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Emma cartmell sxsw presentation 2014


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Emma's SXSW Healthcare IT Panel

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Emma cartmell sxsw presentation 2014

  1. 1. Emma Cartmell Partner at Exsede How do we Facilitate Innovation in Healthcare?
  2. 2. Abstract A panel discussion to facilitate innovation in HIT between VC’s, Entrepreneurs, and the provider community. We will discuss the issues, challenges and opportunities that exist in the market around HIT innovation. You will learn: • What the needs are within the user community that represent opportunity for innovation • What challenges entrepreneurs face in bringing products to market • What criteria investors expect to see before funding a health IT company
  3. 3. Emma Cartmell Partner @ Exsede • Founder @ Exsede • President @ Austin HIMSS Chapter • Previously –COO @ Nantworks Healthcare Fund –COO @ Abraxis Bioscience –VP Advanced Healthcare @ SAIC
  4. 4. Jeremy Jauncey Founder of Tictrac • Founder @ Tictrac • Advisory Board @ One Hundred Years • Member @ Entrepreneurs Organization • Formerly – Managing Director @ Next Jump Ltd.
  5. 5. Philip Sanger, MD Managing Director of TEXO Ventures • Founder and Chairman @ TEXO ventures • Founder @ The Sanger Learning Center @ University of Texas • Formerly: – Founder @ Medicare-Advantage Health Plan – Founder @ Intercede Health – Launched HealthSpring – Acquired by Cigna for $3.8B
  6. 6. Mike Millard Director of Innovation @ Seaton • Director of Innovation @ Seaton Healthcare • Formerly: – Director of Research @ Austin Ventures – Director of Technology Commercialization / New Venture Creation
  7. 7. Matt Walton Founder @ RED Method • Founder @ RED Method • Formerly: – Creative Director @ Frog Design – Director of Product Management / UX @ Bank of America
  8. 8. VC Questions • Explain the criteria you take into consideration before investing in a Health IT Company? • What scares you the most about HIT investments? • Innovators are not always expert business people – how do you overcome this? • Where do you get your pipeline of potential investments? – How do you meet prospects? • What do you think about Health IT Start-up Accelerator’s – Are they helping to produce an investment pipeline?
  9. 9. HIT Start-up CEO Questions • How did you get the funding to start your company? • How did you bring your company to market? • How do you innovate in a heavily regulated market? • How do you integrate with proprietary legacy solutions? – Are the legacy vendors willing to work with you?
  10. 10. Provider Organization Questions • How receptive are you and your colleagues to proposals for innovative technologies outside of what’s mandated? • What does it take for you to take a risk on a smaller innovative company?
  11. 11. General Panel Questions • What is your advice to someone who believes they have a great idea for a new product / service? • What exciting innovations do you expect in 2014?
  12. 12. Contact Information Emma Cartmell 703-678-5525 @exsede