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Sports goods exporters


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Sports goods exporters

  1. 1. Sports Goods Exporters, Expect High Profits ! For a change we don't need an octopus to predict if the Sports Goods Exporters and manufacturers will post better profits this year or not ! With many, major sports events lined up including the about to be concluded FIFA Football World Cup 2010, the upcoming Commonwealth games and the icing on the cake - the cricket world cup (scheduled for early next year) - have together fuelled the demand of sports equipment like never before and without a doubt, the sports goods exporters aren't complaining. There have been tough times for these exporters and suppliers in the past and these international events have given them an opportunity to strike back, reap the benefits and break even, even in this troublesome economy. Most of the sports goods suppliers who deal in fitness equipment, training equipment, soccer accessories, ground marker, sports equipment, cricket bat, cricket ball, rugby accessories, track accessories etc. are optimistic of ending this year on a high. To the surprise of many sports goods manufacturers the main source of getting bulk orders has been the web. Online B2B portals provides an ideal platform to these exporters for promoting their products at a global level. These portals offers several value-added services and products to the exporters to ensure maximum visibility for their products and helps in finding the right buyers. No doubt, the effectiveness of these portals in helping companies reach the target audience has helped them gain popularity among the exim community. "Initially we didn't think much about these portals and thought that they may not deal in accordance with our requirement, however we were pleasantly surprised to see the number of queries we receive through them and have decided to focus more on the online promotion to get better export orders." said one of the sports goods exporter, echoing the sentiments of others. Sports don’t just keep one fit, infact, now with the influx of corporate money into it, many are taking it as a serious career option. No wonder, one can easily see the rise of sports academies and various training institutions all over. These academies in return are fuelling the further demand for sports goods much to the delight of sports equipment manufacturers. If you are a sports good manufacturer or exporter , don't forget to get listed on the B2B portals and laugh your way to the bank ! If you would like to know more about how can you profit, click on Sports Goods Suppliers You might also like: • Home Furnishing Exporters sitting on a goldmine ! • Packaging Machinery Exporters set to scale new heights ! • Fasteners Suppliers : Quality scores over Quantity • Fashion Accessories Suppliers Expect Strong Sales • Leather Bags Exporters Await Their Moment of Glory !