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Fasteners suppliers

  1. 1. Fasteners Suppliers : Quality scores over Quantity I am not an avid telewatcher , though once in a while I don't mind catching up with Discovery's - Seconds Before Disaster. This serial analyses and probes into the possible reasons of infamous past accidents and disasters . In one of the episode, they focused on what led to the destruction of the mighty TITANIC ship. They tried various theories and in the end concluded, that it was the low quality rivet which led to the breakage of such a mighty ship. Think about it again, a rivet (a type of fastener) was the weakest link in the chain, leading to one of the worst disasters of the world . Can you believe it ? Here is another one : Boeing Co. has recently halted flight tests on its new 787 jet after finding that some of the planes have improperly installed fasteners in the tail. Don't you think , we don't realize even for a second, what an important role - rivets sand fasteners, play in our lives and we almost take them for granted. From the chair that we sit on, to the bed we sleep, the automobiles we travel, in almost every hook and corner of our life, rivets and fasteners play a life saving role. For those who don't know what a fastener is , here is the definition: A Fastener is the universal component that is used for creating non-permanent joints and a rivet is a permanent mechanical fastener. The most popular type of fasteners available include screws, nuts, bolts, rivets, retaining rings, pipe plugs, pins, panel fasteners, clinch studs, bolts, bits, and anchors. Industrial fasteners are different from the one used in residential building. Aeroplane's fasteners are different from the one used in boats and ships. Fasteners are usually classified according to the material that is used for manufacturing them which could be stainless steel, copper, heavy iron or titanium . Fasteners serve a basic yet an important purpose and have acquired great importance in almost every industry . Each component in a machinery or vehicle is dependent upon the fasteners that hold it together. A small glitch here and there and you have an accident in the waiting. Fastener suppliers adhere to highest quality standards to ensure nothing goes wrong from their end Needless to say, Fastener industry is quite competitive and the fastener suppliers across the globe remain in business throughout the year. If you are interested in buying the fasteners in bulk click on fastener suppliers You might also like: • Home Furnishing Exporters sitting on a goldmine ! • Fashion Accessories Suppliers Expect Strong Sales • Packaging Machinery Exporters set to scale new heights ! • Indian Carpets Suppliers bank on Online B2B Marketplace • Beads Exporters and Manufacturers Rejoice !