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Radioactive Elements


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Here's a definition of radioactive elements and as well as the list of common radioactive elements.

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Radioactive Elements

  1. 1. Radioactive elements are elements that have an unstable nucleus. When the nuclei are considered unstable they radiate alpha, beta, and gamma radiation and is converted into a stable element. Elements are considered radioactive if they are
  2. 2. Luminous watch Smoke detector X-ray Uranium glass/ Vaseline glass Ceramics Glass lantern mantle
  3. 3. HYDROGEN (H)Atomic number 1Atomic mass number 3Decay type Beta Decay (β-)Half life 12 years
  4. 4. RADIUM (Ra)Atomic number 88Atomic mass number 225Decay type Beta Decay (β-)Half life 15 days
  5. 5. Radium (Ra)Atomic number 88Atomic mass number 224Decay type AlphaHalf life 4 days
  6. 6. Uranium (U)Radioacti Atomic Atomic Decay Half life ve number mass typeelement numberUranium 92 233 Alpha 162,000 (U) yearsUranium 92 234 Alpha 248,000 (U) yearsUranium 92 235 Alpha 713 (U) million yearsUranium 92 236 Alpha 23.9 (U) million yearsUranium 92 238 Alpha 4.51
  7. 7. Polonium (Po)Atomic number 84Atomic mass number 210Decay type AlphaHalf life 138 days
  8. 8. Carbon (C)Atomic number 6Atomic mass number 14Decay type Beta Decay (β-)Half life 5,730 years
  9. 9. Technetium (Tc)Atomic number 43Atomic mass number 99Decay type Beta Decay (β-), GammaHalf life 210,000 years
  10. 10. Iodine (I)Radioac Atomic Atomic Decay Half tive number mass type lifeelemen numbe t r Iodine (I) 53 129 Beta Decay 17.2 million (β-), Gamma yearsIodine (I)v 53 131 Beta Decay 8 days (β-), GammaIodine (I) 53 134 Beta Decay 52 minutes (β-), Gamma
  11. 11. Lead (Pb)Atomic number 82Atomic mass number 210Decay type Beta Decay (β-), GammaHalf life 21 years
  12. 12. Cesium (Cs) 134 &137Atomic number 55Atomic mass number 134, 137Decay type Beta Decay (β-), GammaHalf life 2 years, 30 years
  13. 13. Plutonium (Pu)239Atomic number 94Atomic mass number 239Decay type AlphaHalf life 24,390 years