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expressor 3 0 product update


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expressor 3 0 product update

  1. 1. expressor 3.0 update November 2010
  2. 2. copyright  2010 expressor software corporation2 Company  Established in 2007  Leading provider of affordable, enterprise-class data integration software  Led by experienced management team  Technical founders have very strong data warehousing and DI background  Received over 20 Mill in funding; main investors are Commonwealth Capital Ventures, Globespan Capital Partners and Sigma Partners  Launching expressor 3.0 later this fall  Headquartered in Burlington, MA
  3. 3. copyright  2010 expressor software corporation3 Case study: Award-winning global leader in the lifestyle footwear
  4. 4. copyright  2010 expressor software corporation4 expressor 3.0 - what’s new • Downloadable, free, enterprise-class data integration application • Build and run your first app in minutes • Game-changing ease to use • Embedded fast engine New expressor Studio • Simplified data mapping through unique name and type rationalization • Powerful business rules definition and management Next evolution in semantic integration • New Workspace management seamlessly supports small and large project teams • Flexible, tiered Project Library capability to greatly enhance reuse, governance, and team development Improved architecture • High-performance connectivity support for all major RDBMSs and data warehouse appliances • Generic ODBC connectivity Connectivity improvements • Recent Teradata load benchmark test results show linear scaling of the expressor 3.0 Data Processing Engine • Exceeded loading 400,000 rows / second with 8 channels Blazing fast parallel processing • Blogs, Forums, Tutorials, Knowledge Base, On-line Documentation • Free Community support New Community Center
  5. 5. copyright  2010 expressor software corporation5 expressor Studio 3.0  Free & downloadable  Game-changing ease-of-use – Build & run your first app in minutes – Simplified, reusable data mappings  Enterprise-class DI application – Embedded, fast engine  Supported by new Community Center – Tutorials, knowledge base, forums, blogs, online documentation  Public beta starts November 8
  6. 6. copyright  2010 expressor software corporation6 expressor Studio 3.0 State-of-the-art DI application with game-changing usability
  7. 7. copyright  2010 expressor software corporation7 Traditional Point-to-point vs. Canonical Mapping Point-to-point Mapping (traditional ETL) Semantic Types improve time-to-value through greater reuse and simplified data mappings Canonical Mapping (expressor 3.0) Semantic Type
  8. 8. copyright  2010 expressor software corporation8 Semantic types – Example acc_num string Account_no integer acc_num string Account_no integer acc_num string Account_no integer Account_no integer Without Semantic types, additional transformations are required to perform type transformations, apply business constraints, and implement name mappings. With Semantic types, these data rules and constraints are captured and applied on input and output as well as throughout the entire dataflow ensuring consistent and reusable business semantics.
  9. 9. copyright  2010 expressor software corporation9 expressor high-performance parallel Data Processing Engine (1) expressor Data Processing Engine Pipeline Parallelism Hybrid multi-process / multi-threading architecting Source Target
  10. 10. copyright  2010 expressor software corporation10 expressor Data Processing Engine Partition Parallelism Hybrid multi-process / multi-threading architecting Source Target expressor high-performance parallel Data Processing Engine (2)
  11. 11. copyright  2010 expressor software corporation11 expressor 3.0 - architecture expressor Studio expressor Repository expressor Data Processing Engine Version Management Permissions Metadata reporting Enterprise deployment Partition Parallelism Win Server / Linux Standard / Enterprise Editions Community Edition
  12. 12. copyright  2010 expressor software corporation12 expressor 3.0 – enterprise-class DI  Industry-leading performance & scalability  Reusable business rules and project artifacts  Ability to handle complex data and transformations  Powerful scripting capabilities  High-performance database connectivity  Support for collaborative team development  Comprehensive version and application lifecycle management expressor is a full-function DI platform for all your data integration needs
  13. 13. copyright  2010 expressor software corporation13 expressor Enterprise Edition (expressor 3.1) expressor Standard Edition expressor Community Edition expressor offers a very affordable DI platform • Easy-to-use ETL application development • Reusable business rules • Fast, embedded data processing engine • True multi-channel “partition” parallelism • Collaborative team development (SVN) • Easy application deployment • Role-based development • Metadata reporting • Low-latency processing + +
  14. 14. copyright  2010 expressor software corporation14 expressor innovative usage-based pricing  Free expressor Studio 3.0 Community Edition  expressor 3.0 Standard Edition • no charge development tools • no charge for connectors • no charge for metadata repository (version mgmt.) – Usually licensed via bundles: • Standard SE bundle = $30,000 – 3 two-year channels – 1 week of mentoring • Premium SE bundle = $60,000 – 6 two-year channels – 2 weeks mentoring – 1 week on-site training • (Additional) two-year term channel = $10,000 expressor favorably competes on price with mainstream DI competitors
  15. 15. copyright  2010 expressor software corporation15 expressor 3.0 “ expressor offers a compelling combination of high performance, affordable pricing and innovative ease of use. We are also quite impressed with the quality of the expressor team and the steps they have taken to shake up the marketplace. Barry Galbreath, business analytics manager, Sketchers