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Seo training


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Seo training from extensive ideas give you a great Career. With training from you should get that dream work or job from home and office both to receive healthy and satisfying pay packets that you deserve.

Omkar Nath Nandi Digital Marketing Expert
Address: FL-G3, Shoila Kutir, South, Shibachal, Birati, Kolkata, West Bengal 700051
Phone:078900 02020

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Seo training

  1. 1. Career in Social Media Optimization and Search Engine Optimization Social Media has changed the way we communicate and think. Our working and even corporate working as well gets a lift up due to the increasing presence of social media. If we take social media from the time of orkut then there was another famous way to communicate that was yahoo messanger’s chat groups. Facebook has bought a revolutionary change followed by Google+. Now with them many others are introducing social media functions in their website’s to increase interactions among the users or buyers. So, What is the benefit of using social media? Social Media is a common social group spread across different geographical areas with people from different sections of society joining together to form social communications through images and messages. This has helped people connect easily and with increasing accessibility of internet and handheld internet devices the spread of social networks and search engines have a radical and path breaking impact the way marketing was done earlier. This has opened gateways for millions of online workers who now work to create content, optimize websites, build websites, build online software’s and provide social media optimization services. With this many other works that was their earlier still continues like data banking, manpower management, security infrastructure management etc. I will start the article with few examples’ to show you how today’s businesses, politicians and marketing campaigns are conducted. If we see case studies done by facebook on its pages dedicated for products, brands and people they all are providing more customer’s, better branding and better profile building. Now coming to the real question, How much one can expect to earn as a social media optimizer, search engine optimizer, web designer and developer. Here we won’t discuss the web design and development part as that is already a proved path to successful career. We will talk about areas which have just started growing such as social media optimization and search engine optimization. Earning Scope in Social Media Optimization: There is a huge scope to work with leading brands, people or companies who are promoting others. The basic salary that a social media optimizer without experience can be between 8,000 to 10,000 that can grow to 15,000 to 20,000 as a 1 year experience holder with solid accounts as a referral of work. Many type of works are
  2. 2. emerging in social media optimization sector and will keep growing this is a positive sign of constantly increasing salary and demand of quality manpower. Earning Scope in Search Engine Optimization : It’s the main function through which leads are generated these days with lesser amount of investment than print media/ TV adds. It also builds on brand, increases scope for organizations and increased first page appearance on highly competitive keywords helps bring more investment as well. So SEO professional’s requirement have already become compulsory and gradually they will become integrated part of the organization as marketing and many other teams looks forward to their work to get calls and highlight companies strength. Here also salary scales’s are salary scales are like social media optimizers like, without experience can be between 8,000 to 10,000 that can grow to 15,000 to 20,000 as a 1 year experience holder. This is an indicative salary and they can go beyond Rs 50,000 for right candidate within 1 year as well. We at train you to be one of the best Optimizer. Author : Omkar Nath Nandi Position : CEO, Extensive Ideas Company : Address : South sibachal, birati, kolkata - 51 Kolkata, WB 700051, 098 36 375842 Likedin : Ph : +91-9836375842