CloudCon 2012 Keynote Address


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  • LeadershipMany elected officials previously worked in the private sector and are comfortable with the idea of cloud based services based on their use of commercial cloud services.Public PerceptionGrowing population of citizens who are using Cloud based services as consumers and feelings that government should move more quickly to adopt cloud type solutions.Changing City staff work forceNew IT employees are more skilled and comfortable with cloud based solutions then current legacy systems and use them on a daily basis.Budget ShortfallsFiscal shortfalls in government budget demands 10%–20% reductions annual in departments operating budgets on for each of the last 4 years.CostTotal Cost of Ownership for Cloud services can be lower cost then traditional IT Systems. Cost avoidance of hardware and software upgrades are significant.Speed to ImplementSolutions can be implemented in weeks or months instead of yearsScalabilityCloud based solutions can be started small as a pilot as scaled up to a citywide production systemDisaster ReadinessCloud based systems are designed with better disaster readiness then traditional stand alone systems
  • CloudCon 2012 Keynote Address

    1. 1. San Francisco Innovation and Cloud Journey Jon Walton Chief Information Officer 1
    2. 2. San Francisco GovernmentCombined City and County Government Structure Elected Mayor and 11 Supervisors Over 800,000 residents Annual Budget of $7.4 billion Over 25,000 city and county staff 60 departments “Highly decentralized and independent….”
    3. 3. San Francisco Drivers for Change and Adoption of IT Cloud ServicesCulture Shift IT Benefits• Leadership • Cost• Public Perception • Speed to Implement• Changing work force • Scalability• Budget Shortfalls! • Disaster Readiness!“I want us to ask “The Australian “NIST Issues Cloud Computingourselves every government has Guidelines for Managing Securityday, how are we issued its finalised and Privacy.”using technology - NIST Tech Beat, 2012 guide forto make a real governmentdifference in “EU policy-makers roll out red agencies looking topeople’s lives.” carpet for cloud adoption.” move to the cloud.”– President Barack Obama - The Channel, David McLeman - Josh Taylor, ZDNet
    4. 4. Having Less can Lead to Innovation Budget Savings Decisions Result in “Cloud First” Policy & Operations Reduce staff expense through position reductions Email WCM System Permit System Reduce expenses Private Cloud VM’s through deferred Social Media hardware replacement 4
    6. 6. Cloud-Based EmailCity Departments are migrating to cloud-based Email system (MicrosoftOffice 365). The City consolidated 7 different email systems into a singlecloud-based solution that delivers greater security and easier cross-department collaboration.• 25,000 Users with 25 Gig storage each.• Adding SharePoint, Lync, and Online Documents.• Improved Security and Disaster Readiness. 6
    7. 7. Virtual Data Centers and Virtual Severs in SF Private Cloud• Moved from a 20,000+ sq.ft. data center to 3,000 sq.ft. in a Co-Location facility.• So far during the project the city has virtualized over 700 servers around the city, has begun construction a small shared city owned data center, and is standardizing on EMC, NetApp, UCS, Commvault, and VMware technology.• Positive results of the project include; • Over $3M in data center equipment cost avoidance • Critical services in a Tier 2 data centers • PUE at new data center is under 1.6 • 3,000,000 kilowatt hours saved • Carbon savings equivalent to taking 600 cars off the road and planting 12,000 trees 7
    8. 8. Cloud-Based WCMThe city replaced an old premise basedWeb Content Management (WCM) systemwith a cloud-based WCM system (Vision)allowing 300+ employees (withoutengineering skills) to easily and quicklypublish content on 100+ City web sites. 8
    9. 9. Cloud Services for Video StreamingThe City also leverages cloud based solutions (Granicus and YouTube) toserve Terabytes of video content in both live and pre-recorded format withthe goal of increasing public access to government information. 9
    10. 10. Web Streaming & MobileCloud based video streaming services have been integrated with the SFGovmobile app to enable citizens to watch or listen video of public meetingsanytime anywhere just by using their smartphone (IOS & Android). CIO 100 Award – 2012 Hermes Creative Award – 2012 Horizon Interactive Award – 2012 PTI Solutions Award – 2012 Sunny Transparency Award - 2012“IT professionals and CIOs mustunderstand the nexus forces of mobileand cloud, which are closelyrelated, because many mobile appsand solutions will exploit cloudservices.” 10- Gartner, The Future of Mobile Cloud, Sept. 2012
    11. 11. Leverage Social MediaSocial media cloud solutions aregreat for engaging residents anddelivering customer service. TheCity has been able toaccumulate and reach a largeaudience online. Most Cityagencies now have a presenceon Facebook, Twitter or bothand are consistently activeusers. 11
    12. 12. Social Media AnalyticsThe City is leveraging cloud based Analytics tools (Salesforce Radian6 ) toanalyze online trends. This helps us identify valuable information such asindividual influencers and overall sentiment on specific topics of public interest. 12
    13. 13. Final Thoughts• San Francisco has embraced and implemented cloud services in multiple key IT initiatives. • Email, Permitting, Web Content Management, Social Media, Virtual Servers, etc.• The City is realizing substantial benefits in terms of efficiency, disaster readiness, security and savings. • Central IT expenses reduced by $27M• The evolution of these technologies promises to continue to change the foundation of San Francisco’s Government. 13