Quit Smoking Now Without Cravings, Nervousness or Gaining Weight!


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Yes, You Can Quit Smoking! Learn How I Quit Smoking Without The Painful Cravings Of Nicotine -- While Only Gaining 1.2 Pounds -- In Just 3 Weeks!

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Quit Smoking Now Without Cravings, Nervousness or Gaining Weight!

  1. 1. “How To Quit Smoking!” By Robert Davis Now You Can Kick The Habit, Take Immediate Control Of Your Life – And Live Smoke-Free! You now own the redistribution and reprint rights to this book! It’s yours free! Pass this report to another smoker!
  2. 2. About the author… Once a die-hard chain smoker, Robert Davis couldn’t even live without a cigarette! After researching dozens of methods to quitting smoking he unlocked the mystery of why people smoke and how to use it to quit smoking. His breakthrough strategies and techniques have changed people’s lives all over the world by quitting smoking. Robert is the author of… “Quitting Smoking Exposed” …Even if it feels like torture in a chamber without a cigarette -- no matter how many times you've fallen smack flat on your face and started smoking again!"  www.MrExSmoker.com He enjoys meeting ex-smokers, playing golf, and of course – enjoying the fresh air!
  3. 3. If you feel like your spinning your wheels trying to quit… I wrote this report especially for you!  Dear Smoker, Everytime the urge hits you to smoke…you’re gonna light up no matter what. And every cigarette you smoke draws your life closer to a disease that will cut your life shorter by 10 – 15 years. But the problem is you’ve tried quitting smoking and failed. So how do we once and for all put away this dreaded habit? Here’s why you really smoke. The answer might shock you! Before we get started I want to mention a crucial point that every smoker must know! Large tobacco companies want you to think that it's a struggle to quit smoking. A tough battle that can be barely won. But here is something they don't want you to know… Smoking is nothing but a mental addiction! Yeah, you might think I've lost my marbles but I'll prove it to you. Here's some examples of your mental addiction: • You crave the taste of cigarettes. • If you want to relax you light up. • If you run into a problem cigarettes help you to think clearer. • You smoke a cigarette after a meal. • You smoke a cigarette after you wake up. • You smoke a cigarette after completing something (as a reward). • You smoke while your with your friends. • And the list goes on!!!!!!!! This is why you smoke! It's NOT the nicotine. (FYI: One little drop of liquid nicotine can lethally kill you on the spot!) So if you think nicotine is your problem you'd already be dead. Again, mental addiction!
  4. 4. So how do we tackle your mental addiction? First, you’ve got to start tracking your smoking habit. Tracking allows you to acutely become aware of exactly what your habit is. (Don't worry, it's a really simple process :) Without tracking it’s like shooting at a target in the dark. You’ll never know what you want to achieve until you know exactly what it is. And that is exactly what tracking does! It allows you to watch how much you are smoking and how much you will continue to smoke in the future if you don’t do something about it. Of course this is just the first step in dismantling your habit. Tracking your habit is a little tricky. If you start tracking the wrong things then your doing yourself no good. I’m not going to get into tracking here since it would cover at least 10 pages. I go into tracking in detail in my breakthrough program on quitting smoking called “Quitting Smoking Exposed!” How To Break That Darned Hand-To-Mouth Addiction! Do you ever wonder why you smoke although you know deep down you don’t want to? It’s NOT because you are 110% addicted to smoking. You see, all smokers have two addictions: 1)Nicotine: This is of course because of the chemicals contained within the cigarette. But this is not the main reason of why you smoke 1 or 2 packs a day. I already went over this. It’s because…. 2)Hand-to-mouth: Now that you’ve been smoking for years you’ve have built this habitual habit of keeping your hands and fingers busy with a cigarette. This is where most of your smoking has done. The truth is that I don’t care how much you smoke! The most any smoker needs for their nicotine cravings is 4 cigarettes per day. Any more than that is because of your hand-to-mouth routine. Just think about it when you smoke. Isn’t it sometimes because your hands feel bored and need something to do? Yeah, I know I’m right! It’s all hand-to-mouth! If you’re trying to quit smoking you don’t want to mimic a cigarette!
  5. 5. A lot of nicotine replacement therapy products do this (nicotine inhalers). That won’t do you an ounce of good. That would be counter-productive! 9 Tips To Quit Smoking... Without Gaining Weight! Does quitting smoking seem like such a burden because you're gaining weight? Living a smoke-free life while putting off those pounds is not impossible. I personally quit smoking and gained only 1.2 pounds using the exact techniques I'm about to share with you. So why do you gain weight when you quit smoking? 1. Nicotine keeps the body weight low so when you quit smoking, your body weight increases to when you didn't smoke. 2. A need for fewer calories. After you stop smoking, you may use fewer calories than when you were a smoker. Use these 9 tips to turn the scale in your favor: 1. First off, the majority of smokers gain very little if any weight after quitting smoking! I don't know about you but I'd rather live a smoke-free life and worry about burning the pounds off later. 2. Most people (who do gain weight after quitting smoking) gain only an average of 4.6 lbs. 3. Smoking speeds up the metabolism, so when you quit, you will have a decrease in your metabolic rate by about 200 calories per day. If you change neither your diet nor exercise, you may gain weight (there are 3500 calories in one pound of fat) at the rate of about 1/2 lb per week. 4. To maintain your weight after quitting smoking, decrease your caloric intake by about 200 calories per day to maintain your level. Doing this will help balance your caloric intake to the same level when you were smoking 5. One of the best ways to maintain your weight after quitting is increasing physical activity by 200 calories per day. Another technique is to take all the money you've saved from not buying cigarettes and spend that towards your monthly gym bill. Not only will you feel more strongly about not smoking, but also you're balancing your caloric intake. If you don't want to spend the money you're saving on cigarettes then take a two-mile walk after work. 6. If you really want to put off those pounds then combine both tips 2 & 3.
  6. 6. 7. Get enough sleep. When you feel tired you're more likely to crave cigarettes and food. 8. Try not to do things that tempt you to smoke or eat when you are not hungry. Simply keep a journal of where and when you feel most tempted to smoke and avoid these situations. Substitute healthy activities for smoking to help you avoid the urge to smoke or eat when you are not hungry. 9. As always smoking is the greatest threat to your life. Gaining only a few pounds is nothing compared to emphysema, lung cancer or anything else you get from years of smoking. How To Take The Pleasure Out Of Smoking... Painlessly! Want an easy, simple way of taking the pleasure out of smoking? Great! Let’s get moving…. What brand of cigarettes do you dislike smoking most? Camels unfiltered? Newport menthols? Virginia Slims? Whatever they maybe – make them the next pack you buy! What? You ask. Buy cigarettes I hate? Yeah! Here’s why… You can’t quit all at once (better known as cold turkey), you must quit little by little. And the first little by little of this program is your favorite brand. Certainly this is going to take out the little bit of pleasure you think you’re getting from smoking. So the next time you belly up to the counter start disrupting your habit by purchasing a brand you don’t like! This will bring your conscious mind something your body has been saying since the day you started smoking. Your mind is saying you really don’t like doing this and want to stop. Won’t it be easier to quit a brand you already hate? What you’ve just read is a small excerpt of…
  7. 7. “Quitting Smoking Exposed!” …Even if it feels like torture in a chamber without a cigarette -- no matter how many times you've fallen smack flat on your face and started smoking again!"  www.MrExSmoker.com