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How to choose the right mattress


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Choosing the right mattress doesn't have to be stressful. There are many options to choose from and we will help you find the right one for you.

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How to choose the right mattress

  1. 1. How to choose the right mattress Express Furniture Warehouse
  2. 2. How have you been sleeping? • It’s a simple question but it is very important • If you haven’t been getting a full night sleep, wake up exhausted, or achy your mattress could be the suspect • You might need a new mattress to get the rest you need
  3. 3. How to pick the right mattress? • There are two types of mattresses you should consider • Innerspring and memory foam mattresses are the two choices • There are different benefits to each type of mattress
  4. 4. Innerspring Mattress • Innerspring mattresses are a popular option and have been around for a long time • These mattresses come with different levels of firmness and comfort • People have used this type of mattress for a while and tend to build trust with it and a great night sleep
  5. 5. How does an innerspring mattress work? • These mattresses use a steel coil support system along with different spring systems for enhanced feel • Spring mattress offer more support than foam mattresses and can help keep you feeling comfortable
  6. 6. The process behind memory foam • Foam mattresses are relatively new, since around the 90’s • Memory foam uses a special polyurethane material to make each mattress a memory board • Polyurethane also allows the foam to conform to pressure, allowing the mattress to remember how you sleep
  7. 7. Memory foam • These mattresses offer great pressure point relief • Due to their breathability these mattresses also may be cool to the touch • The special foam in the mattresses helps to make each night sleep perfect and unique
  8. 8. Choosing the firmness • Choosing the firmness of your mattress is key for your sleep • The firmness will specific to you will help you get a better nights sleep • There are three types of firmness you need to consider
  9. 9. Ultra or Extra Firm • If you sleep on your back this type of firmness is perfect • The negative to this type of mattress is if you are side sleeper you will not feel that same amount of comfort as those who sleep on their back
  10. 10. Firm • This type of mattress will give you a solid feel which is perfect once again for back sleepers • This mattress is also great for stomach sleepers • It is possible for side sleepers to get a comfortable night sleep but that is up to the individual
  11. 11. Plush/Soft • This mattress uses thicker and softer material which is ideal for side sleepers • Stomach sleepers might not enjoy the level of thickness with the layers • When you shop try to spend a few minutes resting on each type to better figure out what you like
  12. 12. Which mattress is better for you? • Finding the right mattress for you doesn’t have to be a huge task • For more information on cheap mattresses NYC and the mattresses we offer check out our website