total : 19 Project /Activities Funding Duration Remarks Page- 4
  5. 5. 14. TOTAL YEARLY BUDGET OR THE ORGANIZATION: TK. 70,00,000 for the year 2012) 15. BANK ACCOUNTS AND SIGNATORIES : Name of Bank Standard Chartered Bank Bogra Branch Bogra, Bangladesh 16. Account Number Signatories 01-1606891-01 Chairman, Executive Director and Treasurer MANAGEMENT STRUCTURE AND LEADERSHIP PATTERN KHW perceives that in order to ensure the sustainable development for the poor there is no alternative of participatory development process. Therefore, in the development process KHW ensure participation of all level personnel involved with the organization which includes General Body, Executive Committee, Staff of all level and other stakeholders. General Body members elect the Executive Committee Members for a period of 2 years. General Body is the supreme authority of the organization. The general body confirms the yearly organizational activities and accounts. Executive Committee is accountable for effective program management, administration, financial controlling, reviewing and approval of the ongoing projects. Executive Director play role as a chief executive of the organization and responsible to the EC, for the management and implementation of organizational activities. Project Managers (in charge) and accountant is reporting to the Executive Director of KHW. Front line staff reports to their respective supervisors and line managers. 17. ACCOUNTABILITY OF THE ORGANIZATION: 1) The general committee/body is the supreme authority of the Organization. General Body exercising the supreme power of the organization. 2) The organization is accountable to the Executive Committee for its activities. As per constitution, KHW management is responsible to the Executive Committee for the effective management of the Organization and the program and for proper utilization of resources received from sources. 3) The EC always monitor the activities of Accounts Section for ensuring the good accounting. 4) KHW management is accountable to the Upazila, District Administration for its activities. KHW is participating in the coordination meeting organized by the local Administration and submitting reports on a regular basis. 5) KHW is also accountable to its beneficiaries for the activities and services 18. - ORGANIZATIONAL TRANSPARENCY : KHW is transparent to the participants. It is always very much open to the participants/ beneficiaries especially about information. KHW is also transparent to the Counterpart and Partners KHW never try to hide any information to the stakeholders it is working with. KHW is maintaining close touch with Government and providing all necessary information to the authorities at the Upazila, District and National level. 19. OVAILABILITY OF RESOURCES: Sl.No. Name of Assets/Materials 01. Computer 02. Telephone 03. Micro Bus 04. Motor Cycle 05. TV and VCD 06. White Board Quantity 03 01 01 02 01 set 02 Location Lalmonirhat Head Office Lalmonirhat Head Office Lalmonirhat Head Office Lalmonirhat Head Office Lalmonirhat Head Office Lalmonirhat Head Office Remarks Page- 5
  6. 6. 07. 08. 09. 10. Lecture Dias Multimedia Well equipped Training Center Sound Box 02 01 01 01 set Lalmonirhat Head Office Lalmonirhat Head Office Lalmonirhat Head Office Lalmonirhat Head Office Along with the above resources organization has some training materials including White board. 20. KHW ORGANOGRAM: Executive Committee Executive Director Accountant Coordinator Project Manager Super visor Warden Private Tutor Office Guards and Cook Page- 6
  7. 7. 21. KHW GOVERNANCE: KHW has two Body or Committee: 1. General Body/Committee 2. Executive Committee/ body # of General Body Member: 23 Executive Committee Members are as follows: SL# Name Position Sex Profession Chairman Male Social Work Male Social Work Stadium Road,lalmonirhat Male Development Service Mission House, Lalmonirhat 1 Mr. Livingstone Halder 2 Mr.Bimol Indu Sarker 3 Mr. James Ashish Das 4 Mrs. Biva Ropy Treasurer Female Social Work 5 Mrs. Shima Das Assistant Secretary female Development Service 6 Mr. Moni Roy Member Male Private Service 7 Mrs. Surobala Roy Member Female Social Work Vice Chairman General Secretary and Executive Director Address Haribhanga, Lalmonirhat Surki Mill, Lalmonirhat Barabari, Lalmonirhat Borobari, Lalmonirhat Barabari, Lalmonirhat The information provided is current and reliable. James Ashish Das Executive Director Kinderhilfswerk (KHW) Mobile: 8801713 209509 Page- 7